Status: This is an incomplete, very rough draft. Please enjoy and leave comments/critiques. Thanks!

Knowing Everything about Nothing


I finished my homework and was scrolling through the local news’ website. I usually check the news after I finished my work. I would begin with CNN, Huffington Post etc-- the big world news websites, and then progress to the local news.

I was quickly scrolling through the articles, looking for anything that was remotely interesting. Cat is Saved From Tree by Heroic Firefighter, Pedestrian is Struck as Driver Pulls out of Mercedes Benz Lot, Mayor Mandates Greater Restrictions Enacted By HOA. Just as always, it's a slow news day.

As I was about to lock my phone and get ready for bed, an article caught my eye: Dr. Octavian Marx, Known as ‘The Miracle Worker’, Has Decided to Settle in EgoWest---Click for interview!

Marx, as in the same Marx who sat next to me in Anatomy? He was related to a Doctor? So many questions came to mind as I clicked the link to the article.

Article: Dr Octavian Marx, world- renowned trauma surgeon, is most well-known for his miraculous treatment of patients near death. His discoveries have landed him in over 100 medical journals specializing in cutting edge medical techniques. Although his accolades as a physician make him most notable, many do not realize that he is also just a family man looking to put down roots in the community of EgoWest. See the interview below to learn more:

Interviewer: So, why did you decide to move to the city of EgoWest?
Dr. Marx: Well, first, I love Oregon. I did my residency here up at OHSU, so I knew this is where I wanted to be when I settled with my family. The past 18 years, I’ve been bouncing around the country on different assignments. I am now at a place in my career where I can be in one place; I’ve actually been asked to return to my alma mater and provide medical services at OHSU. As for the city of EgoWest, this city has so much to offer: a beautiful community, nice schools and friendly people.
Interviewer: I can definitely agree with you on that last part. I know everybody can recognize you given your career, but what do you think people should know about you besides that?
Dr.Marx: Well there are always some things you should keep secret to make things interesting. But, I want everybody to know that I am a family man. I have four sons, Apollo, Jax, Jason and Erebus, along with my beautiful wife Selene. I wanted to come here and provide a happy home for my family....

I stopped reading the article. I had a feeling that Marx was a familiar name. Dr. Marx was all over the news for his miraculous treatments of patients. There was one boy who drowned last year. He went 20 minutes without oxygen. When he finally was pulled out, he was pronounced dead at the scene by the paramedics, but when Dr. Marx came and resuscitated him, he woke up with no evidence of brain damage and was fully functioning. He didn’t even need rehabilitation, all of his physical abilities were the same, if not better, than before the accident.

How did the mysterious, prone to trouble making boy who sat next to me in class related to this talented surgeon? Maybe I passed judgment on him too quickly? I was very confused. I guess there are instances where there are kids who come from successful parents act out. Possibly to seek attention, approval disapproval from their occupied parents--that was something I could relate to.

I put my phone down on my desk and looked at the clock: 11:45pm. My dad wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours. Exhausted, I changed into my pajamas, washed my face and brushed my teeth and got into bed. Tomorrow I would have to be “best buddies” with the Marx kid. Maybe I shouldn’t be so judgmental. I decided that I would go into this situation with an open mind. He might even change my first impressions of him if I allow him to. One could only hope, right?

And with that last thought, I drifted off to sleep.