Status: rough draft bare with me on errors and if you get a chance binge justified

Peace From the Past

Lilly Givens grew up in Harlan County, Kentucky. A cesspool of crime,drugs and everything illegal you could think of. With Arlo for a father daily life was a struggle her saving grace being her big brother. The final straw for Raylan was Arlo putting his hands on Lilly. He packed her up and hit the road with plans for neither of them to see Harlan again.Years down the line both Raylan and Lilly had joined the United States Marshal Service. Raylan in the Miami office and Lilly in Charlotte. Raylan runs into trouble that lands him reassigned to none other than Lexington. There he has to face demons from their pasts and his own anger issues. Lilly keeps check of her brother best she can but when their past comes back to haunt them in form of Raylan healing from a gunshot and needing someone who knows the territory to have his back Lilly decides it's time to face the past herself and puts in for a transfer which she hopes to be temporary.In the midst of helping her brother to bring down an old friend of his Boyd Crowder who's running most of the crime in Harlan will Lilly find more than peace of facing her past in form of a certain sarcastic ex sniper?