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Peace From the Past

Chapter Six

The next morning Lilly woke up a solid hour before her alarm was set to go off. She wasn't sure why she had thought she'd manage to sleep past six thirty. Even way back when she'd lived with Winona and Raylan she was up at six every morning but there was never a complaint considering coffee and breakfast would be waiting. Then it was a mild inconvenience but now it was down right annoying knowing she had a six hour drive ahead of her just to go deal with Arlo. This was going to be an all day thing and she wished she could have managed to sleep just slightly longer. After tossing and turning for ten minutes she gave up and decided to just grab a shower and start her day.
By seven she was dressed and contemplating going after coffee considering her machine had died days before and she'd yet to replace it. She'd have enough time to go and be back before Raylan made it to pick her up. She walked back down the short hall to her bedroom having decided and was just about to slide her holster into place when her phone rang. She glanced at the time thinking maybe Raylan had chose to come earlier but when she picked up her phone Tim's name was flashing across the screen.
"Hello?" she answered it curiously knowing he was aware that she wouldn't be in the office today and wondering what he needed this early. "I'm guessing Raylan hasn't made it by to pick you up yet?" Tim asked and she was thrown off momentarily by the question before responding "no why do you ask?" "Well I stopped to grab coffee at that shop between my place and yours and I guess I'm used to grabbing your coffee because I now have a cup of diesel fuel sitting in my cup holder and no idea what to do with it so want me to bring it to you?" "oh good lord yes!" She said almost pleadingly pulling a chuckle from Tim who said "Well I'm at the redlight so I'll be there in just a minute"
She hung up and grabbed her jacket and badge slipping the badge into place and had just pulled the jacket up on her arms when she heard a knock on the door and hollered "IT'S OPEN"
"LIL?" Tim's voice called from the open door as she walked back into the living to see him standing just inside the door holding two cups of coffee. She took the one he offered her giving him a smile in return and said "Tim you're a good man" before taking a long sip of the warm liquid feeling it chase the remaining cobwebs out her head. When Tim smiled and said "nice to know" Lilly realized her manners and pointed to the small couch in the room "you wanna sit? I mean I've got time before Raylan will be here and you don't have to be in the office for another little while." Tim shrugged before shutting the door behind himself and following her over to the couch sitting his cup on the table before taking a seat.
Both of them had to adjust their guns as they sat down to be more comfortable which was one of the reasons Lilly would normally choose to sit on the arm of whatever chair was offered but something about Tim's demeanor told her there was more to this housecall then a cup of coffee. She drew one of her legs up under her and sat her coffee on the table next to his before turning to face him hoping to get to the bottom of what was bothering him by saying "thanks for the coffee Tim" He nodded and half smiled before meeting her eyes "Actually Lil I was wondering if maybe you had time to talk about something?"
She raised her eyebrows and said "oh really so now you've learned Raylan's trick of bribing me with coffee?" He smiled before saying "not like I'm gonna take it back if you don't wanna listen to me I just...honestly I find you easy to talk to" She smiled at that before gently laying her hand on his knee that was closest to her as she said "Of course I'll listen Tim no bribe needed for that" He looked down at her hand and feeling self concious all of a sudden she started to move it before he smiled and laid his hand on top of her own and started talking.
"You know I told you about my buddy Mark?" he asked and she nodded remembering the story of Mark's right leg being severly injured in combat and him turning to an oxy addiction to help deal with the pain. "well now that he's going to meeetings he's trying to get right with past debts" Tim continued so she spoke up and asked "that's good though right?" He nodded and added "except for what he told me was a debt turned out to be him being high and stealing eight hundred dollars worth of pills from his dealer because he couldn't get anything else fronted"
"Shit how deep is he in?" she asked having heard and seen horrendous things that had been done to junkies who owed their dealers. Tim's thumb absentmindely brushed across her hand pulling a small smile to her face and forcing her to ignore the slight flip her stomach gave at the small gesture as he answered "pretty deep. I made him give the dealer a payment as show of good faith but Lil I don't know"
"well I know a couple people in the DEA I could get that particular dealer off the street? give Mark some breathing room" She offered and that made Tim smile knowing Lilly was willing to help Mark despite not having ever met the man only knowing what he'd told her but despite that offer he knew what would happen if it got out the dealer Mark owed was picked up and he couldn't risk that so he shook his head "I don't want it to look like Mark tipped anyone off because then you know what will happen to him but I may take you up on that offer after he's paid off. to be honest I just wanted to get it off my chest see if I was doing the right thing by going with him while he pays off dealers or if I should make him handle it on his own"
She raised her eyes to look at Tim fully before saying "helping a friend is never wrong Tim and I'm more than glad to be a listening ear for you. If anything comes up that I can help Mark with you know where I am"
An almost playful smile appeared on Tim's face as he leaned closer to her and said "but what if I want your help for myself?" She grinned catching herself moving even closer than he already was putting the two barely a breath apart before saying "Oh for you Tim my door's always open"
Without thinking Tim reached up to push a piece of hair that had fallen in front of her eyes back and let his hand linger on her cheek for a moment before saying "Same goes for me Lilly. anytime you need me I'll be there"
The door opening made them both scramble to their feet as Raylan came walking in taking note of his best friend and sister being in such close proximity. Not to mention the fact as to what exactly Tim was doing at Lilly's place first thing in the morning when she didn't even have to go into the office or how comfortable the two of them had seemed.
He stood there for a second glancing back and forth between the two of them until it was clear neither planned to speak first so he smirked at Lilly before asking "Did I Interrupt something? should I have knocked?" Lilly felt her cheeks threatnen to flush but quickly pushed it down by rolling her eyes at her brother's insinuation while Tim simply gave Raylan what was clearly a what the fuck look before holding his hands up defensively and saying "I bought Lilly a coffee by figured she'd be needed all the help she could get to stay sane today" Raylan nodded turning his grin to Tim as he said "Well aint that nice but where's mine?" Lilly having had enough of her brother's teasing despite what he had walked in on being completely innocent piped up with "where's Jackie?"
Raylan cut his eyes at her and smiled as a sign of truce before saying "fair enough. Tim I'll see you later" Tim nodded and said "Ya'll have a safe trip.Raylan don't shoot anyone... Lil come to think of it you don't shoot anyone either" She scoffed and picked up his coffee to hand to him before saying "and on that note bye Tim" He smiled at her before saying "Bye Lil" and walking out.
Raylan stood for a second looking between Lilly who was finishing off her coffee and the door Tim had walked out of as if expecting an explanation as if one was needed. "What?" she asked noticing his attention before walking across the kitchen to throw the now empty cup in the trash and turned back to face him as he shrugged and said "Do you and Tim spend alot of time together off the clock? He seems pretty comfortable here" Lilly pushed past him out the door with a groan "Rachel is comfortable at my place too why ain't you asking about her?"
Raylan followed her to his car and laughed before saying "had that been you and her I would've been just as curious"
She climbed into the passenger seat and waited until he was in the car and pulling out onto the road to answer "We're both early risers with a coffee shop at the mid point between his house and my apartment sometimes we grab a cuf before work" Raylan cut his eyes at her trying to gauge her expression which she was working carefully to keep blank before turning his eyes back to the road "hmm. Ok then makes sense"
"That's it?" Lilly asked not expecting her brother to give up a teasing point so easily. He nodded and said "your personal life is just that Lil yours unless you come to me with a problem only then does big brother intervene but that being said Tim is my friend probaly the closest friend I've got. That man has covered my back through alot of shit hell he's saved my life a few times and he's not a total asshole like your exes but should you two decide to do any jumping off cliffs make sure you look before you leap and wear a parachute" "RAYLAN" Lilly laughed making him wink at her before turning the conversation back to the hunt for Drew Thompson.
Upon their arrival to Trumbull after checking in the two of them headed to one of the small visitation rooms to wait. Raylan sat at the small table in the room while Lilly chose to stand with her back in the corner of the room. The popping of the doors gave them a forewarning before Arlo was brought in. He looked between both of them as if for once unsure before sitting down. Lilly stepped forward and chunked the folder she had on the table between her brother and father wordlessly. "What's this Lillith?" Arlo asked glancing at her but it was Raylan who answered him "a file padded with takeout menus. See our plan was to come in here and tell you a story about how we had everything we needed and this was your last chance to make a deal?"
"but the two of you couldn't lie huh?" Arlo asked with such contempt it made Lilly's jaw pop from how hard she clenched her teeth. "Deals changed Arlo. your chosen child Boyd Crowder is working for Theo Tonin trying to find Drew before us. This is your only option to squirm a deal so tell us who the hell Drew is, we will pull him in then you get to live out the rest of your days at a country club jail" She explained moving to stand behind Raylan directly across from her father.
Arlo stared at her for a drawn out moment before looking at Raylan and responding "eat shit" Raylan nodded and said "on that note I'm sure Hunter will gladly take the news but when you die in here and know that will be alot sooner than you think we will both be happy to hear the news" Lilly walked around the table giving Arlo a wide berth to slap on the door for the guard to take Arlo away and asked for Hunter to be bought in next.
Lilly sat on the table and looked over at her brother who was now standing in the center of the small room "now what do we do if Hunter says no deal?" He shrugged and said "go with Art's idea of bringing the widow in to look through DMV pictures and see if any look familiar" she nodded and hopped down when the door popped and a guard escorted Hunter in who stared at them both cautiously before asking Raylan "Hasn't anybody killed you yet?" "Gee try not to sound so disappointed" Lilly snarked back turning Hunter's attention on her as he smiled and said "I heard the better looking Givens was back but as you can see I've been otherwise engaged"
Lilly rolled her eyes as Raylan explained the deal to Hunter. "So do you know who Drew is?" Lilly asked and Hunter stared off for a second before saying "you two walking in here asking that like you're asking if I want fries with that" Lilly glanced at Raylan who shrugged "Well we can ask again and use a different tone if you'd like"
Hunter shook his head "way I hear it is ol Josiah lost a foot and not from diabetes" "we can protect you" Raylan cut him off as he stood. "As of right now there's another inmate who was offered the same deal. go to a country club jail but if you speak first deal's yours" Lilly offered and Hunter damn near laughed before asking "you two wanna screw your daddy out of a deal so bad you're willing to give it to me?" "we like you better" Raylan said blankly. "I tried to kill you" Hunter reminded them so Lilly answered this time "point still remains"
Hunter and Raylan went back and forth a few more minutes until Lilly stood to slap on the door. When the guard came in she pointed at Hunter "you've got twenty four hours or no deal"
The ride back to Lexington Lilly and Raylan discussed strategy of where they would hide around Harlan if they were in Drew's position then after Raylan reminding Lilly Limehouse only allowed women sanctary of any sort the conversation shifted to another subject "so when am I gonna find out if I'm having a niece or nephew?" She asked rolling her head over to look at him.
He cut his eyes at her before quickly returning them to the road "what you and Winona ain't been talking?" She shrugged before saying "not as much. further she gets worse those hormones are and the other day she cried when I told her my coffee maker died. I love Winona I really do and she's the mother of my niece or nephew but I can only take pregnancy craziness in small doses" He chuckled understanding her reasoning completely before assuring her "as soon as she let's me know I'll let you know"
A silence fell between the two of them. Both Raylan and Lilly would never have fathomed themselves as parents.Raylan loved Winona and would love his child but the job had literally saved both of them from what could have been. Besides each other the job had been the only consitent in their lives. It had caused Winona to divorce Raylan to begin with then had caused her to leave him again choosing just to coparent. As for Lilly she'd known for a while she wasn't meant for a long term relationship. She had never been one who trusted men easily and after she joined the marshals most men bawked at their girlfriends being in danger daily.
She was pulled out her thought by Raylan asking if she wanted a drink or something and glanced up to see they were at a gas station. She smiled and climbed out the car as they headed inside both of them thinking about things they could not change.
Considering the failure the trip to Trumbull turned out to be Art had gotten Lilly to go by the hotel Mrs. Eve Munro Drew's widow was staying in and let her guard detail know to bring her to the marshal station. Currently Lilly sat watching as Mrs. Munro went through yet another folder of DMV photos "Mrs. Munro you have no clue what your husband or well ex husband looks like?" She asked causing the other woman to look at her as Tim handed Mrs. Munro her mail he'd gotten xrayed and quickly sat at his desk watching the two women interact same as Raylan was doing.
"I'm sorry Deputy Givens but thirty years is a long time" "But over twenty possibilites? you couldn't narrow it any?" Raylan asked taking his sister's side in the disagreement and Tim had to bite his lip to keep from laughing when Lilly muttered under breath "if I am ever dumb enough about a man to marry him I would remember what the hell he looks like"
"Raylan, Lilly come here a minute" Art spoke from the doorway of his office got everyone's attention on him Tim watching the two before handing Mrs. Munro another folder.
"Arlo took a shiv to the chest. they don't expect him to make it through the night so why don't you two let Tim finish up" Art said nodding towards Mrs.Munro. Raylan shook his head and said "No we're almost done anyways" "I'm sorry" Art said not knowing what else to say.
Raylan glanced at Lilly and the two shared a loaded look before Lilly responded "thanks Art" and turned to walk to her desk while Raylan finished up the photos with Mrs.Munro.
"Is something wrong?" She heard Mrs. Munro ask and Raylan responded "Man who was gonna make a deal to give up Drew took a shiv to the chest" Mrs.Munro glanced at Lilly before asking "do you two need to leave?" "Not right away" Raylan said so Lilly added "seeing us would just upset him"
Tim had headed into Art's office and Lilly knew Art was filling him in but her attention was on Raylan's face which currently had too many emotions playing across it to read which was how she currently felt due to the fact that she didn't even know how to feel about this information. She'd spent most of her life hating Arlo. Now with his death looming she wasn't sure if she should feel sad at the loss of her father, relieved to see him out her life for good or even angry because he hadn't been a better father.
Tim walked back out and looked at Raylan first studying his face for a second before catching Lilly's eye and tilting his head towards the break room. She nodded and stood slipping her jacket on since Raylan was almost done before walking towards the break room and could hear Tim walking behind her.
She leaned back against the counter and ran a hand over her face as Tim walked in and stood in front of her. "Lil" He said and she slowly raised her eyes to meet his and saw nothing but concern looking back. "Tim I know what you're gonna say" She said glancing down but felt Tim's grab her hand which made her look up at him as he smiled and said "all I was going to say was if you or Raylan needed anything call" She nodded and said "thanks Tim"
He gave her hand a light squeeze before dropping it "I told you anytime Lil" he reminded her and watched as she visibly collected herself before saying "I'm gonna go see if Raylan is ready to hit the road" Tim nodded watching her walk out.
Raylan met her at the doorway to the break room "ready?" he asked and she nodded falling in step beside him to the elevators.
No words were spoken between Raylan and Lilly the six hours it took them to get to Trumbull. Neither knew what to say. They didn't know what they were feeling let alone what their sibling needed to hear.
Lilly had never had reason to go to the medical wing so she followed Raylan through the halls. A guard met them at the gate to let them know that while Arlo had been in and out the warden had said for them to take all the time they needed.
Raylan sat on the table directly next to Arlo's bedside while Lilly chose to slide into the space between the table and the wall. She knew should be upset. Even after all he'd done that was her father and in a way she was upset to know he'd die soon but she was no where as distraunt as when she'd found out Raylan been shot. Then she felt like her world had paused until Art had told her Raylan would be fine. All she'd ever known of Arlo was him hitting her mom,her brother or her. He was her biological father but wasn't what a dad should be and the way the cards had played out involving him made her angrier than anything.
"Come on Arlo. Give us something" She asked stepping up next to Raylan who added "not for us but for your grandkid. Let em grow up with a chief deputy for a daddy and a high ranking marshal for an aunt..where they'll hear something about their grandfather besides that he was a son of bitch" "Come closer" Arlo choked out never opening his eyes so Lilly followed Raylan's lead and moved closer.
"Kiss my ass" Arlo muttered and Raylan huffed humorlessly and said "should've known death wouldn't even change you" then glanced at her "ready to head back?" she nodded so Raylan stood and slipped his hat back on before saying "so long Arlo" "bye Arlo" spoke glancing at the wilted old man laying in the bed before following her brother out.
"Old bastard" Lilly mumbled as Raylan pulled out onto the road and his phone rang. He held it out to her so she answered it "Deputy Marshal Givens" "Not the one I was looking for but you'll do. Lilly it's Shelby those names Raylan sent me what are they pertaining to?"
Lilly covered the mouth piece with her hand and whispered "Shelby wants to know about the names..should I tell him?" Raylan nodded so she uncovered the mouth piece and said "the list we sent were names Drew's widow picked from DMV photos as possibly looking like he would nowadays but we didn't want you tipping Boyd off so he could be a step ahead of us"
Shelby scoffed "Well don't think you had to worry about me telling Boyd in the last six hours I've found one dead who was on the list and who according to his widow Boyd had met with and another stiff not on the list" Lilly looked at Raylan her eyes wide causing him to question what was wrong but she shook her head and spoke into the phone "we're on our way to Harlan. We got Boyd" "Roger that" Shelby said before hanging up giving Lilly a chance to fill Raylan in while they headed for Harlan.
When they reached Boyd's bar his truck and Ava's jeep was parked out front but Lilly had to wonder where the hell Johnny or Colt was and who did that sleek black car parked under the street light belong to? She noticed the plates and bumped Raylan "Rental. That can't be good" both unsnapped their holsters before exiting the car and approaching the entrance of the bar.
"Well if it aint the Givens. For once I would've much rather been arrested by the two of you than one of Shelby's flunkies" Boyd said while Lilly took in the scene. She thought she'd met all of the deputies in Harlan but this guy she'd never seen. He was close to Boyd's height with dark brown hair, a strongly cut jaw line and beadly little eyes that were almost rodent like. Something about him made Lilly's hand hover closely to her gun.
"Why did Shelby send you when I just talked to him?" Raylan asked both him and Lilly blocking the deputy from leaving with Boyd. "Maybe he thought it wasn't any of your business" The deputy smarted off so Lilly asked "well then why the hell are you in a rental and not a squad car"
The deputy's expression turned as he said "move or I'll shoot both of you"
Lilly shoved Ava back and grabbed Boyd to get him out the crosshairs a millesecond before Raylan popped six shots off into the deputy. When he hit the floor Lilly walked over and kicked his gun away before checking to be sure he was dead. Raylan grimaced and said "Jesus Lilly I hope we got that right"
Ava smiled at Lilly and said "thank you" she nodded before noticing the skating ring on Ava's ring finger "Is that an engagement ring?" she asked and Ava held her hand out for Lilly to examine the ring and she noticed Raylan looking at it as well. "Nice ring isn't it Lilly?" Boyd asked with a wink to which she responded "just hope it was halfway legally obtained Boyd"
Raylan cut his eyes at Ava and said "you know the definition of the word insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result?" Boyd undeterred by Raylan's words said "Well Raylan me and Ava talked and despite how rocky our relationship has been we'd like for you to be on the guest list Lilly as well" Raylan rolled his eyes and smirked at Lilly before saying "can she bring another marshal as a date to a criminal's wedding?" "Other marshal?" Ava asked and Lilly shook her head "I gotta call Shelby and the troopers" she said hoping to change the subject and it worked Boyd turning to hold the cuffs out to her "feel free to call whoever you need to but please uncuff me first ma'am" Lilly nodded before bending to retrieve the keys off the dead fake deputy.
When they arrived to the Lexington courthouse the next morning after spending most of the night at Boyd's bar Lilly pulled into the spot next to Raylan but realized he'd yet to get out so she walked over to his window and saw he was on the phone. He cut his eyes up at her and thanked whoever was on the phone before stepping out the car.
She looked down at his phone then back up at him before he finally said "that was Trumbull. Arlo died" Raylan's blank face unsettled her worse then had he showed emotion. Arlo was dead. He'd been their father but honeslty had been the black cloud over their heads most their lives and now she wasn't sure how to react.
Raylan had been the one who was there when she had nightmares, Her first date,her high school and college graduation. He'd raised her more than Arlo had despite there only being an eight year age difference. A part of her honestly just hoped with Arlo being dead healing could start from the damage done years ago. "Cmon Shelby and Art's waiting lets see if we really killed a cop" Raylan said touching her elbow to get her moving towards the building.
The meeting with Art confirmed the fake deputy had indeed been a hit man for detroit and had they not found him at the bar he would've probally worked his way through the entire list of possibilites.
"So now we need to sit on Hunter. him and your daddy is the only known connection to Drew" Art said and Lilly glanced up from where she'd just sat down at her desk "Hunter is the only connection" "Arlo died about an hour ago" Raylan confirmed before asking Shelby to keep an eye on Boyd and the cloverhill men he'd been seen with.
Shelby said it would be his pleasure then walked out. "I still don't completely trust him" Raylan said to no one in particular so Lilly responded "yea no shit"
She cut her eyes up to see Tim studying her face so she gave him a small smile before Rachel walked over to her desk and asked how she was. Before Lilly could answer her Art pointed and her then Raylan before saying "you two take a week"
Both were on their feet time the words came out of Art's mouth. "Bullshit" Lilly exclaimed and Raylan nodded "We're fine and we need to be on this case"
Art argued that while the case had indeed fell into the marshals lap due to it literally being pulled out the wall of Lilly and Raylan's childhood home him,Tim and Rachel would work the case with a team but would be sure to bring Raylan and Lilly in for the take down.
"Yea what's it hurt if we drive to field goal range as long as you're there to kick it through" Tim said to Raylan who Lilly could see tense up before he said "Tim one thing" Lilly couldn't tell if Tim was purposely pushing Raylan's buttons or not when he smiled and said "Yea?" "Don't say shit unless it helps"
Lilly crossed the space between her and Raylan quickly putting her hand on his arm and saying calmly "We'll take two days. go claim the body,square it away then be back here day after tommorow unless we are needed before. that good Art?" He nodded noting how Lilly was still holding Raylan's arm to calm him before she asked "good with you Ray?" he nodded so she released her grip"Ok then" and went to retrieve anything she needed from her desk.
Rachel followed Art into this office and Raylan had to get in the final word telling Art if the slightest thing came up to call them in. Tim started to head in after them but stopped to look at Lilly who was sitting at her desk "You good?" she nodded and said "I'm fine Tim" he studied her face for a moment wishing at times she was easier to read before saying "If you're not call me?" she smiled and said "of course"
When Raylan walked out past Tim he stopped and patted his shoulder which surprised Lilly enough then to add to it Raylan verbally apologized for snapping Tim's head off and she heard Tim respond with something along the lines of forget about it.
Tim walked into Art's office as Raylan came to a stop in front of her desk "my car or yours?" he asked. She stood and said "we can take yours if you'd rather drive" as she followed him to the elevator.
Raylan pinched the bridge of his nocie while they waited which was something he did out of stress so she leaned her head over on his shoulder and said "whatever is going on it that head of yours remember I'm right here big brother" he put his arm around her shoulder and said "I know Lil" at they stepped onto the elevator.