Status: Weekly Updates

A Day at a Time


"No. No plans tonight," Gerald admits before a sly smile forms on his lips, "Hoping you would keep me busy."

Charlie laughs, getting up from her spot on the couch and ruffling Gerald's hair, "No thanks, buddy."

She makes her way into the kitchen, starting a pot of coffee. "I hate to disappoint but I could really use a quiet night inside."

A minute of silence passes between the two of them and Charlie is left in her head wondering if he's going to leave but when she turns around she sees that Gerald is taking his shoes off and has made himself comfortable in her bed. He has the television remote in his hand and is browsing through channels.

"Oh, stop right there!" Charlie commands as Gerald scrolls through a list of programs.


"Gilmore Girl's is having a marathon!" She announces excitedly followed by a groan from Gerald.

"You have to be kidding."

Charlie shakes her head, grabbing her cup of coffee and offering one to Gerald, "No way. I pick the show. You could always leave, you know?"

"You're awful," Gerald narrows his eyes at her, "Maybe I will leave..."

"Goodbye, then," Charlie says sweet and sarcastic as she plops into her bed beside him, getting comfortable under the blankets and comforter. "If you are going to stay then please get under here with me."

Charlie tugs the blankets beneath Gerald and he adjusts himself so they can slide out. Once she has a grasp on the blankets she throws them over his body.

"I wouldn't do this with just anyone, yadadamean?" Gerald asks, rolling to his side to look at Charlie as Gilmore Girls plays quietly in the background.

"Excuse me?" Charlie questions, turning to face him.

"It's no secret that I'm seeing other people. It's just like, I like you. I'm not going to lie and say that I'm going to stop fucking around but I like this. I like being here with you."

Charlie smiles because in a weird way she knows that this is some big deal to him. Something unlike what he would normally do with a woman. Never had she expected herself to be in the situation she is now. She had not come back to look for a man or friends. She had come back to care for her mother but along the way found something here she never thought she would, home.

Now, maybe this isn't Charlie's ideal home but just maybe home is a person - or in this case people - and not a place.

Sure, Gerald wasn't the ideal man for her, being someone of an alcoholic and scared of commitment but sometimes, like now, the good outweighs the bad. Charlie really liked his good.

"You terrify me," Charlie breathes but when she looks back towards him she sees his eyes closed and lips parted, sleeping peacefully. Charlie's lips twitch up slightly at the sight and she takes one last sip of her coffee before stepping out on the balcony for a breath of fresh air.

A moment later, Charlie turns hearing footsteps behind her. Gerald is standing in the doorway, half-alive holding her phone towards her. She can see it vibrating in his palm and takes it from his hand. He makes his way over to the chaise, still covered with a couple of blankets since their last encounter there, and has a seat.

When Charlie answers the phone she is surprised at Melissa's tone, "Charlie, it's about mom... Please meet me at the hospital now." And before Charlie even has a chance to form a coherent thought about all of the things that could possibly be wrong, she has her shoes in her hands.

Gerald follows behind her closely, slipping on his shoes sloppily. He's still waking up and stumbling slightly to keep up with her. He reaches out to grab her arm as she nears the doorway, "Hey, hey. What's going on? Slow down."

Charlie turns around and Gerald can see tears lining her eyes, threatening to spill. He tries to pull her to his chest but she does not allow it, pulling away to continue out of the apartment.

"I have to go, Gerald. My mom is in the hospital."

What he says next surprises Charlie, something he's getting good at. "I'll call an Uber, I'm coming with you."

From the car ride to the waiting room Charlie was tense, leg bouncing and nail-biting. Charlie currently sits in the waiting room between Gerald and Melissa while her very own co-workers work diligently on her mother's health. Gerald watch's as she chews her nails raw, he pulls her hand from her face and wraps an arm around her, stroking her arm comfortingly.

Minutes later, which feels quite like hours, Jules makes her way into the waiting area joined by a fellow ER doctor. Charlie stands at the sight of them, eager to know what is happening and hoping to do anything to make her feel that she's helping. Jules hugs her tightly before Dr. Beaumont begins talking.

The words he is saying seem to swirl around Charlie's head and she feels as if she is going to pass out. Nothing is good news. He tells Charlie that they can visit with their mother whenever they feel ready and he leaves with Jules, giving them space.

Melissa looks at Charlie expectantly, not exactly understanding the words the doctor had been saying.

"It's not good, Mel. Mom had a stroke. She's having trouble talking, her memory is lacking and they don't think she'll be able to walk again, although she wasn't doing much of that to begin with," Charlie sighs. There it is again, the tears threatening to fall, except now they do because Charlie knows she's nearing her end and she feels like she had failed her.

"Go see your mom, I'll be here, yee?" Gerald directs her, softly putting a hand on her back and pushing her towards Melissa who begins to walk towards the rooms.