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Hold My Hand


Unsure how to react to her mom’s sudden appearance, Taylor excused herself from the table and led her mom out onto the apparatus floor.

“I’m sorry for barging in,” her mom said after a long silence, “I’m heading to rehab in the morning and I just wanted to see you...”

“How long for?” Taylor asked, although she had had this same conversation with her mom numerous times before and the result had always been the same.

“Six months, maybe longer and there’s no contact allowed with anyone outside of the facility.”

“Well, I hope everything works out.”


“We’ve had this conversation before and I refuse to get my hopes up,” Taylor told her, “Every time you’ve entered a rehab program, you’ve given up and things have spiraled out of control again.”

“I’m going to do it this time and I’m going to prove to you that I want to change,” her mom promised, “Perhaps then we could work on building bridges between us.”


“Tay, is everything okay?” came Severide’s voice from behind her.

“Yeah, Sev, everything is fine.”

“I’m Sara, Taylor’s mom,” her mom introduced with a flirtatious smile.

“Er... Severide.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Severide.”

“Look, mom,” Taylor added, “I’m glad that you’re getting help for yourself, but I’m working and we’re in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.”

“Why doesn’t your mom come and join us?” Ferguson suggested from behind them.

“I’d love to,” Sara replied with a smile, following Ferguson into the rec room and leaving Taylor standing with Severide.


“You should go finish your dinner with the others, I’m not hungry anymore...” Taylor told Severide, before disappearing into the equipment room and dealing with the equipment check.

Unable to concentrate, Taylor gave into the anger that was coursing through her and launched the helmet that she was holding at the wall. Stood by the truck rig an hour later, she counted the equipment that was already loaded up and signed the sheet with the time to say that the check had been done.

Taylor pulled on her turn-out gear as the alarm sounded, jumping on the rig and sitting in silence as they headed to the scene. The fire was pretty small when they pulled up, but it was spreading and they needed to get the place evacuated fast.

Having cleared the top floor, Taylor heard the roof groan and headed out of the building as it gave way. Removing her mask, she grabbed herself a bottle of water and turned as Boden’s voice caught her attention.

“Severide, Capp, come in...” he called over the radio, waiting for a response and trying again when he didn’t receive one.

Panic began to stir in her chest as she joined him, looking towards the building and pleading silently for one of them to answer. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, Taylor glanced back to see Ferguson standing there and immediately pushed the candidate’s hand away.

‘Chief, it’s Capp’ came a reply over the radio after a few moments of silence, ‘I’m fine, but Severide is trapped under a beam on the top floor and I can’t shift it.’

“I’m sending some help your way, Capp,” the Chief promised, although Taylor knew that the building was unstable and he was taking a risk by allowing anyone to step foot back in there.

“I’ll go,” Taylor volunteered without hesitation.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Chief,” Ferguson added, earning a glare from Taylor.

“Stay out of this, don’t you think you’ve interfered enough for one day.”

“Go Taylor... take Tony with you,” Boden instructed her.

Putting her mask back on, Taylor motioned for Tony to follow her and carefully made her way up to the top floor. Relief washed through her as she spotted Capp, making her way over to him and crouching down at Severide’s side as she assessed the situation.

They had been there for almost fifteen minutes, but finally, they managed to move the beam and Capp helped Severide outside. Sat in the rig as they headed back to the firehouse, Taylor could feel eyes on her and looked over to find Ferguson watching her.

“I was only trying to help you know,” Ferguson stated as Cruz parked up.

“Well next time don’t bother,” Taylor replied as she jumped down, taking off her turn out gear and retreating to the locker room without another word.
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