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All I Need Is to See Your Face


Cherry toyed with the pendant of her necklace - a crescent moon - between her thumb and forefinger, her eyes scanning over the sentence she had been re-reading for the past half an hour. She was unsure of whether or not it was too late to focus, or whether or not she missed Stiles too much, but it was coming close to the witching hour and Cherry was ready to call it a night.

Dropping the book into her lap, Cherry stretched her arms above her head, letting out a small sound of satisfaction as she did. The hours leading to two thirty had seemed to go so slowly without Stiles to keep her occupied, but Cherry hoped, more than anything, that he’d enjoyed himself at Annie’s party. She wondered, for a moment that felt far too long to be considered a moment, if the party had come to a head, and if Stiles was sober enough to drive to the home which the Blanchard’s occupied, even if it was only temporary.

Discarding the book to the empty side of her bed, Cherry shifted, climbing off the bed and grabbing a hair tie from the bedside table, illuminated by the lamp Stiles had bought her. Tying her hair back into something resembling a ponytail, Cherry approached her wardrobe with light footsteps, humming a tune she’d heard in Stiles’ Jeep a few days beforehand. Opening the doors with a gentle exhale of breath, Cherry searched for one of the many hoodies she’d stolen from her boyfriend’s collection.

This one was a particular favourite. It was grey, oversized on the both of them, and it had a faint trace of his cologne embedded into the soft material. When Cherry needed comfort, to feel a little less alone, she found that, outside of Stiles’ arms, something as insignificant to the rest of the world, some flimsy, overworn hoodie, provided that.

Hearing her phone vibrate against the bedside table, Cherry paused her movements, hope igniting in her chest like a flame. Treading lightly back to her bedside, Cherry held her breath a little as she brought her phone to life with a gentle tap with the pad of her thumb. Smiling as she saw Stiles’ name imprinted onto the dim backlight of the device, Cherry unlocked her phone with a quick swipe, quick to reach the messaging app.

Stiles ♥: Cherry… hey… you awake, baby? 02:36

Cherry smiled to herself, toying with her lip as she felt that flame spread to every cell, every atom that resided within her. It was still a little overwhelming at times, how Stiles caused her to feel a happiness she’d never felt before. It reaffirmed to Cherry that Stiles was what she’d been missing all her life, and the anger she felt towards the Argent’s when they’d first settled in Beacon Hills had evaporated, replaced with something that was similar to gratitude, but not quite.

Stiles ♥: I can see your lamp on, so, you know, holding onto hope here. 02:37

Cherry laughed to herself, looking to the lamp that Stiles had gifted her. It resembled the moon, and the illumination it provided was brilliant. Cherry had been prone to night terrors, and the light that came with Stiles’ gift had always been there to chase each one back to the shadows. Toying with her lip at the thought, Cherry began to type quickly, her thumbs expertly tapping at the keys of the phone.

Wife: I’m awake… just in time too, I was about to head to bed. Missed you. Why aren’t you at the party? You better not be driving drunk, I’ll kill you before the collision ever does. 02:38

Stiles’ eyes read over Cherry’s text once, twice, three times, his smile broadening the more he read her words. Before Cherry came along, Stiles didn’t care what happened to him, and all at once, the moment he laid eyes on her, he felt colour returning to his world. He still believed, firmly, that Cherry gave his life meaning again. Rubbing at his jaw, Stiles quickly thought of a reply, texting back effortlessly, bouncing his knee impatiently as he did.

Stiles ♥: Duly noted. I missed you too! But you’ll be happy to know, I’m completely stationary. And sober. Look out of your window. 02:38

Cherry’s eyebrows furrowed together as she studied Stiles’ text. Keeping a firm grip on her phone, Cherry climbed onto her bed, opening her window as quietly as she could - her parents’ bedroom to her left, Cassie’s to her right. Smiling as the cool air of the late night caused goosebumps to raise against the pale skin of her arms, Cherry arched an amused brow as she saw Stiles’ Jeep, parked outside the driveway.

Stiles ♥: You coming? You look beautiful, by the way. 02:39

Cherry smiled as she glanced at her phone, quickly typing out a reply as she closed her window.

Wife: Give me five minutes? 02:40

Stiles peeled his eyes away from Cherry’s window reluctantly - God, he felt so happy to see her, giddy that he had time to spend with her. He’d only spent an hour at the party, deciding that it was completely unbearable without her, but getting around Sheriff Noah Stilinski was no easy task. Perhaps if Stiles had been smarter about it, he could of picked Cherry up earlier. But that didn’t matter, he was here now, and she said yes to joining him on a late night rendezvous.

Stiles ♥: Eagerly waiting. Xoxo, Gossip Girl 02:41

Cherry snorted with laughter, not bothering to entertain her favourite idiot with a reply. Still, she moved quickly, careful of her footsteps as she approached the wardrobe once more, grabbing the hoodie she had searched for and slipping it over her shoulders. Leggings weren’t quite appropriate for the cold weather, but there was no time to be wasted. Finding her Vans, Cherry slipped her phone into the pocket of the hoodie, tugging open her bedroom door quietly, squeezing through the small gap she allowed for herself.

Shutting the door quietly, Cherry exhaled an anxious breath, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she tiptoed down the stairs. Grabbing the spare key to the front door, placed conveniently on top of the door frame - a location, according to the patriarch of the Blanchard household, too obvious to figure out. Cherry turned the key in the lock, thanking every higher power to exist that she didn’t trip some stupid alarm or make too much of a noise.

Slipping out of the front door, almost expertly, Cherry pumped a fist of victory as she made her lucky escape. Grateful for the warmth Stiles’ hoodie provided, Cherry quickly made her way down the driveway, smiling when she saw Stiles, leaning against his Jeep. “Well, well, Gossip Girl.” Cherry teased, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Look at you, all suave and such.”

Stiles laughed, rolling his eyes with a grin. “I’m always suave.” He winked, pressing a kiss to Cherry’s forehead. “You always look so beautiful in that hoodie, you know that?” He murmured, his arms wrapping around her waist without a second thought as he reached to press a kiss to her lips. “Ready for the best night of your life?”

“That’s a bold claim,” Cherry giggled into Stiles’ lips, pressing another kiss to his lips, the gesture a second nature to her. “But,” Cherry pulled away from Stiles reluctantly, grinning up at him as his hands fell from her sides, opting to take his hands within her own. “I’m ready. What’s the plan?”

Stiles grinned with Cherry’s question. “Well, my love, I decided. If you couldn’t come to the party, then the party will come to you.” And Stiles looked triumphed with his words, as if he’d taken all night to think of the perfect thing to say. It wouldn’t surprise Cherry if Stiles had decided on his words long before he came to pick her up.

Cherry, despite herself, giggled, shaking her head in a feigned despair. “Stiiiiiles…” She groaned jokingly, her voice full of adoration for the boy who had constellations etched into his skin in the form of freckles. “Did you even go to Annie’s party?”

Stiles paused for a long moment, opting instead to squeeze Cherry’s hands gently, running his thumbs over her knuckles, gently pulling her closer, leading her to him. “I stayed for like,” Stiles lifted his shoulders into a shrug. “An hour? Maybe?”

Cherry obediently followed Stiles’ lead, stepping closer to him as she watched him, raising her eyebrows, silently urging him to continue.

“Getting past my Dad was a total nightmare,” Stiles continued, offering Cherry a bashful smile. “So I guess that’s why I’m a little late.”

“A little late?” Cherry grinned, biting her lip to stop her smile from broadening.

“Shut up.” Stiles rolled his eyes jokingly. “Having a Sheriff for a Dad? It’s difficult. Anyway, your carriage awaits, my lady.” And with his words, Stiles tapped the hood of his faithful old Jeep, almost cringing at how ready the old thing was to fall apart with more than a fistful of pressure. Walking around the vehicle, Stiles opened the passenger side door, offering the redhead his hand.

Cherry laughed, ducking her head slightly as her cheeks began to glow, but without hesitation, she placed her hand within Stiles’, and feeling his hand clasp hers gently, Cherry felt her confidence grow, because he loved her, unapologetically, for who she was. “God, I love you.” She murmured, kissing his cheek as she approached, climbing into the Jeep.

Stiles offered Cherry’s hand a gentle squeeze as he helped her into the vehicle, the kiss she’d pressed to his cheek burning against his skin, in the best way. “I don’t think God can hear you, Cher,” Stiles teased, reaching to buckle her belt. “But that’s okay. Because I can hear you.” He reached to press a sweet peck to her lips. “Don’t move, wait there,” he winked, moving to shut the door.

“You strapped me in pretty tight, don’t think I can move, even if I tried.” Cherry teased as Stiles climbed in.

Jogging over to the driver’s seat, Stiles climbed in and shut his door, buckling his own belt as he readjusted the rear view mirror. “Safety first!” Stiles grinned with pride at his playful retaliation. Turning the key in the ignition, Stiles smiled as his Jeep sputtered to life.

Gently maneuvering the Jeep into action, Stiles glanced over to Cherry, smiling as he saw her looking right at him. “What?” He teased, question drawled out unnecessarily as he offered her his hand over the gear stick.

Cherry laughed, gently taking Stiles’ hand within her own, interlocking their fingers. “I just love how you look when you drive.” She admitted softly, bringing Stiles’ hand to her lips. “You scrunch your nose up a little when you concentrate.”

Stiles pulled a face. “Attractive,” he commented sarcastically, but smiled a little when he felt Cherry’s lips against the back of his hand, reminding him that she loved him unapologetically, for who he was.

“It’s the cutest thing,” Cherry reassured into his skin.

When Stiles didn’t reply, Cherry settled back into her seat, still holding his hand. That was one of the, many, beautiful things about their relationship; a conversation wasn’t needed. Space didn’t need to be filled.

It was only when the Jeep began to struggle that Cherry’s eyebrows furrowed together, and she felt the need to speak. “She’s not doing good, Stiles.”

Stiles nodded in agreement, brows knitted together in concern, and when the engine began to cough, the already anxious boy did his best to remain calm; finding a safe place to pull over, just in time for the Jeep to give a final cough before her headlights died out and she came to a halt. “Dammit.” Stiles hissed, letting go of Cherry’s hand and climbing out, kicking the front tyre.

Cherry was quick to follow Stiles’ lead, climbing out of the Jeep and closing the door as gently as she could, not wanting to stress the old girl out more than she already was. Seeing Stiles kick the tyre, Cherry smiled softly. “Oi,” she murmured, approaching her boyfriend, wrapping her arms around him from behind, her forehead resting to his back. “Treat her kindly. She’ll thank you.”

Stiles paused when he felt Cherry’s arms around him, the gesture calming him more than he could verbally explain. With every fleeting thought, every word unspoken, every inch of chaos, she had always been his calm. “This wasn’t how tonight was meant to go.” He explained gently, frowning as he ducked his head a little.

Cherry smiled, appreciating the still moment, committing every second, every inch of the prolonged silence. “Since when does anything we do ever go to plan, Stiles?” Cherry squeezed around him gently. “As long as I’m with you? It’s a good night.”

Stiles blinked once, twice, processing Cherry’s words, finding the corners of his mouth tug upwards to a smile. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Cherry promised, and it was a promise she intended to keep for a whole lifetime. “We should call a mechanic.” Cherry pulled away from Stiles, missing the warmth he radiated. Wrapping her arms around her own middle, Cherry used the wheel to climb up onto the hood of the car, sitting on the edge. “Stilinski,” Cherry giggled, doing her best impression of the Lacrosse coach at Beacon Hills High School. “C’mere.”

“It freaks me out when you do that,” Stiles laughed, rubbing at the back of his neck as he stepped forward. Moving to stand in between Cherry’s legs, Stiles smiled at the beauty, leaning to press a kiss to her lips, tugging gently at her lower lip. “Like, a lot.” He murmured into her mouth, his hands falling to rest on her hips, squeezing gently as he tugged her towards him.

“Why?” Cherry smirked, returning the kiss with a need she only experienced with Stiles, a sort of desperation that flooded her veins, a hunger that could never be satisfied. “Cause I’m so convincing?” She teased, wrapping her legs around Stiles’ thighs to lock him in place, her hands resting at the back of his neck as she kissed him again, unable to stop himself, grinning as he tugged at her lower lip.

Stiles couldn’t stop the laugh that bubbled to the surface, looking to Cherry with nothing but adoration. “Frighteningly convincing.” Stiles confirmed with a boyish grin. Squeezing Cherry’s hips once more, Stiles leaned to give another hungry kiss to satisfy his craving, pausing when he heard a rustling in the bushes. Brushing his lips against Cherry’s, Stiles squeezed his eyes shut. “Scott better not ruin this.”

Cherry giggled. “Stiles?”

“Mm?” Stiles murmured, amber eyes flicking upwards to meet Cherry’s. “What?”

“Shut up and kiss me.” Cherry teased. “Also, the wind is forecast at fifteen miles per hour for the next few days. You dork.”

Stiles could feel the heat from his cheeks build up to his ears. “I knew that. But uh, I’ll kiss you now.”
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