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All I Need Is to See Your Face


Cherry slammed her locker shut with a force that caused Scott McCall to jump beside her. Offering the boy an apologetic smile, Cherry ran a hand through her hair in defeat.

“I’m guessing your Mom said no?” Scott supplied gently, running a hand through his dishevelled hair, boyish brown eyes scanning his locker for his English textbook.

“Bingo,” Cherry exhaled heavily, hitching her bag further up her shoulder, tucking a stray strand of red hair behind her ear, waiting patiently for Scott.

Complaining about a parent was completely typical of people her age, but Cherry felt as though she had a good reason. “There’s a full moon next week, so guess who has to train?” Cherry scowled. “I’ve spent my whole damn life training, Scott, why can’t she just let me be normal?”

Scott lifted his shoulders into a sympathetic shrug. “It sucks, Cher.” Scott paused for a long moment, rubbing at the back of his neck. “I’m guessing Cassie can’t go either?”

Cherry offered the werewolf a small smile, knowing he harboured a heart full of adoration for her sister, grateful that she’d found someone who loved her. “Sorry, Scott. If it’s a no for me, it’s a hard no for her. We are twins, after all.”

Scott’s eyebrows furrowed with the additional piece of information. “But… you don’t look the same.”

Cherry blinked in surprise, opening her mouth to speak, pausing only when she felt a pair of arms snake around her middle, and the feeling that washed over her, the familiar feeling of belonging, the feeling of home, made Cherry relax back into Stiles’ embrace. “Stiles,” Cherry giggled when she felt her boyfriend’s lips against the side of her neck. “Did you know that your best friend is on another level of stupid?”

“I had a suspicion,” Stiles confirmed, his words muffled against Cherry’s skin, amusement still evident in his voice. “That’s why he needs me to guide him, he’d be lost without me.” Stiles teased. “God, I missed you. I hated not hearing your voice.”

Scott watched the pair with a small smile, shaking his head in amusement. “I’ll see you in English, Cherry.” He lifted a departing hand, walking away from the couple.

As Cherry watched Scott walk away, she lifted herself from Stiles’ chest, turning in his arms to face him, to offer him a smile which broadened involuntarily at the sight of him. “I missed you too.” The redhead murmured softly, lifting a hand to gently cup Stiles’ face; her thumb gently running along the apple of his cheek, the other hand securing her textbook against her chest. “I uh, I talked to my Mom.” She toyed with her lower lip, her smile falling.

Stiles was oblivious to many things, but he was always quick to catch on, and he could sense Cherry’s disappointment just by the way she moved. It was crazy, how quickly he had become acquainted with the littlest details that completed her. Squeezing around Cherry gently, tugging her closer, Stiles lifted a brow in curiosity. “What’d she say?” And as hopeful as he’d been, he knew that the heads of the Blanchard household didn’t like him very much. Stiles knew that they thought their daughter could do so much better than him.

And sometimes, he agreed. But he was so incredibly lucky to receive the affection of someone so incredible, and when it came to Cherry, the way she kissed him, the way she held him close on the nights she stayed over at his house; face buried into his shoulder as she slept soundly in his arms, the way she looked wearing one of his t-shirts, the way she loved him endlessly; Stiles allowed himself to be selfish. With the thought, Stiles turned his head to press a sweet, quick kiss to Cherry’s palm.

“Well,” Cherry started, her smile faltering once more. “My heart says yes, but my Mom said no. I’m sorry, babe.” Cherry moved her hand to adjust her textbook in her arms, holding the book, containing over 246 pages of nonsense, to her chest. “Maybe next time?” And Cherry wished, more than anything, that she could attend the party, to take one night to be a teenager that got drunk underage, that ran wild instead of spending time chained to the family legacy that she and her twin were destined to uphold.

A teenager should have a bottle of Jack Daniels in her hand, not an assault rifle with bullets laced with Wolfsbane, surrounded by friends rather than ruthless strangers with some strange bloodlust for a creature that was featured more in fairytales than day to day conversations. And although Cherry was grateful to have a family who loved her, she still wished, only sometimes, that she had some normality. The kind that Stiles provided.

Stiles blinked once, twice, processing his girlfriend’s words, mouth slightly ajar as he tried to think of a response. He tried his hardest not to look so crestfallen; but he knew that Cherry knew him better than that. She could read him like a book, and he loved it. Still, he put a smile on his face, knowing his voice would give him away. “Next time, baby.” Stiles promised, leaning to press his lips to Cherry’s forehead, lingering for a moment, squeezing around her once more. “It won’t be fun without you, though.”

Cherry rolled her eyes jokingly, watching Stiles closely, but still adoring the way he squeezed around her, his arms providing her with a safe space she could retreat to whenever she needed. Listening to him carefully, she knew he was disappointed, the lack of enthusiasm spoke louder than his words ever could. “You’ll still have fun, Stiles. What did you and Scott do before we came rolling into town?” Cherry teased gently, pressing a sweet kiss to her boyfriend’s lips. “Go, have fun! Drink beer. Be a guy. Talk about boobs.”

Stiles laughed, unable to push the noise back down before it had escaped his lips, but what the amber eyed boy had failed to notice was the look of awe that settled upon Cherry’s face. The look that everyone wanted to experience at least once in their lifetime. “We weren’t cool enough to get invited to parties,” he grinned. “We’re cool by association. And besides, I only wanna see, or talk about, your boobs, Cher.” Stiles teased, pressing another kiss to her lips, their foreheads meeting as Stiles took the moment to enjoy the moment.

“Stiles Stilinski!” Cherry laughed, resting a hand at the back of Stiles’ neck, pressing another kiss to his lips. “Is that really what you think about?” She teased, murmuring the words against his lips, and when he smiled, Cherry could feel the movement, and it lifted her heart more than she could ever explain. Stiles deserved happiness.

“Not always,” Stiles grinned, pressing a kiss to Cherry’s lips once more, laughing as he pulled away. “Sometimes I think about seeing your boobs, too.”

“Stiles, you are the worst.” And that was the biggest lie Cherry was sure she’d ever told.
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