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Peace From the Past

Chapter Five

After the discovery of Josiah's foot Lilly made a call to the Harlan Sheriff's Department while Raylan called Tim so he could let Art know the two of them would not be making it into work.
Raylan was in the process of going through Josiah's truck while Lilly leaned against the side of it listening to the emts and deputies talk. "you put a bolo out on him?" Raylan asked one of the deputies once he was through with the truck and slammed the door behind him. "ask me it's a waste of time" the deputy smarted off and Lilly rolled her eyes before snarking back "what doing your damn job?" "What the marshals want with a piece of shit like Josiah anyways?" "He owes us money" Raylan answered the deputy this time motioning for Lilly to follow him across the yard but stopped when the smart mouth deputy asked "there a reason why the two of you are treated us like a couple of bleached assholes?" "not in particular" Lilly responded and was glad when Raylan's phone rang and he showed her it was Art. That gave them a valid excuse to ignore the deputies.
Numerous foot related puns later Art told them to follow whatever leads they could find and also made them aware of the fact that Arlo's lawyer seemed to be stalling his deal by not returning AUSA's phone calls.
When Raylan hung up with Art one of the emts on scene cursed because he stepped in a present left by one of Josiah's dogs but his hopping around bought Raylan's attention to a print in the dirt."Lilly that look familiar?" he asked picking up a nearby stick to push some leaves out the way. Lilly squatted next to him to examine the print "well hello Roz" she said quietly glancing up at him.
"Deputies it appears this crime scene is in capable hands and we are currently needed elsewhere" Lilly said with a tilt of her head as she followed Raylan to his car and the two of them were inside and pulling down the driveway before any further questions could be asked.
"So you know where her boyfriend lives shit what was his name?" Lilly asked and Raylan nodded "Benny and he has an old camper in his daddy's junkyard" "Well let's hope Benny boy feels like talking" Lilly quipped turning her eyes back to the road.
When they made it to the junkyard Raylan pulled the car to a stop next to a small camper and the two got out and headed to the door. Raylan knocked twice and the only answer was gunfire coming from behind the camper. Raylan cut his eyes at Lilly and she nodded drawing her gun to cover Raylan as he walked around the camper first. The shooter was in fact Benny but he was not shooting at them instead it was a crudely drawn picture of an indian.
"Aint that kinda racist?" Lilly asked while holstering her gun. Raylan shrugged studying the drawing before saying "guess it depends if he hates all indians or just one in particular" in the midst of the two debating rasicm Benny had stopped shooting and was watching them curiously "something you want marshals?" Raylan turned towards him and smiled "well since you asked where's your girlfriend?" "she aint my girlfriend no more" Benny spat back before turning back to his target pratice but Raylan having been annoyed beyond reason by the deputies didn't feel like dancing around with a love scorned teenager so he grabbed his arm, snatched the gun out his hand and shoved him flat on his ass in the dirt. "While you're down there how's about calling Roz?" Lilly suggested with a wink to the sarcastic teen.
"screw you bitch" Benny cursed so Raylan cleared his throat "excuse me what did you call her?" The sound of a car pulling up got Lilly's attention so she turned to see it was Sheriff Shelby Parlow. "Morning Shelby" She greeted him with a smile that didn't match the situation of her mood. "Marshal Givens can I have a word with you and your brother or am I gonna get the same treatment as my deputies?" Shelby asked as he exited his patrol car and walked towards them.
Raylan who was now invested in the conversation at hand turned his attention to Shelby "Kinda busy at the moment" Shelby nodded before catching glimpse of Benny's drawing and said "well the likeness is dead on" He turned to walk back to his car but stopped when he realized neither marshal was following him and looked back at them "well are ya'll coming or you plan to play patty cake around the junkyard all day?"
"Where you think he's taking it?" Lilly asked while Raylan followed closely behind Shelby's patrol car up a dirtroad which ended at a cabin."apparently here" Raylan shrugged before the two got out their car and walked to Shelby's.
"So what's the deal?" Lilly asked glancing at the cabin and Shelby explained that Roz had apparently been seen with an indian fella by the name of Teddy. "Teddy?" Lilly asked with a laugh which she cut short when Raylan shook his head at her. She unsnapped her holster nonetheless while Shelby knocked on the door.
When Teddy answered the joking subsided he was a big guy with a big knife on his side. "Roz here?" Raylan asked and no response came so Lilly tried by asking "Teddy do you speak english?" Teddy nodded so Raylan asked "can we come in?" Teddy didn't respond so Raylan being Raylan went to shove past him and Teddy made a move for his knife but Lilly had her gun out and pointed at him before he could "Jesus let em in" Roz hollered from inside the house and Raylan nodded at Lilly so she holstered her gun but left it unsnapped so if Teddy got any ideas.
She followed Raylan in and was glad when she heard Shelby relieve Teddy of his knife. The sight she was met with made her want to shoot Teddy in the dick considering he probally had a couple years on her and from the way him and Roz were both rearranging clothes it was clear they'd interrrupted something.
Raylan back Roz up into a chair and made her sit. When she didn't wanna talk Raylan reached down to grab her booted foot which sure enough was smeared with blood. "If you're gonna walk through blood at least wash it off after" Raylan suggested dropping her foot. That was when Teddy thought it was a good idea to make a move towards Raylan so Shelby grabbed a crowbar that was by the door and caught Teddy in the knee with it.
When he crumpled he hollered "I'll cut you sons of bitches" Raylan smirked at Lilly "well I'll be he does speak english" Lilly turned her attention to Teddy and motioned for him to scoot over closer to the wall "move again Teddy and I'll shoot ya" Teddy decided to be more cooperative and keep his mouth shut.
Raylan went back to his line of questions with Roz and as it turned out Teddy had her convinced that since he was eighty percent Cherokee he could track the men who'd taken Josiah. "Or you could dump mr rapes with a smile and tell the three of us who actually have a snowball's chance in hell of finding Josiah before he dies from blood loss what you know" Lilly said making Roz glance between her and Raylan before she finally nodded and said "all I saw was two guys in a crappy painted panel van. They didn't even call him by the right name"
"What did they call him?" Shelby asked Roz who met Raylan's eyes as she answered "Drew...Drew Thompson"
When Raylan, Lilly and Shelby made it back out to the cars Raylan tipped his hat to Shelby "thanks for the help finding Roz. We'll see ya around" Shelby who had put two and two together scoffed "Do you two just not like me?" Lilly raised her hand and when Shelby looked at her she answered "well you are in Boyd's pocket and he was set up by Josiah same as Raylan so Drew aside it's a good chance Boyd had something to do with Josiah and we'd rather he not have a headsup we were coming" "Then let me bring him in. You two go wait at my office if I don't come through arrest us both" Lilly looked back at Raylan "think we can trust him?" Raylan shrugged "aint like it'd be the first time the two of us had to shoot our way out of a sitatuation" Shelby chuckled at the honesty of the two and said "well since that's settled meet yall in a half hour or so?" Raylan nodded then he and Lilly watched as Shelby drove away "what's your feel on him?" Lilly asked and the response she got was "I'm not too sure yet" before the two climbed into Raylan's car to head into town.
Raylan was leaned against the wall staring blankly at plaques lining a shelf while Lilly looked out the window at cars passing by. "You really think Boyd chopped Josiah's foot off?" She asked looking at Raylan's reflection in the window. "Can't say for certain. why what are you thinking?" She turned to face him and responded "Honestly? I would've expected an explosion or execution for Boyd's taste but if he's working for Detroit it's a possibility it could be a bounty so they needed Josiah alive if they think he's Drew and had to take the monitor off or risk alerting troopers"
Before anything else could be said Shelby walked in escourting Boyd who was cuffed and smiled when he saw Lilly and Raylan. "Well if it aint my favorite law enforcing siblings. You two do know I own a bar and a conversation would be alot more comfortable for us all over a drink?" Shelby shoved him in a chair while Raylan said "naw we don't really prefer walking into a lion's den just to drink his whiskey" Boyd laughed and turned to face Lilly before questioning what it was they wanted him for.
Boyd seemed honestly shocked when he asked "So let me get this straight ya'll bought me in because you think I cut off ol Josiah's foot and now have him stuffed somewhere for Detriot?" Lilly who had remained pretty quiet up to that point said "we think you're working for someone higher up yea because personally I think chopping off someone's foot is a little messy even for you Boyd" Boyd nodded in agreement so Shelby leaned closer to him and said "well how about anything else you might wanna confess like a missing persons case" Lilly and Raylan both looked at Shelby as he continued "girl who used to work as a whore for you by the name of Ellen May got herself messed up in that church you got me to investigate a while back"
"Billy St Cyr's?" Lilly asked and Shelby nodded. "That true Boyd? you do something to Ellen May?" She asked while Raylan added "I Liked Ellen May" but before anyone could ask him any further questions the door swung open and Sonya Gable who also happened to be Arlo's lawyer came strolling in demanding Boyd's release. "You're Arlo's lawyer too" Raylan remarked and Boyd smiled "Arlo needed representation so I got him some" Lilly then asked "well why are you not returning AUSA's calls?" Gable ducked the question by quickly ushering Boyd out the door.
"Well shit what now?" Shelby asked once the door shut. Lilly leaned against the desk while Raylan answered "Now you're gonna put a bolo out on a crappy painted panel van and tell your deputies it's in regards to a hit and run but to call you instead of approaching. Lilly cut her eyes back at Shelby who was already on the computer sending the bolo out.
Half an hour later proved the deputies weren't quite as incompetent as Lilly thought when the bolo came back with a hit and an address so Shelby left his patrol car at the station and rode with her and Raylan to check it out. "Well Roz didn't lie about that paint job" Lilly snipped once they had parked and was approaching the house. A black suv that was passing made them stop in their tracks as it slowed to a crawl the men inside staring down the three of them before the driver sped up and their tail lights quickly disappeared in the night.
"What was that about?" Shelby asked. "I've got an idea you catch those plates?" Raylan asked glancing at Lilly who nodded and said "rental and I'd be willing to bet if we ran em it'd come back on a Detroit credit card"
A man's scream ripped through the night tore their attention from the suv to the garage. Raylan was first in the door followed closely by Lilly then Shelby. The sight in front of them was Sonya Gable holding Josiah's arms while one man held his legs and the other was running a blow torch across the nub where his foot had been detached.
"Drop It!" Raylan hollered keeping his eyes on the man with the blow torch while Lilly grabbed Sonya and Shelby grabbed the other man who was trying unsuccesfully to escape the garage.
Once they were all cuffed and Raylan,Lilly and Shelby were waiting for the deputies and an ambulance to respond Josiah revealed that while he didn't know who Drew was that Hunter Mosley the cop who'd tried to kill Raylan for the Miami cartel could point them in the right direction.
After the scene was secure Lilly followed Raylan and Shelby out while asking Shelby if he really had something involving Ellen May on Boyd. "If you do I'd suggest telling someone because after today Boyd's coming after you" Raylan cautioned but Shelby shrugged and said "Let him. I've handled worse"
When they dropped Shelby off at the Sheriff's station he looked between the two of them with a grin and shook his head "If you two need any help holler. Ya know I used to chase Arlo back in the day him having not one but two marshals as kids must really grind his gears" Lilly winked and said "don't ya know we are his pride and joy" Raylan leaned across her to say "and on that lie we will probally be taking you up on that offer sooner or later. Have a good night Shelby"
"Night Lil. I'll see you in the morning" Raylan said once they finally pulled back up to the Lexington courthouse and Lilly's car. "Night Ray" She said with a smile before shutting the door of his car and heading to her own.
A couple days later Lilly was sitting at her desk staring blankly up at the roof Rachel wasn't in yet and Tim was finishing up reports. Raylan walked in and noticed his sister not paying attention so he slapped the corner of her desk making her turn towards him with a glare that made fugitives stop in their tracks which only caused him to smirk in return "Come on" he said with a nod towards Art's office so she stood and followed him.
She hung back near the doorway while Raylan threw a folder down on Art's desk that she knew was the itemized list of the files the feds had sent them which was all of nothing. "Already signed Dunlop's birthday card" Art responded glacing up at Lilly who grinned at the fact that her chief was blantantly screwing with Raylan who sighed before explaining "This is a summary of the files the feds gave us and it's all bullshit" Art shook his head before picking up the folder "no you see this is grade a vintage bullshit but what do you suggest I do? I've tried to contact Berkley but he's in the wind"
Raylan glanced back at Lilly who shrugged because if Art couldn't get a return phonecall she knew her nor Raylan would rate one but Art got both of their attention when he said "I've got an idea why don't you two take a trip up to Trumbull?" "Arlo aint gonna tell us shit" Raylan cut him off so he turned his attention to Lilly and continued "as I was going to say before your brother rudely interrupted considering all we currently have is the riddles of a hill woman and ramblings of a one footed man pad the file convince Arlo the feds gave us all we need to be able to squash his deal unless he helps us then if he still doesn't want to play go see that ex sheriff Hunter Mosely maybe he'll talk" Lilly cut her eyes at Raylan who nodded knowing arguing with Art further was useless "Yes sir" she reponded taking the folder from Art's outstretched hand and turned back out the office with intent of grabbing her jacket and cell from her desk.
Raylan came out Art's office and stopped at Tim's desk to ask where the takeout menus were so she grabbed the stack from the top of the copier and shoved them into the folder she had under her arm while Tim joked to Raylan "working through lunch? go get em tiger"
Lilly rolled her eyes as she walked over to the two men "If you two are through flirting Raylan can we get on the road please?" Tim cut his eyes up at her and smiled before asking "why Lilly you jealous?" She rolled her eyes before flinging back "oh don't you wish Gutterson"
Raylan shook his head at the two going back and forth and turned to lead the way out the office passing Nelson on the way out and wishing him a happy birthday. Lilly stopped when she heard Tim mutter under his breath "shit I forgot Nelson's birthday" she stepped back next to his desk and leaned down next to his ear as she whispered "I wouldn't tell him that considering I signed your name and Raylans on his card" Tim turned to face her and smiled "well aren't you the considerate one?" She tilted her head with a smile and said "can't always play the part of the bitch"
Raylan stepped back to the door of the office and hollered "LIL?" She glanced up and he pointed towards the elevator "ya coming?" She nodded "yea I'm coming not like I've ever had to wait on you before"
Tim watched the two walk out fussing like only siblings could and muttered a "you're welcome" when Nelson thanked him for the birthday wishes he'd written in the card.
As for Raylan and Lilly once they got onto the elevator they decided to take both cars for the trip to Trumbull just in case something came up."You lead the way Big brother" Lilly said with a wink before heading to her car.
They'd just pulled out the courthouse when Raylan called her "Stop at the place on the corner" was his form of a greeting and Lilly had to bite back a laugh "The ice cream place?" She asked and Raylan almost sounded offended knowing she was waiting for an opportunity to take a jab at him for eating ice cream in place of lunch so he offered her weakness in return "they sale coffee too" and smiled when she pulled over in front the shop and he parked next to her.
After Raylan had gotten his vanilla cone and Lilly her usual of a black coffee with two sugars and a shot of expresso or "diesel fuel" as Raylan had called it they got back onto the road headed to Trumbull.
They'd been driving for over an hour when Lilly saw Raylan flash his lights at her before slowing down and pulling a u turn so she did the same pulling up next to him on the road side.
"What's wrong?" She asked after rolling her window down."Remember Jody Adair?" She nodded "Yea the fugitive you bagged about a week ago for that bondswoman Sherry Edmund" He ran a hand over his face before saying "Yea Sherry and her associate was found dead according to Campbell County Sheriffs Office decomp puts their time of death at six days so Jody is in the wind"
Lilly thought about it for a moment and honestly a murdering fugitive was a better prospect to deal with than Arlo so she suggested "Didn't his wife live in Lexington? We can go back and check it out then go to Trumbull afterwards or first thing tommorow aint like Arlo or Hunter is going anywhere" Raylan nodded and said "Yea follow me I'll call Art on the way"
Lilly followed Raylan up to a few small apartments and parked her car behind his. She spotted an impala with the vanity plate of KY FLIXXX parked in front of one of the deputies cars that Raylan had called and while she didn't think anything of it she did notice Raylan glancing at the plates as well.
"So the wife's name is Katrina right?" She asked Raylan following him up the walkway to meet the deputies. He nodded and answered "yea they got a couple kids too" that gave Lilly halt wondering if they could possibly be headed into finding dead kids.
Luckily as it turned out Katrina had taken her kids out of town to Dollywood and had gotten her friend Jackie Nevada to house sit. "Take her home. I'll help the deputies narrow down Jody's known associates" Lilly offered nodding towards the woman the deputies were currently questioning. Raylan nodded slowly before saying "just be careful this guy's got four bodies on the ground in the last month" She cracked a smile before saying "taking our records into account is he having a slow month?" Raylan narrowed his eyes at her so she quickly dropped the smile and added "I'll be careful big brother watch your back while you're at it"
Lilly and the deputies had cleared Katrina's residence and her plan was to head back to the marshal's office to run down more info on Jody after asking an unmarked to sit on Katrina's residence until Jody was found but as she headed to her car her phone rang and she glanced down to see it was Raylan. "We got ambushed at Jackie's. Jody got away but that same impala was the car he escaped in or well on" "Shit I'll run the plates. hold tight we're on the way" She said before hanging up and turning to the deputies "Marshal Givens and Miss Nevada were attacked at her home so follow me there"
She climbed into her car and spun it around in the direction of Jackie's address and hit Tim's number on her phone. "Well hello Lilly. how'd the visit go?" He asked with a hint of a smile to his voice but when Lilly asked "Tim can you run a license plate and get me an address?" She could hear the change of his voice as he said "give me the plate" She gave him a quick run down of events while he got her the name and address for the owner of the impala. "Thanks Tim. I owe ya" She said hanging up before he could get out "You're welcome"
Lilly was the first car on scene and made it up the steps to Jackie's apartment before the deputies had their cars in park. The sliding door leaded to the patio was shattered and a few bullet holes were scattered around but from the looks of it Jackie nor Raylan had been harmed.
When Raylan spotted Lilly he told Jackie to repeat what had happened with Jody for the deputies before walking over to her. "Get the address?" She nodded and said "Yea name's Kenneth Blix lives on over on Price street but I can handle it she needs to go to a hotel or something not on a crime scene field trip" "How bout I agree to let you lead the way and she'll sit in the car?" Raylan asked and Lilly sighed in defeat before telling the deputies the address before everyone headed for cars.
At Kenneth's house there was no sign of Jody but turned out he had left a video that Kenneth insited Raylan had to watch so he sat down on the couch and Lilly perched on the arm as the video played.
It was of Jody on a basketball court. He was holding a ball and proceeded to tell Raylan that next time the two of them saw each other they were gonna "take it to the edge" Then the credits rolled.
Lilly stood and said "aint oscar worthy" before nodding to a deputy to take Kenneth away who was being booked for aiding and abetting a wanted fugitive.
She followed Raylan out of Kenneth's and into the cool night air. She glanced over at his car where Jackie waited and asked "She going to a hotel aint she?" he nodded and said "yea she can't go home with the bullet holes and broken patio window" "you gonna sleep with her?" Lilly asked drawing a surprised laugh from her brother "well um I haven't planned on it but I'm not sure it's any of my little sister's business" She shrugged before saying "well at least she wont cost an investigation like Ava did or cost you twenty grand like Lindsey did" "that why you stay single?" he asked and she nodded before leaning up to leave a peck on his cheek "goodnight big brother I'll see you in the morning for the trip to Trumbull"
She was a redlight from her place when she got a call from Raylan's phone but it wasn't Raylan on the other end "Lilly can you come to the high note bar?" Jackie asked and She was already spinning the car around before asking "what's going on?" "Jody's here I think" Jackie answered causing Lilly to curse under her breath before saying outloud "I'm on the way just stay outside please"
By the time Lilly arrived the patrons of the bar had dismersed and the crime scene techs were pulling up. She walked past the deputy securing the area by pushing her jacket back to show the star at her hip and headed inside where Raylan stood over Jody's body and straightened a table as she walked past it.
"Welp guess Katrina aint gotta worry about him" She spoke getting Raylan's attention who groaned and said "guess not..don't know why Jackie called you" she shrugged "guess she figured my brother and fellow marshal being involved in a shootout I should be here"
The crime scene techs pushing a stretcher in the door was their clue to exit the bar "how'd you get that address so fast?" Raylan asked once they made it outside she smiled and said "I called Tim" Raylan nodded as if that made perfect sense before reminding Lilly they still had to make the trip to Trumbull the following day. "swing by in the morning and pick me up. it's tiring chasing you down as you run around shooting people" She joked making Raylan chuckled before saying "well go get some sleep. promise I'll try no to shoot nobody else tonight" She laughed and said "night Ray" and waved at Jackie before heading to her car to actually try to make it to her apartment before the sun came up.