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Peace From the Past

Chapter Three

Johnny Crowder Boyd's cousin had been the man crumpled by the doorway after the explosion but he hadn't been close enough to be knocked out the force simply knocked him out his wheelchair and he had identified Robert Quarles as the shooter. Upon Art's arrival he began calling every team he could think of to make their way to Harlan to help with the man hunt for Quarles. Lilly was standing next to Raylan halfway listening to him and Art going over which teams were coming. She was using a rag and a bottle of water one of the emts had given her to attempt to scrub the remnants of Tom's blood off her hands. No matter how she tried she could'nt get the image of his blood pooling out between her fingers from her mind. She wanted in on the man hunt but Art seemed to not be too keen on that idea stating they needed to bring Quarles back alive so she now remained silent because she respected Art and whatever decision he made would be the best for the case.
Any conversation was cut short when Captain Reynolds pulled back into the parking lot. He'd followed the ambulance to the hospital and undoubtly had knews of Tom's condition. The time it took Reynolds to get out his car Lilly had a bad feeling she already knew what he was going to tell them but she still allowed herself a final moment of hope when Raylan asked "How is he?" Reynolds shook his head before explaining "he didn't make it. coded twice on the way.they took him straight into surgery but his right lung was shredded"
"Jesus Christ" Lilly breathed throwing the rag she held down in frustration. Death was something she saw far too often in her line of work but fortunately for her she had enough of a soul she'd yet to become jaded to it and when it was a fellow leo lost it made it even worse. Tim and Rachel who'd joined the group in enough time to hear of Tom's death remained silent as if they were all having a moment of silence for the fallen. After a pause Rachel spoke "Boyd's awake and emts say he's clear to be questioned"
Raylan barely bumped Lilly's hand on the way past her but that was signal enough for her to follow him. "Tim go with them" Art said as they walked off and Tim fell in step slightly behind Lilly.
Once inside the bar the first thing they heard was Johnny saying "for the last time Quarles shot that trooper" "shut up Johnny no one's asking you" Raylan barked out making Boyd raise his head to the new arrivals and his eyes widened when he saw Lilly. "Well i'll be damned Lilly Givens back in Kentucky and all woman" Lilly rolled her eyes at him causing a smirk to spread across his face before he continued "well this is an honor indeed being questioned by the prodigal son and daughter of Harlan but I'm afraid you're gonna have to get in line it appears I am in high demand tonight" Lilly's teeth clenched with the effort it took not to slap the smirk off Boyd's face and the action didn't go unnoticed by Raylan or Tim who both took a step closer to her in hopes of cutting her off should Boyd push her any further.
Lilly turned towards the trooper questioning Boyd "it's been a long night for all of and I will be glad to tell you whatever he says if you'll be so kind as to let us jump to the head of the line" The trooper was one who made it to the scene in enough time to see Lilly fighting to help Tom so he nodded and said "go ahead marshal I'm all through"
Lilly turned her attention back to Boyd who smiled at her before looking at Raylan to say "now it is true miss Lilly here has been gone a while I am sure you and her both know with my expertise I would know better than setting off a bomb while I'm right next to it" "then who?" Raylan asking finding himself wanting to smack the smirk off Boyd's face but then again that was a regular occurence for him. "Wynn Duffy" he answered and Lilly recognized the name from the files Raylan had sent her so she could catch up.
Raylan cut her eyes at her as if to ask if she could behave for a moment and when she nodded him and Tim stepped away to discuss putting a bolo out on Duffy's and that was when Boyd set his sights back on pushing her buttons by saying "seen your daddy yet? I know Arlo would love a visit from his baby girl" Her jaw felt like it may break from how tight it was clenched as she spat out "go to hell Boyd" As if on cue there was ruckus at the door of the bar and the trooper keeping an eye on entrances and exits called Raylan over.
Lilly was curious by that point so she glared at Boyd "stay there" before her and Tim stepped closer to see what was going on and to her horror Arlo walked in. "heard a cop in a hat got shot" He spoke only seeing Raylan at first then his eyes cut towards her and a clear look of shock spread across his features "Lillith not even a hello for your father? thought I raised you better" She froze in place somewhere between a deer caught in the headlights and a wild animal right before it decides on fighting or fleeing.
Tim couldn't help but notice the change in her demeanor from the confident woman handling Boyd with a ton of sass moments before to the way she acted now and taken into account he'd seen Arlo slap a fully grown and armed Raylan he suspted the same fate had befallen Lilly in her younger years and his suspicions were confirmed when Raylan unconciously took a half step in front of his sister and her hand went to his back a choreographed dance it was painfully clear had happened more than once making Tim wonder just how blows Raylan had taken to protect Lilly over the years.
"Wasn't me" Raylan answered reaching back to grab Lilly's hand and push her in front of him towards the door. She tried to concentrate on the case at hand, on Tom's death and finding his killer but seeing Arlo had effected her worse than she thought it would and when he growled "run away I'm still your father" she pulled out of Raylan's grip to face him and said "just cause you used to slap us around don't make you a father Arlo" "you're an ungrateful bitch" He spat back stepping closer to Lilly and she lunged at him momentarily letting him get to her until Raylan grabbed her right hand and Tim the left.
She was used to Raylan touching her but the unwanted contact from Tim made her turn towards the man with anger in her eyes but felt herself calm slighty at his grey blue eyes looking back at her patiently and listened when he spoke in a low soothing voice "come on Lilly he aint worth it. I know he had to have put you and Raylan through hell but don't let him win by getting yourself into trouble win by proving you're a better person than he could ever be" She nodded at Tim's words and allowed the two men to escourt her outside between them into the cool early morning air.
Tim saw a shiver run through Lilly and didn't know if it was from anger or the cold regardless he was about to offer her his own jacket considering he had long sleeves on under and she was left in a short sleeve tshirt after ruining her leather jacket trying to help Tom but before he could Rachel walked over with an extra marshal jacket which Lilly quickly shrugged into and shot Rachel a small smile of gratitude before following her across the parking lot to help Raylan and Art configure where exactly the search teams needed to start.
Once Art,Rachel and Tim headed to meet the search teams Raylan and Lilly headed back to his car with intent to head back to Lexington to retrieve the information that had been gathered on Quarles just as Art had asked them to but their plans changed quickly when they got a call from one of the troopers stating they'd located Wynn Duffy so Raylan spun the car around and hit the gas back towards Harlan.
When they made it to where the troopers had secured the RV Lilly saw a weasley looking guy and one that screamed mafia meathead cuffed to the back of the RV. When they climbed out the car weasley looked at her funny before Raylan motioned for one of the troopers to uncuff him then pointed to meathead "watch him Lil" She nodded as Raylan grabbed weasely and headed into the rv.
When the first scream echoed out the rv both troopers looked at her "He gonna kill him?" and while she was tempted to be honest and just say she didn't know she shrugged before answering "I don't think he will" which she knew wasn't the answer they wanted but the best she could give. A few moments later Raylan walked out the RV and said "come on Lil" before telling the troopers Duffy had cooperated and could be released.
Once they were back in the car and on the road Raylan told her he hadn't gotten alot out of Duffy except that Quarles was looking for money. What for or how much he didn't know but a desperate psychopath on the loose was never a good thing."well Limehouse may know something more after all considering he told Quarles about the bank job?" she offered so the two headed back to Nobles Holler.
After a tense moment involving Raylan and Limehouse exchanging blows and several guns being drawn Limehouse made the deal of "I don't wanna see Miss Lilly hurt and besides dead marshals mean alot of federal boots on this land so how's about for your trouble I give you Boyd Crowder on a murder charge" "You've got our full attention" Raylan said as he and Lilly both holstered their guns.
The information Ellstin had given them proved true so once the troopers alerted them they had in fact located the body of one Derick Lennok a.k.a Devil one of Boyd's crew that had gone missing they called Art and Tim off the man hunt to help execute the arrest warrant leaving the hunt in Rachel's capable hands while the four of them met up with a few troopers at Ava's house.
"god damn Lilly you just got home and already on Raylan's bandwagon of arresting Boyd?" Ava questioned Lilly who shook her head and said "Ava it's best you just go call your lawyer" Once the confrontation with Ava was over as fast as it started Lilly started to head outside but froze when she saw Arlo put his hand on Raylan's arm and quickly made her way to her brother's side noticing Tim coming across the room to be within a few steps of her as if he was afraid of what she may do being this close to Arlo.
When Arlo offered Raylan an apology she bit back a laugh then he turned towards her and said "I am sorry for all the things I've done to you as well Lillith" she felt her shoulders tense with all the words she wanted to throw back but she remembered Tim's words from the bar and reminded herself she couldn't let Arlo win. She forced her shoulders to relax and plastered a smile on her face before responding "well Arlo it's been common knowledge for years you're sorry but I'm glad you've finally realized it as well" then turned on her heel to walk out the door hearing Raylan mutter "proof hell hath no fury"
Tim nodded in agreement at Raylan's words but was honestly amazed at the fact the Lilly had calmed herself down without violence happening something he would've thought the Givens family uncapable of until that moment.
Lilly walked past the car Boyd was in the back of and patted the side "have a nice ride Boyd see ya back in Lexington" he smiled and said "thank you miss Lilly" she rolled her eyes then heard a call come in about a kidnapping and listened to the description of the kidnapper which matched Quarles perfectly. "RAYLAN,TIM,LILLY GET A MOVE ON" Art hollered so the three headed to the vehicles they'd come in to get on the road to meet the trooper and the victim's mother.
The woman was in near hysterics but managed to tell them Quarles had used her phone to call Theo Tonin and asked how much money it would take for him to come home and apparentlt that number had been around five hundred thousand. "Who in Harlan has that kind of money?" Tim asked while Raylan and Lilly exchanged a glance both knowing the answer to his question.
After telling Art they were following a lead Raylan and Lilly headed back to Nobles Holler but before they could get there Quarles called Raylan wanting to exchange a meet and no matter how much Lilly was against it she also knew the lives of two young boys were at stake so she let Raylan drop her off near the bridge to Noble Holler. When she stepped out the car he nodded to her vest "keep that on tight" she smirked and said "yes sir in the meantime you dont get shot again" "yes ma'am" he answered with a tip of his hat before watching her disappear into the woods marveling at the fact that no matter how long she'd been gone she still knew this area like the back of her hand.
Lilly stayed to the shadows around Limehouse's barn not being seen by his men while she waited. Enough time had passed for her to begin to worry when she spotted headlights of a van and knew it had to be Raylan. She watched as it pulled to a stop and Raylan,Quarles and the boys stepped out to head towards the barn. She had to get those boys out the crosshairs Raylan could handle Quarles.
She moved towards the front of the barn then saw Errol going in the back. She tried to stop him but either he didn't see her or chose to not pay her any mind. She heard a shot ring out before the barn door cracked open and both boys ran out she grabbed them both by a arm and shushed them "Deputy Marshal you're safe now get in the van,lock the door and stay low until you see me come back" she ordered them and the older of the two quickly obliged so she drew her gun and headed into the bar.
The sight in front of her was enough to shock any person. Errol had been shot by Quarles but that wasn't the shocking part no the shocking part was that Raylan was currently holding Quarles left arm while Quarles laid in a puddle of blood that was growing thicker by the moment from where his arm had been severed by the cleaver still in Limehouse's hand.
Lilly quickly went to Errol using a cloth apron to tie around him where he'd been shot. He was bleeding heavily but his breathing was good so he had a chance. She stood to call for an ambulance and heard Raylan ask Quarles why he had shot Tom. She walked closer curious herself to know. Quarles who was clearing choking on his own blood by this time laughed and said "I didn't shoot that trooper Arlo Givens did" before she or Raylan could react Quarles began to convulse violently blood and other fluid oozing out his mouth when he finally stilled. Lilly knelt to check his pulse and wasn't surprised when she didn't find one "He's dead but Errol needs a bus and we need a crew here to clean up so we can go get an arrest warrant" She said standing and wiped her hands on her jeans as Raylan nodded in agreement.
After they got the satisfaction of seeing the boys reunited with their mother they called Rachel who agreed to meet them with a group of troopers at Arlo's house. When they pulled up they spotted Rachel parked about five yards from the house and killed the lights when they pulled in behind her.
"well how do you two want to do this?" She asked and Raylan was the one to respond saying "I'll go in first, wake him up then the troopers can transport to Lexington" "sounds like a plan lead the way" she said so Lilly followed Raylan up the walkway with Rachel behind her followed by two troopers.
When Raylan stepped up on the porch he glanced back at Lilly before trying the door and finding it unlocked. She followed him in and down the hall to Arlo's room barely able to hear Rachel although she could reach out and touch the other woman.
Raylan walked slowly into the room and shook Arlo's sleeping form "c'mon Arlo let's go" "Raylan,Lillith what's going on?" he asked slightly disoriented from sleep. Raylan who Lilly knew had to be just as tired as she was from the events of the last twenty four hours simply sighed and said "just get up and let's get you dressed" before nodding at Lilly that she could wait outside if she wanted so she took the opportunity walking past Rachel and the troopers back out onto the porch over the old house looking out over the property where she'd grown up.
Rachel followed her leaned against the banister so she silently walked up next to her wanting to check on her but unsure what to say deciding to just offer her presence until Lilly cut her eyes at her and said "Do you know why aunt Helen gave Raylan the money to get me and him the hell out this town even though our mom her sister was currently dying?" She shook her head because she'd hadn't even known that was how the two managed to leave Harlan.
Lilly took a deep breath before speaking "you spot the family headstones?" Rachel nodded curious where this story was headed but knowing it was nowhere good. "notice how mine and Raylan's are both chipped on the corners?" she asked so Rachel answered "yea yours is worse but Raylan's has a chunk gone too" Lilly gave her a small smile before saying "I got out of school one day and headed home. Arlo was supposed to be at the hospital so I thought I'd have enough time to get in, change out my school clothes then walk to the mines to meet Raylan when he got out. When I got here Arlo was home and I knew from the smell he'd been drinking the better part of the day so I turned around at the door with the idea to just leave"
She felt her voice try to break but kept it steady before continuing "He followed me out the door asked where I'd gotten the new shoes I had on. They weren't new one of the girls that followed Raylan around like a whipped pup had given him some hand me downs for me and Arlo hadn't seen them before I could explain that he accused me of stealing them" Lilly faltered so Rachel asked quietly "What happened?" feeling like this was something Lilly needed to get out
"I told him I wasn't a damn thief like he was and that earned me a slap. Thing was by that time I was about eleven or twelve Raylan had already instilled that sense of fight in me so I hit Arlo back, staggered him even thing I didn't see was that half empty bottle of Johnny Walker in his left hand until he cracked me across the head with it. When I went down old bastard sucker punched me and I landed headfirst into the stones. Caught my head on the corner of mine and my ankle on Raylans. He left me there and I probally would've passed out if the rain hadn't started so I drug myself to my feet and started limping towards the mine. Raylan came out at the end of his shift to find me half concious and bleeding in the front seat of Boyd's pickup. Aunt Helen was all that kept him from killing Arlo that day then the following day she gave him an envelope of money and made him promise we'd both end up better than we would staying here"
Rachel was stunned at Lilly's confession and started to speak but was interrupted by Raylan and the troopers coming out with Arlo in tow so instead she reached out and gave Lilly's hand a light squeeze on the way by which bought a small smile to her face which wasn't quite genuine but better than the traumatized look she'd worn moments before as she described just a small portion of her father's abuse making Rachel begin to understand Raylan more than she had before his little sister hit town.
The ride back to Lexington Lilly and Raylan were both silent. She didn't quite know why she'd told Rachel all she had but she needed to get it off her chest and would give Rachel further insight to who Arlo was on a personal level. She glanced at Raylan who cut his eyes at her and gave a quick smile before turning his eyes back to the road. They were both exhausted beyond the task of small talk focusing instead on seeing Tom's death bought to justice.
Rachel and the troopers escourted Arlo leaving Raylan and Lilly to walk a bit ahead of them. Time the two made it into the marshal office Art called them over to where he stood near holding so Raylan told Arlo "they'll put you in a conference room" "aint like I got a choice" Arlo snapped at Raylan so Lilly pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration before saying "just go Arlo we'll be in momentarily"
Art told Raylan one of the guns pulled off Quarles had been a match for the one that killed Gary Hawkins which wasn't a surprise to anyone. "you two ok?" he asked looking between the siblings who nodded before Raylan said "just tired" and Lilly added "I've slept like thirty minutes since my plane landed"
Art looked back at the conference room where Rachel and Tim were already in with Arlo and the public defender "then go home,get some rest. we can handle the interview" before patting both of them on the shoulder as he headed to the conference room.
Lilly stood watching the goingons in the conference room but not wanting to join yet instead listening to her brother and Boyd talk about apples and barrels. What drew her into the conversation was when Boyd asked "what's Arlo doing here?" She turned to face him and said "He killed Tom Bergen and since he's part of your crew we're thinking we can tie you into that and put both of you away. Arlo will die in prison and by the time you're a free man you'll be too damn old to cause much trouble" Raylan shook his head when Boyd responded by saying "that's where you're wrong miss Lilly.I didn't have nothing to do with that Trooper's death and Arlo is like family to me" Lilly rolled her eyes and said "good for you Boyd" before heading to the conference room. "so long Boyd" Raylan said before catching up with Lilly just as she opened the door.
They walked into the room in enough time to hear Arlo not only confess to Tom's death but Devils as well and when Art asked his motive he simply said to protect Boyd. After Arlo's confession and his full reasoning as to why he'd shot Tom the marshals released Boyd and after he was picked up by Ava Art asked Lilly and Raylan if they wanted a drink to which they both accepted.
As they sat in front of him Art looked between Lilly and Raylan both of whom he'd known for the better part of ten years and couldn't begin to comprehend how they were a product of a man like Arlo. "You sure you two are ok?" he asked eyeing them. Raylan nodded and Lilly answered him by saying "Art I appreciate the concern and I'm sure Raylan does as well but at this point Arlo trying to kill one of us is kinda par for the course" Art nodded taking that as an acceptable enough answer. Once they finished the bourbon he told them both "now go home and get some rest. that's an order" "yes sir" they both responded with a smile before walking out of his office.
Raylan touched Lilly's back and said "I've got to grab afew things from my desk and talk to Rachel" "take your time" she said before heading over to her desk and flopping down in the chair she'd yet been able to use.
Tim walked in and cut his eyes at Lilly before asking "you ok there Lilly?" knowing she'd never say if she wasn't. She plastered a weak smile on her face and said "yea Tim I'm good just beat" a part of him wanted to offer support and tell her if she ever needed to talk to someone he'd listen but considering they'd only meet a little better than a day before that felt like over stepping so he instead smiled and said "you caught who killed Bergen and Quarles is off the street you deserve some rest"
She smiled at his words and wanted to question just how he'd managed to calm her down when no one with the exception of Raylan had even done so but instead she simply said "night Tim"
It was then Raylan chose to call her name and when she glanced up he jerked his head towards the elevator so she stood to follow him out.
Tim watched the two of them walked out and thought of how she'd been helping to load Bergen into the ambulance covered in his blood but fighting tooth and nail to try to keep alive when he,Art and Rachel had arrived on scene. The fire,determination and self control she'd shown in that moment and in dealing with Arlo was enough to make him feel a sense of admiration for her. She was one hell of a woman that was for sure. "TIM" Art hollered making him snap out his thoughts to see what his chief wanted.
On the way down to the parking lot Lilly reminded Raylan that Winona had handled the finding and renting of her a furnished apartment so she needed to go by there and it turned out Raylan already wanted to go by there so it was a mutual need and want.
When Winona's sister woke her up saying Lilly and Raylan were there she grabbed Lilly's apartment keys and rental agreement before heading to the nursery where the two were waiting.
When Winona walked in Lilly smiled at her and moved to hug her "Hey Winona" she said as she let her hand run across the growing bump that would be her niece or nephew and added "hey lil bit" Winona smiled and held out the keys and paperwork "I got you towels, washcloths,bedding and other essentials and I aslo made the bed" "you didnt have to make the bed but thank you glad the money I wired was enough" Lilly replied turning the keys over in her hand as Winona nodded and said "there was enough left I bought the baby a mobile" Lilly smiled and said "good a present from their favorite aunt"
Winona glanced towards Raylan and whispered "how's he doing?" Lilly shook her head in responce and moved off to the side of the nursery to give the two of them room to talk. She flipped through a what to expect when you're expecting book then grimaced at a few pages and sat it down swearing there and there to forever remain on birth control.
Didn't take long and Raylan was grabbing his hat and telling Winona to apologize to her sister for the intrusion. "wait why did Art think you two would be upset?" she asked and Raylan cut his eyes at Lilly who answered "Arlo didn't kill Tom because he was cop. He shot him because he saw a man in a hat with a gun pointed at Boyd" "man in a hat?" Winona asked so Lilly nodded towards Raylan who'd just slipped his hat on "man in a hat" she repeated before wishing Winona a good night and following Raylan out.