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Peace From the Past

Chapter Two

When the plane landed Lilly sat for a moment choosing not to get into the jumbled mess that was other passengers trying to gathering their belongings to unload. She'd never understood the mad rush that happened when a plane landed. Weren't like they were going to shoot you for being not being one of the first ones off. After the crowd had cleared out she stood to retrieve her carry on out the overhead compartment which consisted only of the lockbox she'd secured her firearms in before the flight.
Noticing Lilly was one of the last passengers on the plane a stewardess smiled at her and asked "Is this your first time in Kentucky?" Lilly almost laughed at the question before answering "no ma'am I'm from Harlan" The woman's smile turned more forced than it had been moments before as she muttered "oh well i guess this would be welcome home then" Lilly shook her head in amusement as the woman walked off.
Most people saw Harlan as a once profitable mining town that turned criminal as the jobs faded. Lilly knew both sides of that like the back of her hand. Raylan had been keeping her updated on the goingons since his return and before her aunt Helen's death the two of them spoke at least every other week so she knew even after this long away she was more than capable of handling anything that crawled out the hollers.
She walked off the plane and headed towards baggage claim where she spotted her brother's white stetson hat sticking out the crowd even here. Seeing the woman at his side she knew from his description of his fellow marshal that she had to be Rachel Brooks. She was around Lilly's height with black hair,brown eyes and a posture that Lilly personally knew came from being a woman in a still mostly male line of work. Her eyes held a strength to them that made Lilly like her immediately. She was the only other female marshal in this area and of the few african american women in the marshal service. Her impressive record spoke for itself.
Lilly shoved her way through the crowd to get to her brother's side before scoffing "well if it aint that damn Raylan Givens" at her words he turned with a smile on his face and pulled her into a tight hug almost pulling her off her feet "damn Lil it's good to see you"
Rachel who had stood back to watch the interaction between the siblings was surprised to see a side of Raylan she had yet to. She'd known he had a sister who was also in the marshal service but considering being reassinged here was a punishment to Raylan she by far hadn't expected his sister to be the newest addition.
When Raylan pulled back from the hug he spun Lilly around and said "well let me get a look at you baby sister. you still in one piece?" She laughed and swung at him playfully before saying "I am for now. if you stop spinning me like a damn top" Rachel laughed at her words before exclaiming "She's got your mouth that's for sure Raylan" Lilly smiled at the other woman and offered her hand "you must be Rachel. Art's second in command and one of the best marshals in Kentucky" Rachel smiled while she shook Lilly's hand and both of their smiles broadened when Raylan commented "I'm right here Lil" only making his sister smirk at him before saying "oh I know" Rachel laughed and told Lilly "I've just met you and I already like you better than ninety percent of the men I work with on a daily basis"
After the three managed to wrangle Lilly's bags they headed for the parking garage where Raylan's car was. Lilly let out a low whistle when she saw the sleek lincoln "damn big brother long way from that hunk of junk we used to roll out in" He laughed as he remembered the truck in question and argued "hey it never left us stranded" Lilly cut her eyes at Rachel and asked "would spurts of only going thiry miles an hour count as not leaving stranded?" Rachel who was still amazed at seeing such a difference in Raylan laughed and said "oh if it's one thing I know never take sides in a sibling dispute" "smart woman" Raylan quipped as they climbed into the car and pulled out onto the road. Lilly leaned her head up from the backseat and said "she only said that not to hurt your feelings"
Raylan shook his head at her before asking "did Winona get your apartment sqaured away?" She nodded and read off her address. "That's only about three miles from Tim's place" Rachel said looking back at Lilly with a smile. "about four miles from mine" Raylan added so Lilly glanced up and corrected him "don't you mean the bar you live over?" He rolled his eyes and muttered "yea yea yea little sister gonna bitch about my self destructive tendencies as if she doesn't have plenty in her own life" Lilly shrugged unfazed by his words reminding him "you know me Raylan I gotta keep you on your toes besides I've got a niece or nephew on the way that I'm sure would love to actually meet their father"
By the time they made it to the courthouse Lilly was up to speed on all the recent cases including the fact that Robert Quarles was the man butting heads with Boyd Crowder for control of Harlan. "sounds to me like we need to make a trip across that line and talk to Sheriff Napier. If Quarles bankrolled his last campaign he should know something" Rachel tilted her head towards Lilly and remarked "can definitely hear the family resemblence"
Rachel and Raylan stood waiting while Lilly got her sidearm and backup piece along with her I.D. out her carry on. After zipping the now empty bag she nodded towards the security guards at the door of the courthouse "has Art cleared me yet?" she questioned hoping it wouldn't be some long ordeal and was relieved when he nodded and said "time he got the paperwork"
Raylan motioned for Rachel to lead the way so Lilly fell in step beside her the two already talking more than he'd ever seen Rachel take to someone in such a short period of time.
It didnt take long for Lilly to get through with security after they snapped a photo for the facial recognition program and reminded her the usual warning of if you change your hair or apperance update your photo. When the trio made it onto the elevator Lilly bumped Rachel and nodded up "any of the bunch I'm gonna need a heads up about?" Rachel thought for a moment before shaking her head "most of our bunch are used to working with women daily. it's more feds and fugitives that like getting smart mouthed" "yea Lil knows all too well about the fed part" Raylan said with a smirk making his sister shoot him a glare as she clarified "I just dumped him. I didn't try to kill him like some people"
Rachel who was lost in the conversation they were having looked between the two of them hoping for a explanation before Lilly finally explained "I had an ex that was a fed. he couldnt handle the fact that I worked higher profile cases than he did or at least that was the reason he gave when I caught his secretary under his desk" Rachel's eyes widened as she remembered Raylan trying to get Tim to call in a favor to track someone down "Griffin Clarke?" she asked and Raylan nodded "I was just gonna talk to him" both women busted out laughing knowing well that his version of talking to someone was alot more violent than most.
The elevator doors opened so Lilly followed Rachel off and into the marshals office while Raylan held the door open for both of them. The moment she walked in Lilly felt multiple sets of eyes watching her every movement but it wasn't like this was her first time being the new kid on the block so she was undeterred as Raylan pointed her towards Art's office.
Art spotted Lilly before she got in the room and was already coming around his desk to pull her into a hug while asking "Lilly how the hell are you sweetheart?" she smiled and replied "pretty good considering" once they seperated from the hug and got greetings over Art offered her a seat on the couch. She chose to perch on the arm of it while Raylan sat next to her on the cushion and Rachel excused herself to get back to the paperwork she'd left unfinished. "I see you met Rachel" Art said glancing towards Rachels desk then back at Lilly who grinned before saying "I like her. she seems like a ball buster" Art chuckled "that she is. hell you two together we might end up with all of Kentucky on fire or every criminal turning themselves in"
"Then hell we should've got her here sooner" a voice from the doorway said making Lilly turn to face the new arrival. It was a guy a little shorter than Raylan probally closer to her in age. His grey blue eyes held true to the fact that he'd seen more than most his age and the set of his shoulders and the way he held himself told her he had some sort of military background. She suspected special forces,maybe rangers and was proved correct when he extended his right hand to her as a introduction and she saw the one shot one kill tattoo on his wrist and knew who it was she was talking to "you must be Tim Gutterson. The sniper that saved my brother's ass when Doyle Bennett was about to finish him off. Name's Lilly.nice to meet you and thanks for that by the way.
Tim smiled once she actually took a breath and said "dont mention it.nice to meet you too" while he'd known Raylan had a sister that was also in the marshal service Lilly was not quite what he would've expected. She was around Rachel's height with a bit broader hips and shoulders but she held herself much the way Raylan did like she knew she wouldn't always be the biggest dog in a fight but she knew she could handle it regardless. Her hair was a deep wine red he was surprised she'd been allowed to dye that color but it suited her well hanging loose around her shoulders with a few small braids in it. Her hazel eyes seemed to glow when she talked about him saving Raylan and that alone made him smile. Lilly didn't exactly dress like most marshals either her blue jeans and red tshirt a crisp contrast to the fitted leather jacket she wore and the tip of a tattoo was peeking out at her collarbone and part of him wanted to ask what it said after noticing her looking at his own tattoo but didn't want Raylan to think he was flirting with her so he chose to wait until another time.
"so you're the new addition?" he asked after a moment breaking the silence that had fell in the room while the two regarded each other. She smiled and said "that I am"
Raylan slapped his hands together as he stood up and bumped her shoulder "since you've met most everyone here wanna hit the road to Harlan?" she shrugged and said "might as well ain't like the day's getting any younger" then glanced back at Tim and Art "Tim it was nice meeting you and Art you owe me a drink" "keep your brother out of trouble and I'll buy you a case" Art responded with a wink while Tim just nodded before she turned to follow Raylan out to the elevators.
"What do you think of Lexington so far?" Raylan asked trying to relieve the tension in the car with conversation as they headed towards the Harlan County line. "Well I'm glad to have Art as my chief because in comparison to you my record seems timid" "hey now" he cautioned her with a grin before she continued "I already like Rachel she's got that factor about her" "you should she reminds me alot of you especially when handling assholes" Raylan said which made Lilly smile before he went on to ask "what about Tim?" she shrugged and said "seems like a decent enough guy. I already knew he saved your life and you trust him to have your back so that alone speaks volumes for him" "Glad to know you're gonna get along with everyone" he said and left it at that.
Once they crossed the county line the nerves Lilly had been feeling about facing her past began to play through her head. Raylan upon noticing her silence glanced at her before turning his attention back to the road "You good Lil?" he asked knowing she wasn't but not expecting a truthful answer so he was taken aback when she responded "no but gotta face it eventually right? so why not jump right back into the deep end?" He smiled at her attitude as he turned into the parking lot of the Harlan County's sheriff office and said "that's my girl now let's go see what we can find out"
Raylan held the door open for her as they walked into Sheriff Napier's office. His eyes widened when he saw Raylan but Lilly could see his eyes skirting to her and she knew that was because when they were younger although there's an eight year age gap if Raylan ever got into a brawl she could difuse the situation within moments but unfortunately for Napier and anyone else who would think along those lines that was the past now she'd much rather just help Raylan fuck shit up.
"Lilly Givens when did you get back to Kentucky?" Napier asked putting his attention on her so she pushed back her jacket so he could see the silver star on her side "as soon as my transfer to Lexington was signed off on seemed like the marshal office here needed another hometown person to try to clean up Harlan"
Raylan smiled enjoying the shocked look on Napier's face before asking "where can we find Quarles?" "I dont know" Napier said and Lilly clicked her tongue "I dont know Ray I get the sense he's not being truthful" Raylan nodded so Lilly moved quickly grabbing Napier's arm and pulling him up and out his chair before she spun him around and shoved him face first into the wall putting just enough pressure on his right wrist to make him grunt "Ya know I wasn't here for my aunt Helen's death or funeral nor was I here but my brother got shot but I am here now so way I see it you got about five seconds to tell us where the hell we can find Robert Quarles or you better hope you're a lefty" "He was looking to unload some drugs at Audreys!" Napier spat out so she released her grip causing him to stumble a few steps before he regained his balance and began to rub his wrist and told her "both of you are just as damn crazy as your father. assualting a sheriff?" Lilly bristled up at the mention of her and Raylan's father and shrugged "oh you only got what a week before Shelby goes in? fuck off but thanks for the tip"
Raylan once again held the door open for Lilly as they headed out to his car but he couldn't hide the odd sense of pride he felt at his little sister getting information in that fashion. "Shit Lil" he said as he pulled out the lot and headed towards Audreys. "what?" she asked honestly not sure what she'd done so he shook his head and responded "you act too much like me at times" She laughed and asked "that an insult or compliment?" He shrugged before saying "Depends on the day"
"So let me get this straight Ava went from Bowman to you to Boyd and is now queen of crime in Harlan and is running the whore house?" Lilly asked in surprise remembering the sweet girl from their school years who had apparently went the complete opposite direction she could have which made Lilly flinch at the thought of what could have happened to her had Raylan not gotten them out of Harlan as she followed him around to the campers behind Audreys the working girls used.
Raylan stopped short and motioned for her to cover him so she took a couple steps to the side and drew her gun training it on the door before giving him a quick nod. When he opened the door they were met with the sight of the two girls who'd been entertaining Quarles chained to one of Boyd's men who Raylan called Jimmy so she figured that was a real name and not a nick name. "Lil you know the two saddest words?" She raised her eyebrows not sure where he was going with this until he answered "what party that's how I'm feeling right now" She shook her head at her brothers humor before pushing the gags out of Jimmy and the two girls mouths and stepping out the camper to try to find something that could break the chain.
She heard Raylan's phone ring a half second before he called her name "C'mon we gotta go meet Tom Bergen that trooper I told you about" she glanced back towards the trio "what about them?" Raylan laughed and said "most men would pay good money to be in his place" well he did have a point and most likely one of the bartenders would wander back here to check after knowing marshals had been poking around so she followed Raylan to the car despite the hollering from Jimmy.
"Why did Boyd even think Jimmy was enough to guard a man like Quarles? he must be slipping" She remarked making Raylan huff in agreement as he pointed the car back towards town.
Raylan parked his car across the street from a bank and Lilly followed him over to where an unmarked car was sitting with two state troopers inside. Raylan patted the tallest of the two "Tom this here is my sister Lilly. Lilly this is Tom Bergen" she held her hand out and said nice to meet you Tom shook her hand and cocked his head towards Raylan "are you as crazy as him?' Lilly smirked and answered "depends on the day" making Tom laugh before he told Raylan "well I like her already"
"So what do we got?" Raylan asked eyeing the bank. "Few of my boys saw Dickie Bennett going into Boyds bar with one of Limehouse's men Errol" Lilly's attention turned to Tom at the mention of her aunt's killer before asking "Did Boyd shoot his sorry ass?" Raylan smirked while Tom shook his head "don't know but Ava and Arlo came her and have been casing it out from the looks of it" time the words left Tom's mouth Lilly spotted Arlo not so subtlety checking the back entrance of the bank and shook her head in disgust "some things never change"
Raylan cut his eyes at her knowing the reaction she'd have to seeing Arlo before telling Tom "If anyone makes a move call me. We're gonna head to Nobles Holler and see what Limehouse knows" they started to climb out the car but stopped when Tom asked why they thought Limehouse would talk to them "He has a soft spot for Lilly" Raylan said with a nod in her direction. "How come?" Tom asked so Lilly went with shorter explanation of "had it not been for Ellstin Limehouse I probally would have never been born" Tom nodded seeming satisfied with her answer before saying "ok then I will give you two a call Raylan"
On the way to Nobles Holler Raylan told Lilly that he believed Arlo was going senile because not a week before her arrival he'd found Arlo talking to Helen. "Who knows maybe she's haunting him? It would serve him right" Lilly quipped sounding alot more bitter than she wanted to but some wounds weren't healed just because the bruise faded. The longer story they hadn't told Tom was that Arlo loved to get drunk and slap around their mother.
When he discovered she was pregnant with a girl the beatings only got worse. In her eighth month after a particulary rought night Francis had sought refuge in Nobles Holler. Arlo had came looking to drag her home but was met with Ellstin and his boys who worked Arlo over pretty good resulting in an eight year old Raylan having to drive his father home and damn near carry him into the house. Lilly herself had ended up being born in the holler delivered by Ellstin's mother. Truth be told Lilly was proably the only baby that wasn't family to ever be born on that land. Growing up Ellstin had kept an eye on her and she'd had a small inkling some of the money Helen had gave Raylan to get her and himself out of town had come from Limehouse but she could never prove it.
Raylan driving across the bridge that led into Nobles Holler brought her mind back to the present. When he pulled the car to a stop in front of the barn turned slaughterhouse Raylan cut his eyes at her before they both slowly climbed out the car. One of Limehouse's men stepped out the barn and approached them speaking to Raylan "Speak your buisness marshal" Raylan shoved a thumb in Lilly's direction "tell Mr.Limehouse I bought my sister to see him" The man looked at Lilly for a second before disappearing into the building. Not thirty seconds passed by before he was back at the door waving them in.
"Well if it isn't little Lillith Givens all grown up" Ellstin said with a smile as soon as the two of them came into view. She returned the smile and said "Mr.Limehouse it's good to see you but I go by just Lilly these days" He nodded and responded "well Lilly I aint gonna lie it'd be alot better seeing you if I knew you weren't a marshal but seeing as you are I suspect you and your brother here is wanting information of some sort and is hoping my fondness for the last baby my mama was a mid wife for will pay off?" Lilly cut her eyes at Raylan who explained they were looking for Quarles.
Ellstin stopped cutting the pig he'd been skinning when they walked in to say "well what would you say if I offered to tie Quarles,Dickie Bennett and Boyd Crowder all up in a pretty little bow and serve em on a silver platter?" Lilly spoke before Raylan could open his mouth "I'd say that would be one helluva welcome home present"
Ellstin laughed before explaining that Dickie Bennett believed the money his mother Mags had entrusted to Ellstin was secured in the bank Dickie and Boyd now planned to rob and Quarles was planning to rob them. "or yall could get some good seats and sat back to watch while they kill each other" he offered knowing both Lilly and Raylan well enough to know that option appealed to them but in the end their badges would come before what they wanted to see happen. "Thanks for your help Mr.Limehouse" Lilly said with a smile before following Raylan back out to the car.
Before they could get back on the road Raylans phone rang and it was Tom Bergen telling them a plan had been set into motion and where they needed to meet him.
The state police were set up in an office building neighboring the bank while they prepared for the bank robbery that was supposedly coming. Lilly stood leaned against a wall watching the troopers as they milled around her and felt out of place considering there was nothing to do but wait and surveillance had never been her strong suit. When Tom started to walk past her she stopped him and asked "do you really think they're gonna attempt this?" He smiled and said "I hope so cause if not I'm missing my son's baseball game for nothing" Lilly had to smile at the fact of him being concerned about something as mundane as missing a baseball game. Raylan had told her his high opinion of Tom and just the short period of time she'd known him all Raylan had said proved true and more. A father's love was something her nor Raylan ever actually knew so it touched her seeing a man that cared about his kids.
She nodded and watched Tom walk out then turned her attention back to the troopers and the equipment they had set up in every avalible inch of the room. Suddenly Tom walked back talking on his phone and motioned for her to follow him so she fell into step behind him stopping next to the chair where Raylan was sitting. Tom hung up and preceded to tell the two of them that Dickie and Errol were on the move. "where to?" Raylan asked and Tom shrugged "no idea but I'd like to know" then walked off to join his men.
Raylan's phone rang and Lilly couldn't see the number or hear who was on the other end but when Raylan hung up he stood and looked at her "we gotta get back to Lexington"
She looked at him curiously from the sudden change in tempermant and asked "why?" His eyes narrowed as he asked her "Well Lil do you wanna see Dickie Bennett behind bars or not?" that alone was enough to put her in motion. When the two of them walked past Tom he asked where they were going so they both assured him they would be back in enough time to assist if anything did end up going down at the bank.
"So Ellstin gave the money to Loretta McCreedy on Mags wishes and now Errol told Dickie so the two of them are headed to her foster home to what shake down a teenager and a christian couple?" Lilly asked once Raylan got off the phone with Rachel who went to retrieve Loretta and take her to the marshals office while Lexington PD secured her foster family. He nodded as he slid around a curve knowing they needed to get there before Dickie.
They entered the back door of Loretta's foster home and while Lilly decided to keep to the shadows of the darkened kitchen Raylan who had always been the one for more theatrics chose to take a seat in the living room facing the front door. Only a few minutes passed before Lilly heard a car pull up so she stepped closer to the cabinets to remain unseen for the moment at least.
She listened to Dickie's little weasel ass trying to talk his way out the situation when Raylan began telling him how many months he could put him away for considering he had charges from possesing a firearm while on parole to breaking and entering. "I ain't broke and entered nothing" Dickie sputtered out so Lilly chose that moment to make her presence known as she walked around the corner and past Dickie to the window she glanced back at Raylan who nodded so she used the butt of her gun to smash the window before turning to face the men "Ray it looks like a case of breaking and entering to me" Raylan nodded then turned his attention back to Dickie "all that along with the man you have in your trunk that I'm sure will testify he was an unwilling participate in all this adds up to you in prison for at least the next twenty years or so"
Dickie must have realized he had no way out of this besides death or prison pointed his gun at Lilly "I aint going back" her and Raylan both pulled the trigger in unison both shots catching Dickie in the lower stomach knocking him backwards out the front door to land at Ellstin Limehouse's feet.
Lilly called for a ambulance to ensure Dickie would not get the chance to bleed out but instead would end up back behind bars for a nice long time while Raylan thanked Limehouse for the tip.
After Dickie was on the ambulace Lilly and Raylan headed back to the marshal office to meet with Loretta. Lilly followed Raylan in and noticed Tim standing next to his desk so she shot him a tired smile while he returned before Rachel came out the conference room to tell Raylan Loretta was getting extremely impatient so Lilly followed him into the conference room where the young girl was waiting.
Lilly hung back in the corner of the room while Raylan said "Loretta I've got somebody I'd like for you to meet" She glanced up and noticed Lilly standing in the corner of the room so Raylan gave the introduction of "this here's my sister Lilly..Lilly this is Loretta" Lilly walked forward and offered her hand to the girl the same as she would anyone upon meeting them yet Loretta seemed surprised by the show of respect before shaking Lilly's hand and saying "nice to meet you ma'am"
After a quick discussion of what could come should the money ever be found Raylan shrugged and said "in the end it's stolen money and in truth it would sit in our evidence room forgotten" Lilly had already knew how Raylan was going to handle this situation but the look of shock on Loretta's face was priceless as she eyed the social worker waiting to take her home and asked "so can I go?" in a small but steady voice. "As long as you don't have a state wide blow out for your next birthday or we come by and see a new Lexus in your driveway yea Loretta you can go" Lilly answered her.
Loretta stood to walk out but stopped and glanced at Lilly before saying "now I can see why you aint as much of a dick as alot of other cops" Lilly smiled at her words as Raylan thanked her before she walked out.
One glance at the clock on the wall told them they had to get back on the road to reach Harlan before showtime. Art,Rachel and Tim were going to follow a little behind them but they had to get back to meet Tom.
They were about five minutes out of Harlan when Tom called to say that while there hadn't been an explosion at the bank it was apparent the party was still happening because Quarles had been seen pulling up to Boyd's bar.
Raylan turned the car in the direction of Boyd's when an explosion lit up the night sky "SHIT" Lilly exclaimed in surprise watching the smoke billow up. Raylan glanced at her long enough to say "that's the damn bar" before slamming the gas harder.
When they arrived on the scene Lilly's eyes were already scanning the area when they landed on Tom's crumpled form laying on his back in the middle of all the mayhem. There was a car in the corner of the lot and a man laid out near the entrance but when Raylan saw what had Lilly's attention as he threw the car into park he nodded "go I'll cover you"
Lilly ran to Tom and went to her knees at his side. Blood was pouring out a bullet wound on his chest so she ripped her jacket off hoping the cloth liner would suffice to apply pressure while Raylan secured the scene. "Tom c'mon it's Lilly Givens you gotta stay with me. I gotta get you home to your son" she said trying to keep him awake but felt her stomach drop when his eyes fluttered shut just as other troopers arrived on scene "OFFICER DOWN CALL FOR HELP" She hollered over her shoulder not taking her eyes off Tom.
Despite her best efforts the blood was beginning to pool out between her fingers and Tom was making a deep gurgling noise if she had to guess the bullet pierced his lung. She knew there wasn't alot she could do medically but while she barely knew the man she knew he was a loving father and husband and that her brother considered him a friend so she would be damned before she left him alone on a cold piece of pavement.
"C'mon Tom stay with me" She repeated like a prayer feeling a sense of panic when his breath faltered. When the sirens of the ambulance tore through the night she leaned closer to his ear and whispered "C'mon Tom they're on the way just hold on a little longer" knowing all along he had a better chance of dying in her arms then making it to the hospital but she had to try.