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Peace From the Past

Chapter Seven

Lilly was just finishing getting ready to head into the office when a knock on her door made her glance at the time and considering it was a little after seven she walked down the hall assuming either Tim or Rachel had chose to stop by for some reason or another.
What she didn't expect was when she opened the door for Raylan to shove in past her and begin telling her his plan to intercept Dunlop who was transporting Hunter to a super maxium security prison in hope of getting information as to who ordered the hit on Arlo and maybe even who Drew was. "Ok then I'll go with you" Lilly said stepping in front of him to effectively stop his pacing. He shook his head before meeting her eyes "No I need you to go in. Once Art realizes what I'm up to he'll more than likely send you to Harlan to find me given the fact I could lose Tim or Rachel there easily. When you get to Harlan call me and we can meet up and if I've found out anything new we can go from there" She shook her head at the plan but said "Ok but if you run into any trouble before I get to Harlan call me" He smiled and said "deal" before ruffling her hair and walking out.
"Well shit" She muttered to her empty apartment before grabbing her jacket off the couch and heading out the door herself.
When she got into work she took note of Art standing in the middle of his office and wondered if he already knew but Rachel got her attention by saying "Coffee?" she turned to see the cup being offered and took it with a smile "Thanks Rach"
By the time she got sat down at her desk Tim walked in and she knew just from the set of his shoulders something was wrong and one look at his face told her it was something serious. He noticed her looking at him and smiled despite the fact that she could tell it wasn't genuine because it didn't reach his eyes but she returned the smile as he walked over to her desk "morning Lil" "Morning. You ok Tim?" she asked and he dropped the pretense of a smile before saying "not really. I'll tell you later. I've got to check out a few things first" She nodded and said "well you know where I am"
Dunlop walked in mid coversation and Lilly visibly tensed making Tim look over his shoulder before turning back to her to ask "you owe Dunlop money or something?" She shook her head no and watched the other marshal walk into Art's office and counted in her head the seconds it was going to take until Art exploded.
"ARE YOU SHITTING ME?" Art hollered making the entire office turn to look at him. Tim grimaced and cut his eyes at Lilly "You know something about that?" She shrugged and said "Possibly"
"TIM COME HERE" Art hollered making Tim ask Lilly what was going on her simply responding "Raylan" before he nodded and continued into Art's office then after a second talking to Art headed to his desk.
She knew Art had Tim tracking the gps in Raylan's car and would really combust when he found out where they were headed.
When she stepped into her chief's office she had already braced herself for the ass chewing before Art turned his attention to her "WHAT IN THE HELL IS YOUR BROTHER DOING? AND DON'T GIVE ME ANY OF THAT I DON'T KNOW BULLSHIT BECAUSE YOU TWO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THINKING YOU EITHER ONLY ANSWER TO YOURSELVES OR EACH OTHER" She waited until Art was through and calmly said "All I know is he wanted to have some time to talk to Hunter one on one. Ya know try to get a few leads out of him before he goes into super max"
Art's eyes almost bugged out his head and she caught herself before she made a joke about blood pressure when he brushed past her to Tim's desk. "find him?" he asked and Tim nodded "En route to Harlan" "GOD DAMMIT" Art hollered again making everyone in the office jump besides Lilly, Tim and Rachel.
"Want me to call him?" Tim offered as Lilly walked out to stand against the wall closer to Tim's desk then Art's office considering he was pissed at Raylan and pretty much knew she'd had some sort of preplanning with her brother before this all went down. She had to admire Tim's calm demeanor despite the circumstance. She credited that to the sniper training.
Art walked back to the door of his office shooting her a glare before telling Tim "yes I want you to call him. try to articulate my extreme displeasure and remind him that if anything happens to Hunter Mosley while he has him he will no longer be a marshal and neither will I and that's where his troubles will really begin" Lilly had to cough to cover her surprise when Tim asked ever so calmly "want me to write that down or paraphrase?" "DON'T BE A SMARTASS" hollered before heading into his office with plans of putting a bolo out on Raylan saying he was worried Raylan had been taken hostage by Hunter despite knowing it was opposite.
Tim cut his eyes back at Lilly and said "coast is clear for now" before dialing Raylan's number she walked over to him so he leaned over far enough that she would be able to sit against the desk. When the phone started to ring he moved closer to her so she would hear what Raylan had to say as well.
"You're calling me cause Art is pissed" Raylan said in form of a greeting. Tim rolled his eyes before saying "Oh you have no idea" "I've got some. How's Dunlop fairing?" Raylan asked so Lilly spoke into the phone next "Oh he's looking at a bright future in mall security thanks to you big brother" Tim leaned his head over on his free hand keeping the phone between himself and Lilly as he told Raylan "you gotta know better than thinking you can hurt this guy"
"I can hurt him a little can't I?" Raylan asked and Lilly could hear the smirk in his voice before he continued "I just wanna sort out a few things before he lands at supermax" "Such as?" Tim asked and Raylan's response was "Lilly knows"
Tim let out a breath of air and met Lilly's eyes before saying "Art put out a bolo on you Raylan. So you may need help.Why don't I tell him I got your voicemail buy you some time to do whatever it is you need to do and I can head to Harlan and poke around the Crowders" "Good idea take Lilly with ya. She can get into alot more places on her face than you can on your badge. I gotta go this is my stop" the line went dead so Tim hung up then looked at Lilly who was still perched on the edge of his desk "well you wanted to know what was wrong with me and Raylan says to take you with me to Harlan so who's telling Art?"
Lilly hopped down off his desk and said "I'll tell Art. grab your stuff" he watched her walk away and shook his head at the fact that one or both Givens were gonna end up costing him trouble and despite knowing that he knew he would continue to back their play.
Lilly walked into Art's office and tapped on the door. When he looked up she was prepared for more yelling but when he asked in a lower tone "get ahold of him?" it was a nice surprise. She smiled and said "No we got voicemail but since I know the places he'd hit with Hunter I'm gonna head down to Harlan and try to find him and talk some sense into him" He nodded and said "So I'm supposed to act as if you didn't walk in here this morning knowing exactly what Raylan is doing and if you two probally hadn't already planned to meet up in Harlan" She shrugged in response so he sighed in defeat and said "take Tim with you. Maybe he can talk both of you out of whatever you're planning and we'll all still have jobs come morning" "Yes sir" Lilly said with a small salute then scrambled to get out the office when Art warned "DON'T"
Tim cut his eyes up when she walked out of Art's office and asked "We clear to go?" She nodded and said "let me grab my vest and jacket and we'll go"
They decided to take Tim's suv mainly because while Lilly knew Harlan better the suv could go places her car would likely get stuck.
She sat quietly in the passenger seat as Tim pulled out onto the road. The set of his shoulders hadn't relaxed much since he walked into the office this morning and now she wondered just what it was he wanted to poke around the Crowders for. Ten miles of silence later she broke the heavy silence by saying "You were late this morning and when you came in you admitted something was wrong and said you'd tell me later. this is later so you gonna talk or do I gotta play twenty questions or some shit?"
He chuckled low responding "you nor Raylan mind going straight for the throat do ya?" She shrugged giving the explanation of "well Arlo was my father and in case you never noticed he was an old ball busting bastard" He nodded and said "You have a valid point. I was late because Lexington P.D. called me to a crime scene this morning"
Lilly dropped her joking tone mind flashing to the conversation they'd had days before about Mark as she asked "What happened Tim?" He glanced at her for a second then quickly turned his attention back to the road before answering "Mark and his dealer were found executed"
"Dammit I knew I should've went ahead and called Blake to get his ass on that dealer. Do they have any leads or clue as to who did it?" She asked. Tim shrugged wishing now he had gotten Lilly to call in that favor and answered "Both were popped twice. Once in the chest and once in the head. The reason they called me was the fact that Mark had typed a text to me before he was killed. One word Bahgram" "What the hell is Bahgram?" she asked and Tim was silent for a moment trying to decide if he should tell her everything considering they were currently headed to Boyd's bar.
"You remember that guy Colt?" He asked knowing he could trust Lilly to confide damn near anything in her. "Yea Boyd's newest flunkie. The ex Military Police" She said and he nodded "Well the day I told you about meeting Mark at the VA Colt was there and said he was getting treatment for a Bahgram lung"
Lilly's eyes widened as she asked "You think he killed Mark and the dealer?" Tim nodded and said "I plan to ask him but I was also planning to come alone" She turned sideways to look at him before saying "Well now you're not alone so we'll ask him if he killed Mark and if he did we will handle it however you see fit" Tim to a certain degree was surprised to hear Lilly basically agree to killing a man but then again while he knew she believed in right and wrong she like Raylan saw the world in shades of grey knowing there wasn't always a perfectly innocent or perfectly evil choice to make.
"Ok then" he said as he took the turn off for Harlan following Lilly's directions to a side alley across from Boyd's bar that offered good visibilty for them but where they wouldn't be seen themselves.
Tim cut his eyes at Lilly who was watching the bar for any movement and had to admire the fact that when she had first gotten to Lexington she would've voluntered for transport duty over surveillance and now she'd actually gotten pretty good at it and barely complained. Of course she liked the action side of things better and hell he couldn't blame her but sometimes you had to watch to know when and where the action would be.
Lilly smiled when she realized Tim was looking at her but never took her eyes off the door of the bar while she asked "Something wrong?" He shrugged and turned his attention fully to the bar before saying "you know on the drive up here that was the first time I've ever heard you willingly claim Arlo as your father"
She was the one to shrug this time and said "It's the truth. I've fought it my whole life but while I'd like to think I got more of my mom's diplomatic tendencies and Raylan got all the hot headedness and stubborness I got a touch myself and that stubborness has kept me on my feet in alot of situations where I kept getting up just to prove I had it in me" Tim shook his head at her confession and was about to tell her she got more than a touch of stubborn or hothead when the door of the bar opened and Boyd walked out followed on his heel by Colt. "Show time" Lilly whispered as Boyd pulled out headed into town and Colt headed towards the hollers.
Tim eased out a couple car lengths behind Colt staying at a good distance as they followed him a few miles up into one of the hollers where large canvas tents came into view "I thought they closed this church when the preacher died?" Lilly asked as Tim parked a little further away from the tents them choosing to go in on foot to keep from being heard. "Guess it took a little longer to pack up" Tim whispered as they both unsnapped their holsters and headed for the open flap leading into the main tent.
Sounds of a struggle made them both draw their guns as they cautiously headed into the tent.
Colt had Cassie St Cyr by the throat standing near the pullpit. "LET HER GO COLT" Lilly hollered making him glance at her but considering Tim's gun along with her own was trained on his head she wasn't exactly worried. He released his grip on Cassie who ran towards the marshals before Lilly grabbed her and shoved her behind her.
"You alright?" Lilly asked the distraught woman not taking her eyes off Tim despite keeping Cassie out the crosshairs if shooting happened. "Yes Ma'am" Cassie stumbled out obviously still shaken but considering she had Colt's hand print around her neck she had right to be.
Tim stared down Colt never moving his gun from being aimed at the other mans head as he spoke "Remember me Bahgram lung? Seems like your cough cleared up" When Colt stared blankly at him he continued "the guy I was with at the VA Mark he was killed" Colt shrugged and asked "What's that got to do with me?" "Did you shoot my friend?" Tim asked and Colt lifted his shirt and Lilly saw the gun before he pulled it. It wasn't aimed at Tim but still enough to make her raise her gun. Despite the urge to shoot Colt on instinct Lilly knew Tim could handle this so she reached back to make sure she was fully between Cassie and any danger as Tim warned Colt "You dont want to do that"
Boyd walking through the entrance of the tent only added to the already tense situation at hand as he took in the scene his eyes landing on her and Cassie cowering close to her. "Lilly is Miss Cassie ok?" She turned to face him trying to keep an eye on what was unfolding with Tim and Colt before answering "She wouldn't have been if we hadn't showed up when we did" Boyd smiled that blinding smile of his "Well good thing you did then isn't it?"
He turned his attention to the two men which made Lilly debate wheter or not she'd end up being forced to shoot Boyd holding her gun loosely in case he decided he wanted to pull on Tim all the while hoping he would choose otherwise. "Colt put the gun away" Boyd ordered and Colt quickly complied so Boyd looked back at her "I called down my boy now call down yours. We just wanna leave in peace and need I remind you Lilly that both of ya'll are officers of the law sworn to uphold that peace. I promise you Colt will be dealt with"
Tim glanced back at Lilly and after a moment nodded and holstered his gun. She knew it wasn't a decision he'd made lightly but after looking at Colt's eyes she knew why he'd made it. Colt was high and if it would've been her or Raylan after someone they'd want that person clear eyed when they took them down and Tim had made the same decision.
Cassie asked for a ride into town to the garage to check the status of her truck being repaired and so she could grab something for supper. Lilly after dodging Tim asking if she was hungry got him to drop her off at the sheriff's department while he took Cassie to the garage.
Seeing Tim and Cassie interact the way they were had manifested a twinge of jealousy.She didn't know where it had came from and knew she had no right to feel like that. Her and Tim were friends solely friends but damn Cassie was a pretty woman. Not to mention she had the whole petite,blonde haired,blue eyed damsel in distress thing going on that she'd seen Raylan run after for years during their lives and who Griffin had cheated on her because she was the opposite of.
Hell Tim barely looked at her when she climbed out his suv in front of the sheriff's department. She shook her head to get her mind back to alot more important things than feelings that were unwarranted as she walked in ready to call rank if need be but no deputy blinked an eye at her being there so she took a seat at a vacant desk and started going through recents 911 calls wondering if she accessed the system if maybe she could find something on Colt that would warrant an arrest.
She'd barely gotten into the system when her phone rang and she glanced down to see it was Tim "I'm down the road. meet me outside" he said then the phone went dead. "Ok then" Lilly remarked before turning the computer off and heading outside.
Tim slowed the suv down to pull up to where Lilly was standing next to the road. When she hopped in he tossed a marshal windbreaker and her vest into her lap before hitting the gas. He didn't know what he'd done to piss her off earlier but now wasn't the time to question it. "Where are we headed?" she asked adjusting the windbreaker over her vest and slipping the chain with her star on it around her neck "Raylan found Drew" was Tim's simple response and Lilly couldn't hide the shock as she asked "Who is he?" Tim went around a curve before answering "Shelby"
When they arrived on scene Raylan and a few troopers were already in place so Tim parked the suv and the two of them double backed on foot.
"Finally joined the party?" Raylan asked once they were all in place inside Drew's house. She rolled her eyes her attention quickly turning to the front door when the loose board on the porch creaked.
The door cracked open and she wasn't sure if it was Shelby or who until Boyd called out "Shelby?" and was answered by the laser from Tim's scope landing on his chest. "Hey Boyd" Raylan said as Lilly flipped on the light and saw the realization hit Boyd as one of the troopers cuffed him. He smiled slightly before saying "Drew god damn Thompson"
"Givens" One of the state troopers called but when Lilly and Raylan both glanced up he had the grace to look embarrassed before clarifying "Raylan transport is here for Hunter"
Lilly and Tim both followed Raylan outside Tim talking to the troopers while Lilly stood by as Raylan transferred Hunter to a different vehicle. "I am sorry about Arlo" Hunter offered and Lilly smiled when Raylan told him not to be that they had a nice last visit with Arlo.
Before the suv carrying Hunter pulled off he said "Raylan listen to what your mama taught you and not that old son of a bitch and you may turn out alright" He paused before saying "Wouldn't count on it though. We both know who's voice makes you and your sister do the things you do"
With that Raylan nodded to the trooper who pulled off taking Hunter with him before nodding to Lilly to follow him over to where Tim stood.
He looked between his sister and friend before saying "Lets go find Drew Thompson"
The three of them headed back inside the house Lilly and Raylan searching through drawers in hopes on finding anything that could lead them to Shelby while Tim was helping to coordinate roadblocks.
He walked back in the door and cut his eyes at her before walking over to Raylan. She could hear the two of them talking but busied herself going through Shelby's drawers only glancing up when Raylan called her name so she walked over to join him and Tim.
"Lilly you know what yours and Raylans problem is? Ya'll shouldve been outlaws like me and your daddy.This job has too much paperwork for people like ya'll. You'd still be able to shoot people and be an asshole your favorite activities but you'd be rich assholes" Lilly rolledher eyes before warning him "If you don't shut up now I may just send you to converse with my daddy"
Rachel walked in the door followed by a state trooper. "That was fast" Raylan remarked and Rachel shrugged "Art didn't want to be kept out the loop" Lilly nodded because honestly she couldn't blame Art so while the trooper moved Boyd from the floor to a chair in the corner of the room the four of them discussed just how to find Shelby "thing is we aint hunting Shelby. We're looking for Drew" Lilly reminded them and Raylan agreeing with her said "think about it he shoots Theo then chunks Waldo out of a plane..Wait a minute" "He knows how to fly" Lilly said finishing his sentence.
Raylan stood up and touched Rachel's arm "wanna come with me Lilly and Tim can handle this" "Where we going?" Rachel asked as she followed Raylan out and he answered "to the only airport in a hundred miles"
Lilly looked back at Tim who held her gaze for a second before turning her attention to the troopers who had a map of Harlan laid out and were discussing where any further roadblocks needed to be put.
Tim watched Lilly waving her hands at the map and arguing the sergeant of the troopers over the roadblocks. He knew she hated not being with Raylan on the trail. His attention was gotten by Boyd chuckling from the corner "What's your problem Crowder?" he asked. Boyd smiled and said "oh nothing marshal I just don't believe Raylan has quite noticed the way you look at his baby sister"
Tim knew Boyd was trying to get under his skin so he turned back to the files they had on Shelby's known associates trying to ignore him but he continued by saying "I was just making an observation because you see she was more than willing to shoot me at the church had I pulled on you so at the very least she's damn near as loyal to you as she is to Raylan and now here you are watching her set up roadblocks like I would watch Ava cooking supper"
He wanted to hit Boyd for paying such close attention to him and Lilly but if he was being honest it did give him hault that someone who'd known both Raylan and her for so long would think she was as loyal to him as she was to her brother. Not to mention that Boyd was apparently claiming he watched Lilly a certain way. It was true that she way she handled herself in certain situations was more than intriguing to him it went deeper than that.
Rachel could walk in and take control of a situation the same as Art could but Lilly had a livewire factor to her that came from the way she'd been raised and how she had come to adapt that drew him to her despite how hard he'd been fighting against that underlying attraction due to his friendship with not only her but with Raylan as well.
"She'd back any of us like that" He said after a moment but the pause made Boyd smirk before saying "that may be true but she was willing to let you make the call on Colt that says alot add it to how you're looking at her and I think I have some credit to my claim" Tim had gotten enough of Boyd and looked at the nearest trooper "get him in a car until someone decides what to do with him" the trooper walked Boyd out about the time Lilly's phone rang.
She saw it was Raylan and when she answered he said "Harlan PD doesn't have a roadblock at Crestland Pass can you get troopers up there?" She glanced at the map seeing Crestland Pass wasn't marked but nodded nonetheless before saying "I'm on it"
She hung up and pointed to the map "Sergeant we need troopers here now" "That's not marked as a road" The sergeant tried to argue causing Lilly to glare at him as she repeated "we need troopers there.Shelby knows Harlan. I know Harlan and if I was on the run I'd take Crestland Pass because a bunch of bullheaded troopers don't wanna listen to the marshals and help with roadblocks"
She spun to shove her way pass the troopers and Tim to the door with the intention of calling the orders out over a radio herself but stopped when she saw Art's suv pull up "Well there's my chief now maybe you assholes will listen to him" She smiled when she heard the sergeant call the orders out over his radio as she walked out into the sprinkling rain to stop Art before he got out his suv.
Tim stopped her with a hand on her arm before she got off the bottom step. "Lil what's going on?" besides talking to Rachel or arguing the troopers she hadn't talked alot since he picked her up at the Sheriff's Department and he was starting to wonder if something had happened there.
She took a deep breath before saying "Raylan is headed to meet the troopers at Crestland Pass so I'm gonna see if Art will give me a lift so I can catch up with him and Rachel" he nodded and said "I'll catch up when I finish here" "There's a map inside that's marked with the route there" she commented as she pulled her arm out his grip to head towards Art while Tim walked back into the house.
Art had rolled down his window when he saw the two of them but waited until Lilly had gotten closer to ask "What's going on?" "Can you take me to Crestland Pass? Raylan is helping to set up a roadblock and I wanna get with him and Rachel" Art looked towards the house "Tim gonna follow?" "Yea" She said as she walked around and slid into the passenger seat glad Tim had gotten her to put on the marshal windbreaker earlier in the night considering the rain was putting a slight chill to the night air.
Art's phone rang once they pulled up to the roadblock and Lilly listened to his end which consisted of "Well aint that great?" then hung up. He didn't explain further so she followed him when he got out and walked over to Rachel and Raylan.
"Staties let Boyd go" he annouced looking around at the three of them. "Hope they broke his phone before they let him go" Raylan remarked and Rachel smirked before saying "I think you're the only one who does stuff like that" Lilly on the other hand was in agreement with Raylan reminded Rachel "If he called Tonin we got even less time than we thought"
"Shit" Rachel said as the realization spread across her face. A thought occured to Lilly as she bumped Raylan and Rachel's arms "the panties in his house. Raylan he's got Ellen May" Raylan huffed out "Shit he does" and turned to walk over to the troopers but Art stopped him "where are you going?"
Raylan pointed towards the troopers "to tell them to check Audreys" "Like hell you are" Art said making all three marshals look at their chief in shock as he continued "First thing we're gonna do is to adknowledge that this guy is awesome" Rachel looked surprised but Lilly was intent on what Art was saying while Raylan seemed amused "He shot Theo Tonin then faked his death in a spectacular manner by shoving a guy out a plane he was flying,parachuted into Harlan with enough cocaine and money to jumpstart the economy of a small country, had the ball to get a job in law enforcement not once but twice then road with Raylan and Lilly for two days while they looked for him and he's now ran off with a hooker half his age that is some badass shit"
Raylan and Lilly shared a grin and she even saw Rachel fighting back a smirk as she agreed "It is pretty badass" Art nodded "Damn right it is. now this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so the question now is are we gonna let those guys be the ones or are we gonna be the ones to take that badass?" Raylan nodded and said "You're right. come on Lil,Rach let's go find a whore"
The sun was already up and shining bright by the time the three of them made it to Audreys and although they went with intentions of speaking to some of the girls that knew Ellen May they found something better. Boyd's cousin Johnny who it seemed held some long rooted hostilites against Boyd. He was pissed off at Boyd enough to offer to tell the marshals when and where the exchange of Drew was going down so all that was left was to wait.
Rachel had backed the suv into a small grove of trees while they sat. Lilly was looking out the window after swearing she'd seen a helicopter cross over head when Raylan's phone dinged before he glanced back at her "field off Gentry road" She shot Tim a text that it was going down so him and Art could fall in as Rachel asked "Where's Gentry road?" "That way" Lilly and Raylan said in unison pointing to the left of where they currently were.
"How are we gonna know which field" Lilly asked as Art and Tim fell in behind them and Raylan answered "Johnny said just look up" and she was answered by the same helicopter from earlier circling overhead.
They turned into the field seeing Drew handcuffed to a tractor Art and Rachel threw both the suvs into park as all five jumped out guns at ready. Lilly made eye contact with the passenger of the chopper it got so low before regaining altitude. "Crowder's flunkie Colt ran that way" Drew hollered jerking his head towards the woods.Tim ran in the direction he indicated and Lilly was glad when Art told Rachel to follow him considering no one knew about the standoff at the church.
"Where's Ellen May?" Raylan asked as he uncuffed Drew from the tractor and recuffed him behind his back. "At Limehouse's she need help" he said as Raylan put him in Art's suv and Lilly scoffed "Yea we'll get right on that"
Once the door of the suv was shut Art congratulated Raylan saying this would bump him up the chain a notch or two "you can write your own ticket. maybe hers too. damn sure make a better life for your kid" he said winking at Lilly.
Raylan shook his head "Congrats on what? This is far from over" Lilly spotted Tim and Rachel walking out the woods and said "is it just me or do they appear to be empty handed?"
When Tim got closer he told Art "Colt got to his car before we caught him" Raylan let out a huff of air looking around before saying "We've got Drew but Theo knows it so now we gotta figure out how to get out of Harlan alive"