The Dark Secrets

the masks outsiders wear.

Chapter 3

Tiffany looked up startled, a young boy with short blond hair was staring at her intently, “what in the hell do you think you are doing in this room! This is my private library!

“shouldn’t you be attending your own birthday party downstairs” the boy smirked.
“Oh yes that's right your father hates you!” he smirked even wider. Tiffany looked at the boy with a great of contempt, who and why did this prick of a boy think he could go traipsing about her house and tell her what she could and could not be doing.

“I suppose you don’t know”

“know what that today is my birthday and I want nothing to do with anybody.”

“no, it's not that my dear, you see your lovely father and stepmother have decided, well they decided my marrying you would be perfect with for you, and I wanted to gaze eyes on betrothed. “

Tiffany Stropped dead in her tracks was this really happening right now, surely not she is after all only 12 years old 1 ½ month away from attending Hogwarts. She knew her parents, ok well one REAL
blood parent she had were both desperate to get back into good graces with the dark wizarding world. But to sell her off

She could feel the blood in her face slowly rushing out of her facial area.
She refused to show this boy vulnerability through, taking a closer look she noticed something she had not before.
“you're the Malfoy boy aren't you?”

“Well, well I am glad to know, you know of my family lines that very reassuring” he smirked widely to himself.
Well, I am returning to the party I just wanted to see what is and shall be mine.”

HIS Tiffany thought to herself she could feel the bile rising up in her throat as the door to HER library close shut. She had never felt so violated in her own home, at least her parents gave her space of her own.