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Peace From the Past

Chapter One

[Charlotte,N.C Marshal Office]
"NO I WONT CALM DOWN THIS IS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW IT! GOD DAMN I'VE MISSED MY AUNT'S FUNERAL AND FOR CHRIST'S SAKE MY BROTHER WAS SHOT! YET I STAYED I DID MY DAMN JOB AND CAUGHT THE DAMN FUGITIVE NOW I'M GETTING RED TAPE THROWN AT ME CAUSE A COUPLE BANGERS WHO DREW ON ME FIRST GOT SHOT?" Lilly knew it wasn't Chief Nichols fault. He had been trying to follow protocol which involved meetings out the ass with AUSA stiffs and during it all he was trying to cover her ass to ensure the shootings were deemed unavoidable but she had long since reached her breaking point.
She slumped down into the nearest chair feeling tired as she apologized for her outburst "Gregory I'm sorry but damn I have stayed away from Kentucky for years and now that I actually want to go back it seems like everything is blocking my path" Gregory nodded ever the calm person he was and said "One of the reasons I took you into this branch was because of that fire who would I be to reprimand you for it now but on the offhand chance of you having another screaming match with yourself and getting the whole damn office back staring in here allow me to give you this" He handed her a folder and she looked at it curiously before opening it so see it was in fact an approved transfer request from the lower eastern Kentucky branch of the marshal service namely the Lexington office. "I'm only halfway through the paperwork for a reassignment request Art asked for me?" she muttered more to herself than Chief Nichols.
He nodded and said "given recent events he figured who better to help reign in Harlan than a hometown girl. plus I knew you been wanting to get down there to your brother so I signed off. Today was your last day here. AUSA Hernandez found that the shootings were good. You're free and clear"
Not only going home for a while or a temp reassignment but moving back there was something she honestly hadn't put a lot of thought to despite asking Raylan to talk to Art for her. Hell she hadn't realized Art would follow through. She shook herself from her thoughts and stood offering her hand to her now former Chief and smiled as she said "I know I've been a pain in the ass more than not but I have enjoyed serving under you" Chief Nichols smiled and responded "Lilly you're a good marshal and I hope you don't take this wrong but I'm glad to no longer have to handle so many shootings"
A week later she was on a plane to Lexington after packing up the few belongings she owned and signing off for the furnished apartment she'd been renting to go back on the market.

[One week later Lexington,K.Y. Marshal Office]
Raylan stood in his chief Art Mullens office as the two of them listened to the rumor mill going around as to who the new marshal was. Raylan chuckled and asked if he should put a stop to it by admitting it was in fact his sister but Art was enjoying the fact that for once he knew something before most of his marshals and told him to let the office suffer in silence. "Even Tim and Rachel?" Raylan asked making Art glance out at the two in question before finally deciding "take Rachel with you and she can meet Lil at the airport as for Tim he can meet her when she get's here" "yes sir" Raylan responded with a grin as he walked out his chiefs office and towards Rachel's desk. "Rachel wanna take a ride with me?" He asked making her glance up from her computer screen long enough to question "depends are you going to end up shooting someone on this ride?" He laughed and said "no we've got to pick up the newest addition at the airport"
Tim who was standing next to Rachel cut his eyes up at Raylan's words "why cant I go?" Raylan shrugged "don't ask me I'm going off bosses order so Rach you in?" She nodded and said "may as well I'm finished here and besides I like knowing stuff before the guys do" Tim threw his hands up in defeat "Fine" and watched the two walk out before Dunlop asked him about something and drew his attention back to the conversation he'd been in before Raylan had came out of Art's office.