It Happened One Night

Sherrie grew up tough as nails. Her mom raised her without any help from her dad until she was 13. Then her dad stepped in when her mom died. For 5 years she suffered all kinds of abuse from him until she walked out one night. She’d met Mason shortly after she ran away. He asked her to marry him shortly after they met. The abuse began on their wedding night. Shortly after she turned 22 she ran in the middle of the night with her new daughter, the clothes on her back and a few blankets. That night she met Max and felt safe for the first time in her life
Max grew up in a loving home with plenty of money to go around. He’d briefly married and had a daughter. His life was going nowhere until he met the beautiful Sherrie on a park bench one night. Soon he was hopelessly in love with her. But he was waiting for her to pursue him. Would he have to wait forever?