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Haner to Save the Day

Change affects everyone differently. Some people adapt quickly and and continue to live their best lives. Some need an adjustment period before going back to normal.

There are three types of people who deal with change:

1) This person accepts the change, adapts quickly, and continues on to live their best lives
2) This person is shocked by the change and needs an adjustment period before powering on
3) This person cannot fathom any minisclue thing changing in their life; it a simple change does occur...BOOM. End of the world as we know it.

Veronica is characterized as person number three...except one hundred times worse. Aside from being a 16 year old teenager, she was stubborn to the point anyone would prefer talking to a fish. But then again, who could blame her? Her whole family had to relocate across the country because of her sister.

What teenager wouldn't want to get out of New Jersey to move to sunny California? BINGO! Veronica. And if she had her way, she was definitely going to make sure everyone knew how miserable she was and nothing was going to change that.

*A Brian Haner Jr (Synsyter Gates) story