Status: Active


After the events of the first movie, Tony made it his resolve to turn his company around and find a better use for technology that had once been used to make weapons for the military. While working on his latest project one night, Tony gets restless and decides on going to a night club where he meets a girl with an unusual name.

Catmint was just a waitress working a diner but when some of her work friends decide to drag her out to a nightclub, she meets the genius playboy billionaire Tony Stark, who somehow fails to charm her as he did with so many other ladies.

Despite their rocky first meeting, Tony and Catmint feel drawn to each other and begin a casual friendship that would eventually bloom into romance. Over the course of their friendship turning into a romance, Tony suddenly realized that something was missing in his life and that something was her.


An Iron Man fanfic set between the first two Iron Man movies. Tony/OC.

Disclaimer: Iron Man and any Avengers references belong to Marvel. Everything else (like OCs and the idea behind this story) that wasn't in the Marvel universe, to begin with, belong to me. Layout credit goes to whoever made the layout in the layout section (I can't remember who did off the top of my head, sorry about that!)