The Last Words of Maudiere Wenkire

Maudiere Wenkire is the famously unbreakable resident of a prison no one leaves alive, and on the day of her execution, she is made an offer.

"Miss Wenkire, I am obliged, per tradition, to offer you one last sentimentality. That is, if you would care to say a few words, you may do so at this time. Do you choose to accept or reject this offer?"

Did everyone who died deserve to be forgotten in her desperation to greet Death? After all she had been through, did she not deserve some measure of happiness before she met her end? Though it left the bitter taste of sorrow and other dark, nameless things in her mouth, there seemed, to Maudiere, to be no choice in the matter. “I accept,” passed her lips before she could comprehend a command to halt the damning words.
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