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My Lips are Sealed


Suspended from the ceiling of an old abandoned warehouse by her wrists, Kacey fought to get free to no avail and slumped in defeat. She had no idea how long she had been there, but her arms were beginning to hurt and the questions were becoming repetitive.

“Ah Kacey, how are you?” came a familiar voice that sent an involuntary chill down her spine.

“You know, hanging in there...”

“My acquaintance wasn’t exaggerating I see, you really do have a smart mouth on you.”

“Screw you, Gerard,” Kacey spat, grimacing as the old man slapped her across the face and spitting blood onto the ground as she continued, “I’m not going to tell you anything.”

“We’ll see about that.”

It was another torture filled hour, before Kacey was released from the shackles and unceremoniously dumped into a pitch-black room. The lack of noise around her should have offered a little respite from the fear that gripped her, but it did nothing to help and she finally understood why so many people hated silence.

She would give anything to hear Lydia complain about something idiotic that Jackson had done, or Scott whine about Allison having to spend time with her family, she was even beginning to miss Stiles’ rambling. Pressing herself back against the wall, she pulled her knees to her chest and allowed her tears to fall.

Kacey hadn’t long slipped into a restless sleep, when the bolt on the door was slid back and the door opened to reveal Gerard. Scrambling back as he approached her, she kicked out and felt a deep-seated satisfaction at the sound of Gerard’s pain.

It didn’t take long for the hunter to recover, grabbing Kacey by her hair and dragging her out into the main warehouse again. Binding her wrists behind her back roughly, Gerard forced her to kneel and placed the muzzle of his gun against her forehead.

“Do it,” Kacey told him, looking up at the man about to kill her and holding his gaze, “DO IT!”

“You’d really die for them?” Gerard asked, resting his finger over the trigger, “Why?”

“Just do it already... I’m done talking.”

“Don’t you dare,” came another voice from somewhere nearby, “Put the gun down and step away from her, Argent.”

Watching as Gerard reluctantly lowered his weapon, Kacey waited for Parrish to undo the ropes and pushed herself to her feet with his help. Sat in the passenger seat of the sheriff’s cruiser, Kacey stared out the window and rested her head back on the seat.

Unbuckling her seatbelt as the sheriff parked up outside the veterinary clinic, she climbed out and grimaced at the pain that pulsed through her. Everyone’s attention was on her as she entered the waiting room, noticing as the pack collectively relaxed and hugging each of them in greeting.

“How is he?” Kacey inquired, glancing over towards Deaton’s examination room and fighting the urge to barge in.

“He got torn up pretty good by the alpha and it’s going to take a few days for him to fully heal, but Deaton says that he’s going to be fine,” Erica assured her as Deaton joined them.

“He’s asking for you,” the vet told her, earning a small smile from Kacey and squeezing her shoulder as she walked passed.

Derek was still lying on the metal examination table when she entered, sitting up with a groan and looking over at her with relief clear in his eyes.

“Rough day?” Kacey said with a weak chuckle, moving to stand in front of where he sat and closing her eyes as he cupped her cheek, “I’m okay...”

“I hate that you got hurt because of me,” Derek mumbled.

“This isn’t on you,” Kacey replied, “I got hurt because I chose to listen to my heart, instead of letting fear win and taking the easy way out.”

“What did your heart tell you?”

“It told me that I’d rather die than betray you and the pack.”

“That’s one dramatic heart you’ve got,” Derek joked, pressing a kiss to Kacey’s lips and resting his forehead against hers, “I love you.”

“I love you too... more than you will ever know.”
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