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Twenty Two

Charlottes passing had left a mess behind for her daughters to straighten out, beginning with the bank foreclosing their mothers home. There's paperwork to be sorted out and her home must be emptied by the end of the week. Although neither could bear the thought of their house becoming someone else's, it was inevitable, the both knew. What they had not expected was their father to be comfortable in their mothers house packing his own boxes when they arrived.

Charlie had snagged a ride with Melissa after they met for breakfast at her cafe earlier in the morning. Over coffee and muffins, the sisters chatted about Charlie's plans now that their mother had passed. Originally, Charlie wasn't sure how long she would be in town for. She had only cared to visit with her mother and ensure she received the appropriate treatment. Worrying for her mother, she hadn't thought about what was next for her. She could go back to Stowe but she isn't exactly sure what's there for her anymore. While she had only left a few months ago all she would really be returning to is a job that for all she knows, may not still be available.

Discussing her future endeavors with Melissa is eye opening. She currently has no ties anywhere being that leaving San Fransisco would only mean leaving a couple new but good friends, her sister, and a temporary job.

"I guess I have some research to do," Charlie sighs as Melissa turns into their mothers driveway. To their surprise there are already two cars parked in the driveway and the front door is left open.

"I think that's Aunt Janes car," Melissa says as they make their way to the front door.

"I thought I heard something," Their aunt greets with a warm smile, meeting them before the doorway. Both women hug their aunt briefly and when they look again her warm smile has been replaced with a look of unease.

"I'm sorry girls, I had to bring him. Your mother has left quite a bit to him in the will," their aunt Jane apologizes. Immediately Charlie and Melissa know who she is speaking of. They share a look, less of anger and more of annoyance. When will this guy just go?

"That will was over 30 years old, she owes him nothing," Charlie huffs.

"I know, dear. But these things are just that - things. What's important is that he leaves and he leaves you girls alone and your mother to rest in peace," Jane reasons.

Charlie passes her aunt who finally steps aside to let the pair in. Looking around the living room, she takes in the empty walls, missing all of the items that have been boxed. The room is barren, the only items left are the couches besides two towers of boxes, all labeled with names neatly written by Jane.

The sisters make their way to the second bedroom, which they had shared together. Their mother had kept the room the same even after all these years. Pink walls with two twin beds sit on either side of the window. Under the window is shelving full of family pictures, CD's, and knickknacks. There are two dressers against the walls that have since been emptied and posters hang above each bed.

A red stain hides between the bed and the shelf reminding Charlie of the time Melissa had spilt nail polish when she was only eight. She remembers her father screaming at them, he had come to tuck the sisters in for bed and even then Charlie could smell the alcohol on his breath when he kissed her goodnight. She recalls that he had stepped in the puddle and that's when he lost his temper, flicking in the lights to reveal the red liquid in the ground, he immediately began to scream at the girls, telling them that they are disrespectful, ungrateful children. He left the room briefly slamming every door behind him and came back with a rag and cleaner, roughly tossing it at her sister. He had grabbed her arm, pulling her to the puddle and pointed at the stain for her to clean. Melissa had a bruise on her arm for weeks. Charlie remembers her mom crying in the doorway, pleading their father to calm down.

"I don't want anything," Charlie states, turning to leave.

Melissa reaches out and places a hand on her shoulder, "What about moms ring? It's here somewhere. She wanted you to have it."

Charlie shakes her head, "I don't want anything reminding me of how we grew up. I certainly don't want the ring he gave her. I'll wait in the car."

An hour of scrolling mindlessly through social media passes by before Melissa comes back to the car. She places a few boxes in the back seat before buckling in the drivers side.

"He was in moms room, just going through all of her belongings," Melissa grimaces. Charlie doesn't respond although she is mad that he is invading their mothers belongings. She's decided to wait him out, there's nothing she can do so she's going to avoid him until he leaves. She just wishes her mom had revised her will.

"He wants to have dinner with us. He asked that we meet him Friday night at 6. That place on the corner of Market Street we use to visit as kids," she continues as she pulls out of the driveway, heading back to Charlie's apartment.

"There's no way," Charlie deadpans.

"I think I'm going to go."

"What?" Charlie asks, hoping she's misheard her sister. She physically turns a bit in her seat so she can look at her.

"He has a family now. What if he's changed? What if we can finally have a relationship with our dad?"

"Are you out of your mind?" Charlie questions, bewildered. "He's the reason we weren't a family and if he didn't do enough damage there, he just up and left us!"

"I just," Melissa sighs, "I think I need this."

"Listen, I love you but I can't be there."
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