Status: I hope you enjoy the story! It does have aspects of things that have actually happened in my life. I decided to take a non traditional way of telling my life story.

The Meaning of Dreams

Adults are always telling me, “Enjoy your teens while you can,” and “I wish I was your age again.” But in reality, what is so good about being 15 anyway? My parents are always nagging me to do something, I have to go to bed at a certain time, and I’m limited on the time I get to spend with my friends! I am old enough to get myself out of bed for school, so why does it matter what time I go to bed? I am so tired of everybody controlling my life! My mother is the worst though. “Kylee, clean your room. Kylee wash the dishes. Kylee lose the attitude and just do what you’re told!” I’m so sick of it all. Maybe I should just runaway so that I can live my life without restrictions and parents. Being a teenager sucks…

But….What happens if you’re visited in your dreams by a woman who shows you things. Things like flash backs of somebodies life. Things like how somebody was bullied and overcame every struggle they were faced with. Is being an angst filled teenager even worth it then? Maybe, just maybe, my life isn’t as bad as I make it out to be. I just haven’t learned that yet, have I? I guess I’m about to though….