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Return to Emanon

Juno had lost everything in the Great War. Her loved ones? Gone. Her home? Ruined. Her career? Long forgotten. Her entire life? Completely and utterly destroyed. However, due to her high intelligence, she was given a very high-ranking job in the Core, or the new society that was built on the remnants of the United States. As an Agent of Change, Juno and her partner, Desmond, must research ways to save the war-torn Earth from its inevitable downfall, as more weapons are polluting the atmosphere whilst battles rage on in other countries.

The duo then discovers files left behind by a woman named Alder who died in the Great War. In these files, she reveals that she was, in fact, a vampire who was a citizen of the Lost Island of Emanon for centuries. She also explains just got to get to the hidden island. After presenting these files to the leader of the Core, the Headmaster, Juno and Desmond are given an airship to search for Emanon.

There, they find that the once-magical island has changed quite a bit over the many years. They meet the descendants of the now-legendary Aries of the Ulverwood, brothers Samuel and Cyrus, the latter of whom is the next Sangilatka. Cyrus explains that the island is dying due to the Outerworld's nuclear weapons. Though their relationship is very rocky, the two humans and the Mystics must come together to try to find a solution.