There Was You

78: They Always Make Me Feel Better

Hearing Leo let out a soft sound in his sleep, Riley glanced in the direction of his crib, watching him for a moment to make sure that he hadn’t woken up from his nap. It hadn’t taken them long, with Iker having only had a couple of days off when Leo had arrived and her parents attempting to stay out of their way, it meant that Riley and the newborn had had a lot of time alone together, they’d quickly settled into a little routine, something which had helped with the nerves which still lingered in the pit of Riley’s stomach. She was still worried, despite Leo being almost two weeks old, on more than one occasion, she had still attempted to second guess herself, but with Iker and her parents around to reassure her that she was doing alright, she had started to relax, slowly but surely getting used to the little boy’s presence in their lives.

Keeping her stare on the crib, she watched Leo stir a little before he fell back to sleep, something which made Riley shake her head, smiling goofily to herself. “You’re already so much like your papa, you know that?” she cooed “He’s always fidgeting in his sleep too” she added.

“I don’t fidget”

Riley smirked a little, hearing the playfulness in Iker’s voice. “Yeah, you do” she noted “You’re always kicking me” she added, glancing up at him as he stepped across the bedroom, dropping his kitbag beside the hamper.

Iker scoffed. “That’s because you insist on laying across two thirds of the bed” he countered “You’re far smaller than me, but you take up so much more space” he added.

Riley rolled her eyes playfully, something which made Iker laugh gently before he stepped towards the bed, dropping a soft kiss on the top of her head. “How’s our boy?” he mumbled, sparing a look over towards the crib.

“We’ve had a pretty quiet day. Marisol popped around early to coo over him but since then, we’ve been sat up here. He’s almost finished with his nap” Riley replied “He starts to fidget a little more when he’s close to waking up” she added.

Iker smiled a little. It wasn’t a detail that he had noticed, and he liked that Riley had. “He does?” he asked.

“He grumbles” Riley replied “Not unlike you” she added, flashing him a soft smile.

Iker laughed. “You say that like you don’t find all of my quirks charming” he quipped.

Riley just offered him a non-committal shrug, causing Iker to breathe out another soft laugh before he shook his head, turning his stare back towards crib. Smiling, he watched Leo stir in his sleep for a few long seconds before he turned back to Riley, something which caused her to shake her head, letting out a little laugh. “You don’t have to ask all of the time” she noted.

“You don’t know what I was going to say” Iker retorted, holding his hands up innocently.

“Your face gives you away every time” Riley retorted “I can read you like a book, Casillas” she added. She knew what was coming, after their trip to Madrid a few months before Leo had arrived, Iker had pulled the same face every time he prepared to make sure that she was doing Ok, and it always made her smile, even if she didn’t blame him for wanting to make sure that she was doing OK. Part of her found the idea of him still being a little uncertain around her slightly sweet.

Iker’s lips quirked upwards slightly before he shook his head, moving to take a hold of one of her hands. “Are you doing Ok?” he asked, carefully knotting their fingers together.

Riley watched their fingers for a moment before she nodded her head, peeking up at him through her eyelashes. “I think so” she mused “I mean, I felt a little strange when my mama and papa went back to Madrid, but I got over it pretty quickly. He keeps me pretty busy” she added, nodding towards Leo’s crib with a fond smile.

Iker just stared at her, marveling at the soft smile she wore.

Riley felt his stare on her, something which caused her to duck her head, trying, and failing, to hide the soft blush which flooded her cheeks. “You’re staring” she commented.

Iker nodded. “I know I am” he replied impishly.

Riley moved to push her hair behind her ear self-consciously, something which Iker stopped, replacing her hand with his. “You’re amazing, do you know that?” he asked gently.

Riley just let out a shy laugh, causing Iker to grin before he leant forwards, kissing her forehead sweetly.

Riley closed her eyes, relishing the feel of his lips against her forehead before Leo made another noise, causing them to pull apart, both glancing at the baby who stirred in his crib, grumbling grumpily. Iker moved first, padding around the crib before he leant down, lifting the baby up into his arms before he stepped back towards the bed, retaking his seat next to Riley. “I think someone wants his mama” he noted gently, flinching slightly when Leo let out a louder cry.

Riley couldn’t suppress her smile. Despite hearing it a thousand times, she doubted she would ever get used to hearing someone call her ‘mama’. Shaking her head, she caught Iker’s warm grin out of the corner of her eye before she leant forwards, taking Leo from him. “What’s the crying for, eh?” she cooed softly “Papa and I are here” she added, cuddling the baby carefully.

“He probably wants cuddles with mama” Iker chirped “They always make me feel better” he added.

Riley laughed. “You’re such a dork” she retorted.

Iker shrugged, grinning impishly.

“Your papa is silly, Leo” Riley cooed.

“Your mama likes that about me, Leo” Iker countered “No matter how much she tries to deny it” he added.

Riley opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off as Leo let out another loud cry, something which caused her to shuffle back to her feet, her nose wrinkled slightly. “I think I might know what the problem is” she noted.

Iker nodded, standing up. “I’ll go and grab the nappy bag” he noted before he darted out of the room, returning moments later with a bag on his shoulder.

Riley cooed at Leo, trying to soothe his crying, before she reached out of the bag, setting things up before she moved to change him.

Iker stood and watched, smiling at the softness in Riley’s voice as she spoke quietly to the baby, before he opened his mouth to speak.

“I need a new vest for him” Riley interrupted Iker’s train of thought.

Iker blinked a couple of times, surprised by her speaking, before he closed his mouth, nodding his head. “I’ll...uh...I’ll go and grab one” he noted before he stepped out of the room, almost glad that Riley had spoken, stopping him from starting a conversation about what happened next for them, for him. It was something that could wait.
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