A Man and His Ghouls

What happens when the old, vampiric Cardinal Copia moves out of the Clergy home to live with his beloved pet Ghouls in an ancient, Victorian mansion?? From trying to keep the seven Ghouls entertained to being haunted by the ghost of his arch nemesis, this old man has a LOT of shit to deal with!
  1. A Little Affection
    After a long and gruelling Ritual circuit, The Cardinal and his Ghouls have finally come back home to their mansion abode. Copia believes everything is alright with the group, but issues arise when he mistakenly hurts the Ghouls’ feelings.
  2. Papa Roach
    Copia is trying to get some much-needed rest when the ghost of Papa Emeritus III shows up to annoy the everloving crap out of the poor old man.
  3. The Nightmare
    Two lovers find eachother in the darkness, one suffering a deep pain. Can The Cardinal calm Water’s waves of emotion before he spirals further?
  4. A Tormented Mind
    Rain has awoken again from his slumber, nightmares continuing to control his emotions. But thankfully, this time his beloved Cardinal is right by his side to help calm him down from the very beginning.
  5. Up in Flames
    A nice pool day explodes into chaos when one of Fire’s pranks backfires, badly hurting one of the Ghoulette’s.