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All I Need Is to See Your Face


Cherry laughed as she sprinkled salt onto her fries, shaking her head at Stiles. “I think Coach tries his best,” she pointed out gently, lifting her gaze to the amber eyed boy sat opposite her. “Besides, if you were playing every game, everyone would be scared of your talent.” Cherry winked. “Gotta make it fair to the others, baby.”

Stiles hummed in thought, the grin he wore seemingly permanent. “True,” he nodded. “I mean, Scott has an unfair advantage, but the others wouldn’t stand a chance against me. Except Jackson, but, you know…”

Cherry scoffed with the mention of Jackson’s name. “He’s a pig.”

“Scott?” Stiles blinked, shoving a handful of fries into his mouth.

“Jackson, Stiles.” Cherry tried to hide her amusement, picking a fry up between her thumb and index finger, taking a bite and groaning. “These are so good.” She groaned, picking up the napkin beside her plate to dab at her mouth.

“Oh.” Stiles nodded with a mouthful of food. But when he heard Cherry’s compliment to the food, Stiles couldn’t help but grin. He’d never told anyone how much this diner meant to him, how much of a significance it held in his past, but knowing Cherry approved made Stiles feel like he’d made the right choice, bringing her here. Although the Jeep breaking down wasn’t part of the plan, it really had given Stiles that little boost of confidence he needed. “I told you!” Stiles grinned. “Did I do good, or what?”

Cherry grinned. “You did amazing.”

And he really had. The diner was beautifully decorated, almost in a fifties style, painted pale pink with a checkered linoleum floor. There were three people scattered around the establishment, apart from the young couple, and when Stiles and Cherry had crossed the threshold; the server - Moira - greeted Stiles like an old friend. Cherry could feel the love gathered between the walls, and with how Stiles had been allowing her glimpses into his past recently, she wondered if this was another one of those hints.

Stiles had chosen a small booth in the quietest corner, big enough for two people, and it was just right to set a comfortable atmosphere. Cherry always enjoyed stealing moments with Stiles, and this moment, this whole night, was something she wanted to etch into her memory permanently.

Picking up another fry, Cherry lifted her gaze, giggling as she saw two fries hanging from the corners of Stiles’ mouth, like a walrus. “Oh my god.”

Stiles grinned. “Great, right?” As he spoke, the fries fell from his lips, onto the plate they’d arrived on, and Stiles watched with wonder as Cherry smiled. Feeling his grin soften to a fond smile, Stiles cleared his throat, picking up his burger and taking a bite, the silence comfortable enough that Stiles didn’t feel the need for unnecessary words.

Cherry smiled as she watched her boyfriend, messy as ever, take a bite from his greasy burger, and she wondered if she needed to write a thank you letter to the Argents. If it wasn’t for them, Cherry never would of met Stiles, and she never would of felt the love she did at that moment. Laughing with the thought, Cherry ducked her head.

“What is it?” Stiles asked softly after swallowing the mouthful of onion, lettuce, beef, cheese and the sesame seed bun.

“I was just thinking,” Cherry smiled, lifting her gaze and rolling her eyes gently as she saw mayonnaise around Stiles mouth. Picking up her napkin, Cherry gently wiped it away. “Should I send Chris, Kate and Victoria Argent a thank you note?”

Stiles pulling a slight face. “That depends, where did you live before here?”

“Georgia,” Cherry supplied easily, grinning.

“A thank you note is definitely needed.” Stiles teased. “Were you a country bumpkin?”

“I hate you.” Cherry laughed, picking up her burger to take a bite. “No, I wasn’t.” Cherry stuck her tongue out at Stiles, smiling. “Besides, when we were training, we used to pretend we were in The Walking Dead. Fake accents included.” Cherry winked.

Stiles processed the additional bit of information, before laughing, putting his burger down on the plate to stop the contents falling from the bun. “Really?”

Cherry giggled with Stiles’ reaction, his laugh making the embarrassing confession worth it. “Mhm. We used to get our cousin, Rylan, to pretend to be Sophia and stumble out of the barn on some farmer’s land.” Cherry elaborated, putting her own burger down as she felt her cheeks heat up into a blush. “People at school thought we were weird.”

“I bet,” Stiles teased. “God, I wish I could see you pretending to be Rick Grimes.”

“I was more of a Maggie Greene,” Cherry ducked her head with embarrassment, laughter now bashful as she folded the dirty napkin neatly to distract her hands.

Stiles smiled, reaching to tuck a stray piece of red hair behind Cherry’s ear. “You know what? I think that’s awesome. And besides, you’d make an amazing Maggie. Beautiful, headstrong, protective, knows how to pick a fight with thin air.” Stiles teased. “She was made for you.”

Cherry lifted her gaze to Stiles, blinking in surprise with his words. Stiles always held her in the highest regard, and Cherry always thought he thought too highly of her, but hearing him list qualities, that others would find intimidating, in the fondest of ways made a warmth spread through Cherry’s chest. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Stiles promised, reaching across the table to press a kiss to Cherry’s forehead.

The bell above the door tinkled politely to indicate someone new had crossed the threshold, and Cherry glanced over quickly to see a man, dressed in dirty overalls. “I think the Jeep’s ready.” She murmured quietly to Stiles, offering the handsome boy a smile.

Stiles blinked as the man approached their table, speaking all kinds of technicalities about how something in the hood of the Jeep needed to be replaced, but it would be okay for a few days, as long as Stiles took the old girl to a garage to get seen to. As soon as Stiles agreed to the man’s terms, Stiles’ waved him off, sinking down in his seat a little bit. “I neglect my poor baby.”

“She loves you, it’s okay.” Cherry teased, although her smile was fond. She loved the Jeep just as much as Stiles at this point in their relationship, and Cherry remembered the first time she’d sat up front with Stiles, how he had a hand on her thigh and how they sang along to Queen songs as they drove through Beacon Hills, just needing an escape from the constant craziness.

Looking to the clock on the wall, Cherry gasped as she saw the time. “Oh my God, Stiles. It’s five thirty!” She laughed, leaning back into her chair. And although Cherry was aware that she had shooting practice and archery practice at seven and eight am, respectively, all she wanted to do was live in the moment with Stiles Stilinski, because if it was one thing she had learned during her time in Beacon Hills, it was that hunting was an old fashioned sport and learning to coexist was far more important than keeping scores and taking sides.

Stiles’ eyes widened with Cherry’s realisation, and looking to the clock, Stiles sunk down into his seat even more, aware that his own Father would be waking up to go to work within half an hour, if not sooner. Seeing Stiles out of bed would surely raise a few concerns. “I better get you home, otherwise your Dad will kill me, and then my Dad will resurrect me, and kill me again.”

Cherry giggled. “That doesn’t sound fun.”

Stiles grinned, running a hand over his buzzed hair. “I imagine it isn’t the best time.” Standing up, abandoning what was left of his food, Stiles offered a hand to Cherry, that lopsided grin Cherry adored so much appearing once more. “My lady, shall we?”


Cherry watched as the house the Blanchard’s were temporarily calling home grew into view, and she couldn’t help the swell of disappointment that became prominent in her stomach. “I don’t want tonight to end.” She confessed quietly, turning to look at her boyfriend. “I really did have the best night of my life, Stiles. This was way better than any party. Thank you.”

Stiles smiled, seeing the sadness of the departure against Cherry’s features, understanding the feeling because he felt it too. What kept him going was the thought that, one day, they’d never have to part. With any luck, they’d be sharing the same bed, and Cherry would of taken his last name. But Stiles didn’t dare speak that particular wish out loud, because he didn’t want to risk it never becoming a reality. “I’m glad you had a good time, Cher. You deserve it.” Stiles promised quietly, leaning over to press a kiss to her cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Cherry smiled as she felt Stiles’ soft lips against her skin, and she turned her head to capture his lips with her own, prolonging the kiss for as long as she could, wanting every moment to last just a second longer. “Of course.” Cherry promised. “I love you, Stiles. I’ll see you tomorrow. Drive safely home, okay?”

Reaching to open her door, Cherry looked to Stiles once more, offering him a smile before carefully climbing out of the Jeep, shutting the door behind herself. Jogging to the driveway, Cherry turned to Stiles, offering him a wave as the red, orange and pink hues of the sunrise began to surround her. Stiles could of sworn she was an angel. It wouldn’t surprise him too much if she was, considering every bit of good she’d brought to his life.

Stiles lifted his own hand to a wave, and when Cherry turned to walk up the driveway, Stiles pumped a victorious fist, because Cherry Blanchard belonged to him, and she had him wrapped around her little finger.

Not that he’d have it any other way.
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