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All I Need Is to See Your Face


“Cherry! Psst!”

The redhead tried desperately to ignore the tugging threatening the corners of her mouth, knowing damn well that smiling would only encourage her boyfriend to be more of an idiot than usual. The couple had a rule; Stiles could only say five dumb things a day, and if he exceeded his limit, then he owed Cherry a date the following weekend.

Refocusing her attention to the chemistry equations being written across the blackboard in a penmanship that can only be described as chicken scratch, Cherry found that she easily succumbed to her smile when a folded piece of paper landed on her desk. Shaking her head in amusement, Cherry glanced to her left, rolling her eyes jokingly when the amber eyed boy beside her offered her a wink.

Ensuring that their teacher was still struggling with the worn down chalk, Cherry gently unfolded the piece of paper, not wanting to accidentally rip it. Smiling at the sight of Stiles handwriting, Cherry read the words etched onto the paper with a messy black ink once, twice, three times before her brain finally absorbed the information.

Annie’s having a party this Friday, bee my date?

Cherry studied the curves of Stiles’ words, noticing there was a tiny doodle of a bee after the question mark. How Stiles managed to be a fool on paper, she would never quite grasp. Grinning, chemistry notes forgotten, Cherry quickly wrote a reply.

since when were you and Scott popular enough for a party?

Folding the paper, Cherry turned in her seat a little to flick the paper, almost expertly, back to Stiles; who was toying with the cap of his pen between his teeth, because of course he was. Watching as the dark haired boy jumped a little bit when the paper landed onto his open notebook, Cherry smiled fondly, pulling her notebook back once more, not wanting to fall behind on writing. Education was important, and the point had been emphasized continuously throughout her life.

Her concentration didn’t last long, though, when the piece of paper was flung back onto her desk just moments later. Tutting quietly in a feigned annoyance, she reached to grab hold of the note, her eyes skimming over Stiles’ reply, and despite her best efforts, Cherry’s giggle burst forth, instantly disguised with a cough from beside her. Even when he acted like a complete idiot, Stiles always had her back.

well babe, you definitely scored us a few cool points.

Cherry tucked her red hair behind her ear carefully, tapping her pen against the notepad, earning a soft, barely audible thud each time. Grinning as she thought of a quick reply, Cherry, handwriting a little neater, cared for, scribbled her retaliation with a smirk.

you’re welcome, by the way.

Throwing the note carefully back to Stiles, who’s own concentration seemed to be slipping, Cherry brought her index finger to her lips to indicate for him to be quiet, to leave her to fail Chemistry in peace, and turning to the blackboard once more, Cherry quickly jotted down the equations she had to memorise for next week’s practical.

But god damn it, Stiles Stilinski didn’t know when to shut up, and Cherry knew she could never allow herself to be annoyed, or angry, with the impulsive boy. Hell, even their first kiss was on a complete whim; why would anything else follow a strict script? Picking up the paper as it was flung back a few moments after, Cherry unfolded it and smiled softly with the words written by her better half.

i love you

He’d always been the first to say it. Cherry smiled with the memory of the first ever time; how Stiles hadn’t even realised that the words had burst forth as he maneuvered his old, blue Jeep down the street which Cherry was staying. Cherry was sure that her whole body was just about ready to burst into flames with the heat that had risen to her cheeks, and she remembered, quite vividly, how she thanked the clouds for covering the moon so Stiles couldn’t see the wide grin that had resided on her cheeks. Since that night, it hadn’t really left.

chemistry is important, Stiles

Scribbling her reply, a little faster, a little more urgently now, Cherry turned to flick the folded note back to Stiles’ desk, only to see the idiot had made a goal of sorts with his fingers. Rolling her eyes once more, Cherry smirked as she carefully aligned the paper, flicking it through the space Stiles had created for their little game. “Goal!” Cherry whispered, pumping her fist happily.

Stiles shook his head and grinned, and Cherry decided that all thoughts of Chemistry weren’t that important anyway, but still, she had a facade to keep up, so she faced the front, seeing that their teacher was beginning to rub things off the blackboard. Cherry made a mental note to ask Allison if she could borrow her notes later.

Being pulled from her thoughts with the folded piece of paper launching to her desk, Cherry officially resigned from Chemistry - when would she ever use it anyway? - to focus entirely on entertaining Stiles, and unfolding the paper, Cherry read over his words.

babe, we can make some chemistry of our own… so is that a yes?

Rolling her eyes playfully as she glanced over to Stiles, Cherry shook her head in amusement. Picking up her pen to reply, Cherry was disturbed by the looming shadow of their teacher, stood between their desks with his arms folded across his chest.

“Miss Blanchard, Mr Stilinski, whatever it is that is so important, I’m sure it can wait until I dismiss the class.” He took the paper from the desk, scrunching it into a ball as his firm gaze landed on the pair. “This practical is vital to your grade, I recommend paying attention.”

And as he walked away, Cherry’s eyes followed his movement as he threw the scrunched up paper into the trash can by his desk, and she could swear, for a moment that ended too quickly for her to be certain, that she saw Stiles’ shoulders slump in defeat as he returned to his notes.
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