Status: Weekly Updates

A Day at a Time


Charlotte isn't doing very well lately. She had been to see her doctor multiple times in the past week per Charlie's request. She is complaining of a shocking pain running through her body with movement. Charlie has spent a few nights at her mother's house when she's able, worrying and making sure that Charlotte isn't overexerting herself. As a doctor herself, Charlie knows it will not get better but is hurt to see her mother in so much pain.
She helps her up in the morning, gets her moving, cooks for the both of them. Melissa has been visiting more frequently as well, obviously worried about her mother.
Charlotte's in the bathroom when Melissa comes up from behind Charlie and places her hand on her shoulder, "You look exhausted."
Charlie sighs, shoulders dropping, "We didn't sleep last night. She was in a lot of pain even after the medication so we tried physical therapy but it didn't do much..."
"You should go home, get some sleep. I can hang out with her today," Melissa offers.
Charlie opens her mouth to protest for only a moment before nodding, between work and the long night, Charlie is more than exhausted.
Before she leaves she hugs her mother goodbye and promises she will be back to visit before her shift tonight.
When she gets home she closes the curtains and strips down getting comfortable in her bed.
It's around noon when Charlie wakes up, there's a warm sensation behind her and stubble tickles her neck. She freezes, extremely uncomfortable and not expecting anyone to be over. When she gets the courage to turn around she faces Gerald and lets out a sigh, "How did you get in here?"
"The door was unlocked, you should really be careful. Wouldn't want any strange men sneaking in," He smiles at her, the one where his crow's feet come out of hiding.
"What are you doing here, shouldn't you be overseas?" She inquires letting her eyes fall closed again.
"I had to cancel my last two shows, my lawyer was able to get me a court date in the states," Gerald grimes a little thinking about the fans that he had let down but more-so dreading going to court.
Charlie just barely nods, falling back asleep.
When Gerald had gotten to Charlie's apartment sleeping was not his intention. Nonetheless, he curls up beside her and falls asleep.
At 2PM Charlies alarm sounds, waking her up from a peaceful slumber. She is quick to get out of bed, knowing she would be seeing her mother before she went to work. She looks at Gerald as she gets ready. When her alarm rang he hadn't even flinched. Charlie grabs his shoulder, shaking lightly. "Ger, wake up. I have to go."
He groans pulling away and burying his face into her pillow.
"Come on, I have to leave," Charlie pleads.
"I have an appointment in a few hours, I'll lock up behind me," Gerald mumbles with his face still in the pillow.
Charlie would argue if she had the time but instead she agrees and reminds him he does not live here.
While Charlie is out, Gerald is getting ready to leave and meet his lawyer and his manager in preparation of his court date.
Gerald is a cocky bastard, he know's he's not going to jail and he knows he would get out of the situation with little difficulty. He laughs to himself when he hears his lawyers defense, sure it's his job to get him out of situations such as this but he had not expected him to make excuses for his behavior. He couldn't even imagine how someone would have an excuse for a situation as this.
His lawyer, Mike, turns to him and narrows his eyes at the sound of Gerald's chuckle, "I hope you know you're getting off easy. If you didn't have money this could've been a lot worse."
He rolls his eyes, "So what, I have to pay a fine?"
"Right now, they're asking $50,000. We have a court date next week to discuss this. If you plead guilty we may be able to get this amount down. If you plead not guilty and are found guilty, you may be facing jail time."