Since I Last Saw You

He knew that it was coming.

From the moment that he and Ava had started to see one another, Lionel had known that there was a chance that she would be offered the opportunity to work aboard for six months, but despite that, he still wasn’t quite ready to go long distance. Not wanting to watch their new relationship get reduced to the occasional phone call or video conversation, he takes drastic action and ends things, insisting that if there is supposed to be something between the two of them, then it’ll fall into place when she gets back.

Fast forwards six months, and with Ava back in Barcelona, the two of them attempt to figure things out again, but things don’t seem so simple the second time around. With things having changed, and neither one of them being quite the same as they were before Ava left, their relationship no longer seems as straightforward as they thought. Will they be left regretting the chance that they let go of?

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Lionel Messi or anything or anyone you may recognize, but the plot and OCs are mine.