Status: Complete

Risk It All

Impromptu Meeting

Before Nolee knew it Friday had rolled around and not only was it finally the weekend, but it was also her doctor's appointment. A mix of relief and nervousness had bubbled inside her, it was nice to leave the shop early but that meant missing a couple of hours on her paycheck. But regardless the day hadn't been so bad so she couldn't complain...too much.

"Thanks for covering for me, I owe you." she said gratefully to Kira as she took off her apron and hung it on its designated spot.

"No problem hun, you have to check up on the parasite." Kira replied with a thumbs up.

"Do you have to keep calling it that?"

"What, that's technically what it is isn't it? Fine, what about...nugget?"

"...that's better I guess." Nolee shrugged with a sigh.

"When do you find out what you're having anyways?" Kira inquired with a little too much enthusiasm.

"Next month I think?"

"Aww bummer. I want to know what the spawn is in your belly already." Kira frowned as she leaned against the counter.

"Well you're gonna have to wait toots." Nolee shrugged once more. "I'll let you know how it goes, see you later." she added slinging her purse on her shoulder before waving.

"Be safe!" Kira called out to her as she almost reached the door.

"I will, bye!" Nolee replied before exiting the shop. She welcomed the warm rays of sunshine that immediately greeted her as she made her way to the subway, today was definitely the better Fall weather of Boston. Only downside was having to travel to the other side of the city just for appointments. Walking down the long steps that led underground to the station, she managed to make it in time before it took off. The various people inside had been too busy with their own lives and problems to notice her existence, to which she was very grateful for. She was able to look out the window in peace without having to feel obligated in conversing with strangers.

With several stops the subway had made along the way the ride took 20 minutes total before she reached her stop. Nolee quickly made her way off before the crowd of people rushed behind her. Making her way back up to the city area, the culture difference was almost immediate. Men and women of all types had dressed and talked nicer. She felt out of place as she walked the rest of her way to the doctors, but she had to admit the skyline was breathtaking.

Nolee walked inside the large gray building and checked herself in. She sighed as she sat down in an uncomfortable chair and waited to be seen. Her eyes wandered the around the pastel decorated office and took in the other women sitting beside her, far more ahead in their pregnancies than she was. Nolee shifted awkwardly in her seat as she imagined how she'd look at that stage knowing it was coming faster than she anticipated. After what seemed an eternity and mindlessly watching infomercials on the television, a nurse opened the door.

"Nolee Wade?" the older blonde woman called out as she stood up.

"That's me." Nolee answered as she made her way to the woman.

"Good afternoon Miss Wade my name is Cindy, come this way please." the woman responded kindly and led her inside the hallway. Cindy had taken her height, weight, and blood pressure before leading her to a room. Nolee twiddled her thumbs as she looked around the room and waited.

"Hello Miss Wade." Dr. Garcia greeted as she walked in the room. A tall woman with radiant brown skin, hair, and eyes; she intrigued Nolee. "How are you feeling today?"

"I'm feeling okay." Nolee replied softly as Dr. Garcia nodded.

"Good to hear, how have you been feeling in general? Any concerns?"

"Just still have a lot of nausea and some pain in my lower abdomen."

"That's to be expected, but hopefully as you get more into your second trimester the sickness will ease up. Let's have a look at you and get you measured. Lie back please." Dr. Garcia requested as Nolee obeyed. Dr. Garcia lifted Nolee's shirt up to her torso and gently touched her abdomen.

"Is it tender here?" she asked touching the spot just above her pelvis as Nolee nodded.

"That's just round ligament pain, they're stretching to accommodate your pregnancy. They're uncomfortable, but relatively harmless. No spotting or unusual discharge?"


"Ok good." Dr. Garcia nodded once more as she wrapped the long measuring tape around her stomach. "Seems like you're a lucky one with not showing much yet, but you're measuring on time."

"Now let's check on your baby." Dr. Garcia added as she turned on the ultrasound machine. She grabbed the probe and circled it around Nolee's abdomen. The screen became fuzzy before focusing on the inside of her stomach.

"Hmm...looks like little peanut is hiding." Dr. Garcia whispered as she searched around. Nolee felt a small wave of panic hit as she watched the screen.

"Ahh, there you are baby." Dr. Garcia smiled as she pointed at the small blob on the screen. "Look whose got some feet." she added teasingly. Nolee inhaled a deep breath as she looked at the fetus. It was still hard to believe each time she was here to realize she was indeed staring at her own stomach.

"He or she's quite a wiggler too."

"When will I feel kicks?" Nolee inquired curiously.

"It varies with each woman, you might feel kicks as soon as 16 weeks, some first time moms don't feel anything until 25 weeks."

"The baby's doing okay though?"

"Well, baby is definitely measuring on track. Heartbeat is strong and clearly got movement going on. I'd say baby is healthy yes." Dr. Garcia assured as Nolee nodded.

"Now that you're in your second trimester I'd like you get some more blood tests done, this is the time we check more in depth to see if there's any risks such as down syndrome or spina bifida. We'd also like you to leave a urine sample as per usual. Your next appointment you'll have to do a glucose test, but by then we should be able to tell the gender. That should give you something to look forward to."

"Okay." Nolee smiled and nodded.

"In the meantime make you're still taking your prenatals and folic acid. Also try to get some regular exercise in if you can, keep your stress levels low, and no heavy lifting. As always please don't hesitate to call me if you have any other questions or concerns."

"Yes doctor."

"I'll print out some pictures for you to take home. I'll let the nurse know you'll be getting blood tests done, shouldn't take too long. Have a good rest of the day Miss Wade."

"Thank you Dr. Garcia."

"You're welcome, here's your pictures. I'll let you get dressed now, come to the front when you're ready." Nolee nodded and fixed her shirt before sliding her coat and shoes back on. The blood tests were never fun but she sucked it up and it was over before she knew it. She was given a prescription to refill prenatal vitamins before they finally let her go.

"Excuse me, but where's the pharmacy located?" Nolee questioned confused.

"Oh, it's across the way from the meat packing plant. Go down this street and make a left." the receptionist explained before walking off. Nolee sighed as she began her journey to the pharmacy, which quickly spiraled into pure boredom as she had to wait for the damn thing to be filled.Not wanting to sit inside a building more than she had to, Nolee's feet had brought her to the riverfront overlooking Charles River. Her hands slid into her purse where she pulled out the small image. Her stomach twisted as she observed the image. Being a mother was not something Nolee ever fully imagined she'd be. Nolee would be the first to admit her instincts weren't exactly maternal. There was a lot she still hadn't learned about herself and the thought of having to bring in a new life by herself simultaneously was terrifying. She knew in the back of her mind there was options...but she couldn't bring herself to think about them just yet.

Her eyes started to water as memories of that night had came back with a vengeance. Something had spoken to her that night, something had awakened an instinct, an instinct to protect.

'I made the decision, now I have to live with it. '

Nolee got lost in her thoughts too much and before she knew it she was late to pick up her prescription. When she finally got everything taken care of, she lazily made her way back to the subway.

"Too much adulting." she grumbled as she passed by the large meat packing plant. Her extra sensitive nostrils flared in disgust at the smell. It took some serious willpower to not vomit all over the sidewalk. When she reached the corner her eyes were drawn to a figure in her peripheral line of vision. She blinked her eyes rapidly to see if what she saw was real. Her mouth was agape at the sight of that familiar neck tattoo.

"Oh for fucks sake." she whispered astounded, this was just getting ridiculous now. She curiously watched Murphy from afar as his back was pressed against the wall with one foot up smoking a cigarette. He wore a long white looking lab coat over his clothes. His eyes glazed over as he appeared to be in a deep thought. She could've easily continued on her way and remained unspotted but something kept her feet glued to the ground. Curiosity getting the best of her, she took a couple steps closer.

"So this is where you work?" Nolee spoke aloud causing Murphy to lift his head quickly at the voice. His eyes had softened when he realized it was her standing there.

"Aye Nolee, what are ye doin' over here lass?" he questioned with equal curiosity.

"Just finished some errands." she replied with a shrug.

"Oh." was all he said.

"So, the meat packing plant huh? Gotta to say I'm a little surprised." Nolee added but not intending to insult him.

"Aye...well it's not ta greatest, but it's honest work." Murphy reasoned making his lips turn up into that smirk of his before he took a puff of his cigarette.

"Fair enough." Nolee casually replied. "I guess I shouldn't keep you then, I would want to get you in trouble."

"Oh on ta contrary lass. I'm just about done for ta day, just waitin' on me brudder." Murphy explained tilting his head in the direction of the building.

"I see."

"Ye heading home?"


"Want ta grab a bite ta eat?" he asked flicking his cigarette to the floor and crushing it with his boot. "I'm quite famished."

"Umm...well...I don't..." Nolee stuttered on her words.

"It's just food lass, I ain't asking on a ye date or nothin.' Murphy teased. "Aren't ye hungry?" he added thoughtfully while Nolee shuffled on her feet. Her body easily betraying her as the mention of food caused her stomach to growl...loudly. Murphy raised his eyebrow in amusement and chuckled.

"I t'ink that answers me question. bout it?"

"Uhh...well I guess." Nolee answered hesitantly. Just then the door burst open.

"Murph! What did I tell ye about leaving rotten meat in me fuckin' locker ye little bastard!" a man shouted as he stomped over to where Murphy was. Nolee noted his spiky hair and recognized him from the bar.

"Moi? I'd never do such a t'ing my dear little brudder." Murphy replied innocently.

"Oh ye fuckin' little shit I'll kick ye' ass, and for the last time I'm older damn it!" the man retorted as they began to banter back and forth, Nolee only watched with furrowed eyebrows and pure confusion. The spiky haired man had sensed they weren't alone and turned his head to stare at Nolee. To which shyly looked away, she wouldn't admit it but he was rather handsome.

"Who's t'at?" he whispered to Murphy who leaned in closer to whisper something back.

"Aye, you must be ta coffee shop lass."

"My name is Nolee." she politely corrected.

"Nolee, t'is be me idiot brudder Connor." Murphy introduced. "Connor, this is Nolee."

"Pleased to meet ya lass." Connor added coolly. His demeanor was more serious than his brother's but his light eyes were kind looking. They were both the same height and relatively built the same way but Nolee couldn't see any resemblances between the two of them, different fathers perhaps. It was also that moment Nolee realized Connor had the same matching tattoo in the exact same spot on his neck Murphy had.

"Likewise." she replied regaining focus.

"No offense lass but what ye doin' talking ta this dipshit?" Connor questioned as Murphy shouted an insult back and another banter broke out, Nolee had a feeling this occurred often. Nolee couldn't help but laugh at Connor.


"Don't listen ta him Nolee." Murphy told her as he slid off his lab coat before handing it to his brother. "We're going ta get a bite ta eat, and you are going ta fuck off now." Murphy added as Connor rolled his eyes.

"Christ, fine. I was gonna meet Rocco at ta bar anyways. See ye around Nolee." Connor responded giving her a smile.

"See you Connor." Nolee replied as he walked back inside. Murphy sighed as he took off his coat.

"You and your brother are umm...interesting." Nolee noted as he scoffed.

"Don't mind him, he's just mad I came out first." he shrugged. Nolee stared at him confused until she made the connection.

"Wait...are you both...twins?" she asked shocked.

"My fraternal womb-mate indeed yes."

"But you don't..."

"Look alike? I know, it's a little hard ta believe innit? Especially given how ugly me brudder is." Murphy smirked as he put on his sunglasses from his jean pocket and slid them on.

"Well, shall we?"


"You better not try anything." she warned him as they walked alongside each other, keeping her guard up.

"Do I really come across as a creep or somethin' lass?" Murphy inquired curiously.

"I'm just saying." Nolee replied defensively despite knowing full he was taller than her by several inches.

"Don't worry okay? I've never been ta type to harm a woman. I was raised by a full Irish blood mother, do ye know how terrifying t'at is?"

"I can't say i don't."

"Well let me tell ye, it ain't fun. My ma would have me arse if I tried somethin' inappropriate." Murphy sighed as they approached a burger joint a couple blocks away from the meat packing plant and the subway. The elderly waitress greeted Murphy with a big smile, clearly familiar with him.

"Murphy, how ya doing today hun?"

"Can't complain today Alice, what about you?" Murphy responded equally pleased to see her.

"Same shit, different day Murphy. Where's that brother of yours?"

"Had some stuff to tend to, he promised to drop in soon."

"Alright, well he better. Let me sit you guys down." Alice motioned them to follow her until she stopped at a corner booth.

"T'anks Alice." Murphy told her sincerely.

"Anytime hun." Alice winked before smiling at Nolee and walking off. Nolee smiled at the gesture, she seemed like a sweet woman.

"T'ats Alice. She's been waitressing here a long time, very lovely woman." he exclaimed as if he had read her mind.

"She seems like it."

" it okay now to ask where ye moved from? Cause I'm pretty positive by now I've never seen ye around before." Murphy asked as he removed his sunglasses. Nolee awkwardly took off her coat and rested it beside her.

"I moved from Phoenix."

"Ahh...makes sense now."

"What make sense?"

"You don't really look like ta typical east coast gal." Murphy noted as she raised her eyebrow. "And before ye get all mad little one I don't mean t'at in a bad way." he added as he glanced at her before grabbing a menu.

"Well...what about you?" Nolee questioned also grabbing a menu.

"What about me?"

"Are you from Boston originally?"

"No, my brudder and I moved from Ireland several years ago."

"How come...?"

"We wanted to help our Ma out more, money wise. Moving to ta states seemed like a better option at ta time. We try ta send what we can, our Da wasn't around when we were growing up, just her. Somehow we ended up staying."

"Oh..." Nolee replied gently.

"Only t'ing Connor and I could really find was the meat packing plant. It's messy and hot, but at least majority of ta people we work with are good people."

"Well that levels out I suppose, I only have Kira." Nolee replied.

"Kira...she ta tall loud lass at the coffee shop?"

"Yes. Big hair to match her personality."

"Ahh yes, she seems...interestin.'

"She's actually really decent. She's been the only one to really befriend me so far."

"Aye, well t'ats not true."

"What do you mean?"

"Well ye got a friend in front of ye." Murphy smirked.

"What makes you think I want you and I to be friends?" Nolee inquired curiously.

"Believe me lass, it's always a good idea ta have an Irish friend on ye side."


Nolee and Murphy had finally ordered their food, Nolee choose a classic cheeseburger where Murphy wanted a little extra and went with the bacon cheeseburger. They managed to keep up small talk as they ate, Nolee had learned many small facts about the Irish man. He definitely seemed more open about his life, where as she remained reserved. She learned him and Connor were 27, making them just two years older than her. She couldn't help but wonder how it'd feel to talk so freely about herself instead of the former.

"I don't know he seems...decent." Kira's voice had rang in the back of her mind the whole time. The opinion of him being peculiar hadn't changed. He was certainly unlike anyone she'd ever met before. A part of her badly wanted to inquire about the rosary and tattoos, but maybe that was best for another time. The initial impression of his cockiness had changed somewhat, but naturally she'd remain skeptical.

"Well, why did you move here?" he asked after several moments of silence. The dreadful question inevitably coming up. The slight comfortableness she was temporarily feeling had vanished. She remained quiet in an attempt to scramble an excuse.

"Still too soon ta ask I take it? I apologize." Murphy added taking a sip of his soda.

"It's ok...I just...wanted to start over I guess." she replied simply. Murphy seemed satisfied with the answer.

"I can understand t'at lass. Do ye at least like Boston?"

"For the most part. I haven't really been to a lot of places yet though, I'm still learning my way around. The bar was the only real outing I've had so far."

"Aye, well if ye like I can show ye some cool spots around town."


"Just say when."

"Okay." Nolee nodded as they continued to eat their food. She wasn't sure how much time had passed that they sat there but by the time they were both finished, the sun had began to descend. At least the food hadn't been half bad. As the waitress placed the check on the table, Nolee reached into her purse to pay for her half, but Murphy's hand quickly interjected.

"No lass, it's on me."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. T'ink of it as making up for ta other day at ta bar." he reasoned before placing a twenty dollar bill on the table. The both of them got up from the booth where Murphy gave Alice a quick hug before she waved the both of them off. When they walked back outside, the evening breeze had began to pick up and Nolee buttoned up her coat, whereas Murphy remained unbothered of course. He only reached inside his pocket for his pack of cigarettes. Nolee gritted her teeth nervously, she knew it probably wasn't the best idea to be around him when he smokes so often apparently, but part of feared giving herself away accidentally.

"I hope ye don't mind." Murphy asked as he wiggled the single cigarette in his hand.

'Nah go ahead, I'm only pregnant.'

"Umm no...I'll just stand back a little I'm kind of sensitive to the smell."

"Oh okay, t'ats fine." Murphy replied not thinking anything else of it, Nolee only looked away in relief.

"Umm Murphy?" she said after a period of silence.

"Yeah?" he answered staring at her as she nervously twitched her fingers.

"How come you decided to come into Cosmo's? I mean I know I haven't been there long, but I'm pretty sure I've never seen you come in before either."

"Well...Connor had gone ta help our friend Rocco with some umm...stuff. I had stayed behind t'at day so I could cover both our shifts and he wouldn't get into trouble. Both of us have had to take extra shifts lately ta be honest. It's been rather tiring, I t'ot coffee would help me stay awake again, I never really drank it until I moved ta Boston." he explained casually. "Why do ye ask lass?"

"Just curious." Nolee answered with a shrug. Murphy took a couple more drags before putting the cigarette out. "I guess you'll be heading home t'en?" he asked as she confirmed with a nod.

"Do ye need me ta walk ya home? It's a bit dark out."

"I'm okay, I still have to take the subway."

"Well that's even more suspect lass."

"I haven't had a problem yet." she replied confidently.

"Key word being yet, ta subway can be dangerous in ta evening." Murphy responded seriously.

"I can handle myself Murphy but thank you. If it makes you feel better, you can walk me to the subway." she offered. Murphy seemed pleased by this and gave her a nod, at least they'd still be in a public place. She wasn't ready to give up where she lived just yet. Murphy kindly walked her down the stairs until she reached the waiting contraption.

"Well thank you for walking me, and for dinner." Nolee told him politely.

"It's not a problem at all. Maybe we can do t'is again sometime?"

"Yeah." Nolee smiled lightly.

"Well goodnight Nolee, be safe gettin' home yeah?"

"I will." she assured him before stepping inside the subway as the doors opened. Murphy gave her a wave before walking off. Nolee sat down in the back of the train and sighed as she went over the events that had happened.

Finally reaching her apartment, she kicked off her shoes and immediately crawled into her bed. The exhaustion suddenly taking over like it did every night. Her mind still puzzled at what had transpired. There was a part of her still surprised she had actually went to dinner with him. Even though it was merely nothing but dinner, it left her perplexed. It's like he kept popping up everywhere suddenly without a reason. Yeah the dinner hadn't been so bad and Murphy had acted fairly decent, but what of it?

Nolee turned on her side and shook the thoughts away. It wasn't worth putting too much thought into it, it's not like anything could happen anyways. She was fine where she stood in her beliefs, and she was pregnant after all. Maybe it was just one of those random coincidences seeing him again, nothing else.

Yeah, that had to be it.