Sequel: Consequences
Status: rewrite of consequences.



She always thought that things would have went differently. She always promised herself that if she were ever in an abusive situation that she would leave. But she did the opposite of that. In fact, she stayed. She thought that maybe just maybe he would change and go back to who he used to be. But the truth is, that would never happen. In fact, it would only get worse from here.

She wasn’t sure why she continued to put up with it. She thought that maybe he would change but the truth was, no one changes. He would never go back to the person he used to be. That was all an act and once he felt comfortable enough with her, he turned into the abusive asshole that he always was.

She was introduced to him by her best friend and at first he was a complete gentleman. But as the months went on, things began to go downhill. He would start drinking beers constantly and the drunker he was, the meaner he got. They went camping one weekend, and it turned out that was a total mistake. He had gotten wasted off a 24 pack of beer and turned into a completely different person. They started arguing and he got into her face and threatened her. From that point on, she kept her guard up. There was no telling when he would turn into that guy again.

He was even worse once he got into the liquor. He was a drunken fool that couldn’t handle his alcohol. Most nights she had the bed to herself due to him being drunk and falling asleep elsewhere. She just wasn’t sure how much longer she could deal with things before enough was enough. It wasn’t fair to her to be dealing with this constant bullshit. She was sick of him treating her like shit when all she did was treat him better than he deserved.

But sooner or later the truth would come out and nothing would be the same again. There were two sides to every story; his side and her side. Her side was the 100% truth and his side was just him playing the victim card.

But the day he died was the day she came alive.
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So, this is a total rewrite of Consequences. I wanted to do it completely different this time. There will be no before/after concept this time. Just flashbacks when I think they're needed. Let me know your thoughts!