Status: Complete

Risk It All

Nolee moved to South Boston with a hope to escape her past and make a better life for herself. What she didn't plan on was the peculiar Murphy MacManus coming into picture and breaking down everything she thought she’d knew. As they attempt to bond, can she overcome her tainted old life and let down her walls? Especially with one extra problem: she’s already pregnant.
  1. You
    "Whatever you do just don't vomit on the scones yeah?"
  2. Stranger
    "So are ye always this kind and sweet to ye customers?"
  3. Assumptions
    "Wow preggers you actually clean up nice, I'm impressed."
  4. Apologies
    "You really don't know when to give up do you?"
  5. Impromptu Meeting
    "What makes you think I want you and I to be friends?"
  6. Mysterious Ways
    "Honestly after knowing you for a while now, I'm surprised someone like you let this of 'accident' happen."
  7. Somewhere Along the Way
    "Well what is it about me that makes you want to know me?"
  8. The Courage
    "This is it isn't it? The nice guy act is over, you're going to *** me now."
  9. All Hallow's Eve
    "Maybe ye oughta be a little more careful ye?"
  10. Easier Said Than Done
    "But that's life cupcake, it's never planned."
  11. Kicks & Tricks
    "That's it, we're gonna turn over a new leaf officially."
  12. Trouble
    "T'en I guess we'll be crazy together."
  13. Promises
    “It’s called having faith, love.”
  14. Connor
    "Oh my god! You guys have been robbed!"
  15. Give Thanks
    "Wait, you knocked her up?!"
  16. So Close Yet So Far
  17. Damaged Goods
    "Then what do I do? How do I stop this?"
  18. Coming Clean
    "Please just give up on me Murphy."
  19. The Blessing
    "Are ye just tryin' ta butter me up or what?"
  20. Smells Like Christmas Spirit
    “Are all Irish men as stubborn as you both are?”
  21. Sisters
    "My eyes...they're bleeding."
  22. Home
    "Okay, how the hell did you both get in my apartment?!"
  23. Charlotte
    "Why do bad things happen to good people?"
  24. New Years at McGinty's
    "It's a good thing we are, if one more customer told me 'see you next year' I'd flip a table."
  25. Almost
    "It says here there's a 1 in 1500 chance a baby is born a hermaphrodite. What if the baby comes out with a ***?!"
  26. Over
    "Now I think you've played little this game long enough darlin.' It's time you return home."
  27. Free
    "It's time I'm honest about everything with you."
  28. Fresh Slate
    "T-thank you...for believing me."
  29. Normal
    "I just want...I need you to be okay."
  30. Burdens
    "I'm sorry Murphy...but I made up my mind."
  31. Disappointed
    "T'ats pretty impossible when we're twins ye ***in' idiot."
  32. Just Ask Alice
    "Sorry, I shouldn't make you laugh now huh? The baby's just gonna shoot out at this point."
  33. Who You Gonna Call?
    "So whatever you do, do not give birth while I'm gone okay? I repeat, DO NOT give birth!"
  34. Hope
    "It's okay love, I'm right here. Where I've always been."
  35. New Beginnings
    "Really a pinky promise?"
  36. Metamorphosis
  37. Bar Fights
    "What ta *** do we do now?"
  38. Saints
    " much did you both drink last night exactly? Besides the typical Irish amount?"
  39. Funny Man
    "Don't you think that's a little weird? A little psycho?"
  40. Set Up
  41. Tiger Stripes
    "Why ye like ta bust my balls all ta time lass?"
  42. Slip Up
    "She's gonna be so pissed."
  43. Ethics
    "I guess your guys' power of persuasion is finally starting to rub off on me."
  44. Taken
    "You're a natural criminal like us Nolee-cannoli."
  45. Revenge
    "I don't know love...but it's him. Connor and I have always wondered about him and because of strange ***in' he's here."
  46. Epilogue
    "Love makes ye do crazy things sometimes."