Status: Weekly Updates

A Day at a Time


Charlie Dae cannot believe how she gets into these situations. She closes her eyes tightly, hiding from the reality that when she turns over she'll be face to face with a snoring Gerald.
She questions what she was thinking when she took him home. No, nothing happened last night. Not that Gerald didn't try, who would he be if he didn't?
He was feeling confident when he stumbled into Charlies apartment last evening but every move he made Charlie blew off. At one point, she recalls that he whined, "Why did we come here if we're not going to do it?" She laughed, "You're drunk Gerald, you probably can't even get it up."
He fell onto her bed, pulling her down on top of him, "Do you know how many women I have had sex with. I have no issues in bed, baby."
"I'm not having sex with you," Charlie spat in his face, rolling off of him.
She is grateful now that she has to leave for work. She could use a break from Gerald, feeling like she has seen enough of him and they had just met.
Charlie hesitates before leaving, taking another look at the man in her bed. She worried about leaving him but figured that he at least wouldn't steal anything while she's gone.
Halfway through Charlie's shift, she receives a text message from Gerald, whom she assumes had just woken up.
"Should I wait up?"
She rolled her eyes, he's pretty fucking needy. "No thanks."
Not even a minute later she receives a phone call,
"Hey, what's with the attitude? I'm just trying to be nice, you know?"
"No attitude, Gerald. I'm at work and I don't need you to hang around, don't you have something to do?"
"I don't have any studio time booked today. I thought we could chill."
"I work until four."
"Great, I'll see you at five," Gerald stated, hanging up the phone before Charlie could respond.
She sighed, rolling her eyes. Jules chuckled from beside her, overhearing half of the conversation, "It looks like your making friends."
Charlie shrugged, "I don't know about this one."
She was grateful to come home to an empty apartment. The door had been left unlocked and the bed was in disarray with Gerald's leather jacket draped over the bed frame. But it was quiet and the sun was shining into the room from the balcony, all she wanted to do was crash.
Charlie changed out of her scrubs into leggings and a loose t-shirt, she knew that Gerald was coming back soon and he wanted to do something but she just didn't care, her balcony was calling her. The most beautiful part of moving back to San Fransico is the sun and all she wanted to do was lay out in it.
Gerald came through a little after five. Charlie had been napping, laid out on her outdoor chaise. He made a point to open and close both the apartment door and balcony door rather loudly, stomping over to Charlie.
"I know you're here, you can be quiet." She groaned looking up at him, "Can't get enough of me?"
"I just thought it would be nice to have a doctor around, you know? Keep me and the boys out of trouble," he replied with a cocky smile, moving to sit beside her on the lounge by pushing her aside with his body.
"You are the trouble, Gerald. And I'm not going to be your babysitter." Charlie asserted, leaning forward and moving slightly over.