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Hold My Hand


Despite her reservations, Taylor had a great night at Molly’s and woke up the following morning feeling a little worse for wear. Grabbing a quick shower, she headed to the kitchen and frowned, when she spotted a folded piece of paper with her name on it.

‘Happy Birthday’ she read with a smile as she opened it, ‘I had a few things to do at the boatyard, but I will be picking you up at five to take you out. Sev xx’

The day passed slowly, but finally, five o’clock arrived and with it Severide. Waiting for him to get changed, Taylor put on her jacket and followed him out to the truck.

"Are you going to tell me where we’re going?” Taylor asked as he started the engine.

“It’s a surprise.”

Smiling, Taylor settled back into her seat and hummed along to the song on the radio. She knew exactly where they were going, when Severide pulled into a parking lot and she got out with a smile. The outdoor ice rink was relatively quiet as they swapped their shoes for ice skates, putting them on and heading towards the ice.

“I have a confession to make,” Taylor said, pausing at the gate, “I’ve never been ice skating before.”

“Come on,” Severide told her, holding out his hand, “I won’t let you fall.”

Taking his hand, Taylor took a deep breath and stepped out onto the ice. It took her a while to find her balance, but finally, she got the hang of it and let go of Severide’s hand.

She felt free as she glided across the ice, using the wall to stop herself and laughing as Severide wrapped his arms around her from behind. Turning to look at him, she couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face and leaned up to press a sweet kiss against his lips.

“I...” Taylor began, falling silent as anxiety swirled in her chest and lowering her eyes, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Severide replied without hesitation, lifting her chin with his thumb and kissing her again, “What do you say we go and get some food?”

“That sounds good.”

It was late by the time they got home, having grabbed ice cream after dinner and Taylor headed straight to bed. Waking up the next morning for work, she waited for the others to get ready and jumped in the truck.

“So, what did you and Severide get up to last night?” Shay inquired as Taylor joined her and Gabby at the ambulance.

“He took me to that outdoor ice rink and then we went for dinner at this Italian place,” Taylor told her.

“I wish Matt would do stuff like that,” Gabby commented, “He takes me out, but it’s always to Molly’s or somewhere that we’ve been a hundred times before.”

“Me and Corrine prefer not to leave the bedroom,” Shay added, causing both Taylor and Gabby to laugh.

The alarm ringing brought the conversation to an abrupt halt and Taylor went to get ready, jumping on the truck. The scene that met them was a mess and she knew that it was going to be a bad one, but she had a job to do.

Approaching one of the more severely damaged cars with Ferguson, Taylor motioned for the candidate to check the passenger and focused on the driver. She quickly found a pulse, but the young girl was pinned inside the vehicle and it was going to be difficult to get her out.

“Ferguson?” Taylor called, looking over and knowing from the expression on the girl’s face that the passenger was dead.

Another team soon took over and Taylor scanned the scene, before guiding a few of the walking wounded over to the waiting paramedics. Hearing numerous shouts from behind her, she turned around as squad scattered and watched as the car they’d been working on burst into flames.

Everyone was silent as they made their way back to the firehouse, all lost in their heads and thinking about the people that had lost their lives in that accident. Climbing down from the truck, Taylor watched as Severide disappeared into the locker room without a word and went to follow him.

“Give him some time,” Casey stated, placing his hands on her shoulders and steering her towards the rec room instead.
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