The late king, Indiragupta is killed and Bhuvaneshwar takes over the kingdom. Indiragupta's pregnant wife Avantika runs away before Bhuvaneshwar can get his hands on her. She joins the Shanis, a tribe of assassins, and soon takes over the tribe to become their chief. She gives birth to her son Rudra who falls in love with Bhuvaneshwar's daughter, the future queen of the kingdom, Devi. Bhuvaneshwar is blackmailed so that Rudra is allowed to participate in the Swayamvar to be held for Devi. Meanwhile, Praachi, a Shani girl, has a strong crush on Rudra and is willing to go to great heights to make him her husband. She joins hands with Bhuvaneshwar and together they plot a plan against Rudra and Avantika such that both of them get what they want. However, all obstacles are crossed and Rudra marries Devi. Just when everyone thinks that there will be a happy ending, Bhuvaneshwar reveals the truth of Indiragupta's death to Avantika. The truth breaks Avantika and she pleads Bhuvaneshwar to not reveal it to her son. Bhuvaneshwar begins to use Avantika as a pawn in his game amidst the chaos.