Status: Weekly Updates

A Day at a Time


It's been two weeks since Gerald has left for tour. It was weird for Charlie, not having him show up randomly. Almost lonely.
Alex comes over Charlie's apartment more frequently, they've become good friends since she had moved in. Currently, they're hanging out on Charlie's bed, watching Friend's reruns.
"You should get a dog," Alex blurts out randomly. "Ross has a monkey, I have Jack who, let's face it, basically lives in my apartment - I can't get him to leave. It's too quiet here."
"You're my landlord, shouldn't you be happy I don't have any pets wrecking your property?"
On the other side of the planet is Gerald. He's playing his sixth show of the tour in Sweden, well he was supposed to. It's 2AM, his location, and he is currently sitting in a jailhouse making a long distance call to his lawyer. Charged with cocaine possession and assault. His show is long over, he never made it. Articles have already scattered the internet, photos of Gerald being escorted by officials.
It was no surprise to Charlie to see an article about the event while she scrolled through her phone. She knew the first time she saw him what kind of lifestyle he led. Charlie sends Gerald a quick text, mocking him: Handcuffs look good on you.
Later the next morning, Gerald had been released. He scrolls through his phone, sending tweets to his fans apologizing for missing his show and the incident. He stumbles upon Charlie's text, jumbled between everyone else he would have to answer to soon. He has five missed calls and two voicemails from his manager, Matt. There's not a doubt in his mind, he is in deep shit.
Putting everything aside, he opens Charlie's message, typing back: I bet they'd look better on you but nothing's better than when you're naked.
When Charlie receives the message she literally laughs out loud. Gerald, what a lady killer.
She types back: You have your phone already, shouldn't you be in custody?
To Charlie's surprise, she finds her phone vibrating a moment later. Gerald's name flashes across the screen and she excuses herself from the night shift to take the call.
"Gerald, why are you calling me?"
"Charlie, why are you giving me so much attitude? Aren't you glad I'm okay?" He feigns innocence.
"I never once doubted that you were alright. I can't lie though, I was hoping you'd be in a little trouble. You know what you're doing isn't right, for you or anyone around you."
She hears Gerald's tone change, "I didn't call you to be lectured."
"I didn't ask you to call. Why are you calling?" Charlie sighs into the phone.
"I'm avoiding all responsibility and I thought maybe I could talk to you. You know, you're so far from everything in my life. You're like a vacation."
"I don't want to be your vacation, Gerald. I have to go, I'm at work. Get your act together." Charlie hangs up the phone, not waiting for a response. She knows Gerald loves his lavish, reckless lifestyle and it doesn't really bother her, it's none of her business. What does bother her is how often he creeps his way into her life and makes it her business.
Sure, Charlie enjoys his company - maybe too much but she also wants to keep her distance. She likes the jokes and hell, even the sex was great but she has to draw a line somewhere. Gerald grumbles to himself after Charlie hangs up the phone, he glances at all of his missed notifications one last time before throwing the phone at the hotel room wall out of frustration. He leans back, laying on the bed and runs his hands over his face and through his hair before calling it quits and becoming comfortable for a nap.
Later that evening, Geralds intentions were even poorer than the previous night. He had no show to play and had completely ditched his crew. Already intoxicated, he stumbles his way into a club nearby to where he was staying. It's loud and busy, the air is warm and stagnant, suffocating to most but Gerald finds it comforting. Across the room, his eyes find a tall slender woman with long pin-straight brunette hair. Her clothes were revealing, as most in the building and Gerald was determined that he was leaving with her tonight. He moves to the bar, ordering a drink and leaves back against it as the bartender works. For a second the woman makes eye contact with him and Gerald smirks, raising his hand and pointing a finger towards her, curling it back towards him. He mouths, "You, come."
She does come, she's bashfully looking down at the floor when she finds herself beside's Gerald. He lifts her head up by the chin and smiles down at her, "What's your name?"
"Maddie," She smiles small, still looking anywhere else.
"I'm G."
"I know who you are," She squeaks out quietly. This only makes Gerald grin wider, he's in the mood to ruin some innocence tonight.
The next day Gerald wakes up to pounding, not only in his head but on the hotel door, as well. He groans and rolls over knocking into a body on his bed. He vaguely remembers bringing someone back last night. When he opens the door he's met with Matt, who looks very annoyed and keeps glancing at his phone.
Matt glances at Gerald and pushes past him into the room, completely ignoring the woman asleep on the bed.
"What do you want, Matt?" Gerald groans.
"You've been avoiding me and no matter how much I would like to discuss the recent events that have occurred, we are running late for an interview."
Matt glances towards the bed and rolls his eyes, seeing the woman awake and trying to cover herself.
He sighs strolling back to the door, "Please be ready to leave in a half an hour."