Status: Weekly Updates

A Day at a Time


A week had passed since Gerald made an appearance at Charlie's apartment. She hadn't had much time to think about it, though. Deep into overtime at the hospital and spending almost every waking hour at her mom's home, she really hadn't had a chance. She missed her free time, craving to go back home and lounge on the porch, watching the sunset over the river.

Charlie had been invited to the bar with Jack and Alex tonight. So she pushes her exhaustion to the side and gets ready in black strappy heels with a black dress much too small for anyone respectable.

She smiles as she approaches them both, sitting at the bar. Jack grins at her greeting her playfully, "Ay, mami." Charlie shrugs her shoulders and gives them a quick spin while Alex whistles at her. They laugh as she takes a seat beside them, "Sorry I'm late, what have I missed?" Charlie inquires.

"You haven't missed anything, Jack here was just telling me about his infected toe-nail," Alex giggles and sticks her tongue out, mock gagging. Jack frowns and punches her shoulder lightly whining that she can't keep a secret.

Charlie frowns, wrinkling her nose, "Seriously, dude. Get that shit checked out. I'm a fucking doctor, you should have told me."

He tilts his head, "You weren't supposed to know, this is embarrassing guys, stop. It's getting better I swear. I need another drink, you want anything?" Jack stands up, about to walk around the counter when Alex grabs his arm, "Hey, we're not working tonight. Sit the fuck down."

She shouts to her employee at the other end of the bar, cleaning a table, "Hey Katie, get us some drinks, yeah?"

The girl looks over and smiles, making her way back behind the bar, "What can I get for my favorite customers?"

Alex rolls her eyes in return, jokingly, "Stop kissing ass. I can't fire you, you're the only one willing to work Saturdays."

Katie prepares the groups drinks while Charlie politely declines. Something in the corner of the room catches her eye, "Hey, you guys have karaoke?"

Alex's eyes brighten, while Jacks widen. "Oh my god, yes! We have to get Jack up there, he's the worst." Behind Alex, Jack is shaking his head and dragging his hand across his neck in a slicing motion. He drops his hand, head falling to the side and eyes closing.

Charlie giggles and whines, "Come on Jack, do it for me!"

He rolls his eyes and downs his drink, "Fine but I pick the song."

A moment later, Jack is on the small stage in the back dimly lite corner. He taps on the mic causing a loud shrieking noise and everyone who was previously drinking or engaging in conversation looks over, he smiles at the crowd, "Hello, is this thing on? Listen, I'm only doing this once so pay attention. This one is for you Char."

Girls Just Want to Have Fun begins playing and Jack begins swaying along to the rhythm before he is belching out lyrics. Charlie laughs along with Alex and they dance to butchered music.

Halfway through the song, there's a presence that Charlie can feel behind her. When she turns around she is met with a man around her age, perhaps a little older. He is tall and defined with longer blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She's taken back for a moment, mesmerized by the color, until he smiles a toothy smile. He has a face you could look at all day, and she takes it in. After an awkward moment of Charlie gawking a the man, he begins to speak, "Hey, I'm Luke. I saw you having fun over here and I was hoping to join if that's not a problem."

She nods quickly, unable to think of words and he chuckles at her, "What's your name, sweetheart?"

Charlie snaps out of her embarrassing trance, and quickly shakes her head, raising her hand to meet his, "I'm sorry, how rude. I'm Charlie." Her hand lingers in his for a moment longer than a normal handshake and she pulls away quickly. "Would you like to dance?"

And that's how Charlie ended up in her current predicament. Luke is in her bed and Gerald is outside of her door. There stands Charlie, very disheveled in the hallway, wearing only Luke's t-shirt reaching past her knees.

"Are you with someone right now?" Gerald inquires, his eye's squint at her accusingly. Charlie is standing in front of her door acting as a blockade, keeping Gerald from doing as he always does, barging in.

"What do you think?" Charlie narrows her eyes, back at him. Pointing to her outfit and tangled hair that only moments ago was wrapped and tugged by Luke's dominating hands.

"Why are you here, what is so important?" She sighs, impatiently.

Gerald rolls his eyes, backing away from her slightly, "I didn't think you'd be fucking someone. It wasn't a problem when I just showed up before."

"I don't have time for this, Gerald. I'll call you tomorrow, OK?"

"Don't bother," He huffs, turning his back and leaving.