Sequel: Consequences
Status: rewrite of consequences.



According to him, she was just a whore and according to her, he was abusive. Mutual friends of them didn’t want to take sides so they made sure to stay out of it. The break up was a complete mess for a while until finally, she had enough. She just wanted to finally move on and be happy, but how could she do that when all he was doing was playing the victim? Deep down everyone knew how bad he was when it came to girlfriends. This wasn’t his first time nor would it be his last time. But they refused to get in the middle of it so they left it alone. But a year later changed everything.

He was reported January 1st, a year after the breakup happened. No one realized it until a week later. It was highly unlikely of him to miss a week of work. But they had a slight idea who was behind of his disappearance and they were right. It wasn’t like she meant to do it but she was so sick of dealing with the bullshit of him running his mouth. She couldn’t take it anymore. She killed him and she was proud of it. In the end she had gotten caught, but she could have cared less. The deed was done and that’s all that mattered.

She had been in jail for two weeks before they finally decided that it was time for her to see a therapist. As long as she stuck with it for a year then there was a chance she could be released early.

“Do you regret killing him?”

“No, but I regret letting it get so bad to the point where that was the only choice I had. He could have lived but instead he had to dig himself a hole.”

“I see. But why did it bother you so much? You had your own life with good friends and now you’re stuck in here because of the choices you made.”

“I think deep down inside I wanted him dead. Our break up had been quite messy and I was just over it at that point. But like I said, I don’t regret it. I’d do it again too. He should have been dead the first time he laid his hands on me but I let him get away with it just like I always did. But eventually it got to the point where I couldn't just let him get away with it anymore. So I killed him and i'm not even sorry."

Everyone could think what they want but she was who she was. She could get out in a year and maybe by then she’d be back to normal. But for now, she was better off in jail with no friends. She’d get through it just like she always did.
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Hi, so I rewrote this a bit. I wasn't happy with the last chapter I posted so here is the new version.