Forever Yours

22 June 1858

Dearest Frederick,

When first I read your letter, words escaped me. I hadn’t the faintest clue my family had threatened you as you say. Knowing this it makes perfect sense why you did not answer my letters. Please, do not trouble yourself with it any further. It was not selfish of you to hold off your response; given the circumstances, it was quite reasonable, and I would not have expected you to have risked your own well being for my sake. Without a doubt you have my forgiveness. And now, my love, let us put the past behind us.

Indeed, I have little time to concern myself with the past at this moment, for I am quite preoccupied with the present. More than a month has passed since my father’s death and my subsequent coronation, and still I wrap my mind around that fact I am the new King of Corsica. The transition should not be so difficult for me. After all, as my father grew into his old age he began handing much responsibility to me, and truly over the last few years I have been King of Corsica in every sense excepting the formal title. Still it astounds me that the day I long dreaded—the day of my coronation—has come and gone. Oh but I will not bore you with the details of my dull responsibilities as king.

So caught up in the excitement of the evening, I told you very little of what transpired in the years after I was married when we met last month. As you know, I was married in 1841 to Lily Cunningham. Seventeen years later she remains at my side, and I am truly grateful for it. She is a most wonderful wife, and she has been an invaluable confidant and advisor as I have gradually assumed the responsibility of King. We have two young sons—Robert Junior, who is nine, and Samuel, who is six. Bright young boys, both of them, and little trouble-makers as well.

My dear Frederick, how did I ever survive twenty years apart from you? Since our brief meeting last month all I can think of is when I shall see you again. The desire to reunite with you gnaws at me each and every day; so intense is this desire I fear should I ignore it much longer it may make me physically ill. I shall be in Langford next month. May I persuade you to host me again at your home in Whitehall one night before I return home?

Affectionately yours,
♠ ♠ ♠
Now that I actually have some free time I'm going to try and finish this story. Thanks for reading! Thanks for the comments and recs, I can't tell you how happy they make me!!
~ Celia