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Chapter 6

Everything seemed to pass by quickly as they flew through the sky. She held tightly on to him, her arms wrapped tightly around the neck of the metal suit he wore. Her eyes were closed tight, her heart beating hard in her chest, almost painfully so. She resisted the urge to prevent the cold wind whipping her hair all about her face, if only because of the small fear of her dropping to the ground below if she were to use one of her hands to brush her hair out of her face. The speed that Iron Man was flying seemed to have undone her bun (not that she really cared).

When Cat opened her eyes, she was greeted by the sight of city lights shining bright against the darkness of the ocean. And even more breathtaking were the stars twinkling overhead. It made her heart jump hard in her chest.

"It's so beautiful..." The woman found herself whispering.

Tony turned his head to look at the view at hearing her words. As he glanced at the city skyline, he silently agreed with the woman holding on to him.

"It sure is,"

Catmint tightened her hold on the Iron Man suit, feeling her arms starting to get the burning sensation of having been holding on to the suit for a long time. She could only guess that has only been at least twenty minutes given how fast they were flying.

"Um, Mr. Stark, can we land somewhere?" Cat asked, raising her voice against the heavy gust of wind caused by how fast Iron Man was flying.

Tony barely heard her but he slowed down some, only to look back at her. “I’m sorry what was that?” He asked. The sudden action of Tony slowing down made Cat loosen her grip on him for a split second, but it was in that split second that caused the woman to lose her leverage on the cold metal surface of the suit and fall. "Uh, Catmint?" Tony called out.

"If I may, Sir, the second you slowed down, Miss Jones lost her grip and she's falling." Jarvis's voice spoke through Iron Man's helmet, his words causing a slight feeling of panic to enter Tony's body.

"Shit, shit, shit! Jarvis, run the calculations of speed, velocity, and all that so I won't be too late in catching her, and for love of God, calibrate the suit as needed." Tony ordered.

"One step ahead of you, Sir," Jarvis replied and almost immediately Tony saw what he had ordered from his AI.

The billionaire shot off once more, Jarvis showing him exactly where Cat was falling and where she would land if she isn't caught in time.

"Shit, shit, shit!" Tony muttered. He found himself flying after her.

It felt like everything was slowing down although she knew she was falling really fast. Catmint wasn't quite sure how she had lost her grip on Iron Man, besides the fact that her palms had gotten sweaty, the sweat making the metal slippery. As she was falling so quickly with the wind roaring in her ears, her breath practically leaving her, she saw the stars twinkling above. But there was a strong sense of fright stirring inside of her as she continued the seemingly slow descent. She wanted to grab on to something, anything, but she couldn't.

Her mind was empty, staring up at the stars, it almost felt like she was in a dream but she was still breathing and her heart was still beating in her ribcage. That is until she saw a stream of what looked like a bright light coming at her.

The lights got brighter and brighter until she felt something cold and metal enveloping her. The feeling of falling slowed down to the feeling of floating. The lights turned out to be the eyes of Iron Man and the little jets on the feet of the Iron Man suit.

Breathing in deeply, Cat held on tight to Tony's neck, ignoring the cold feeling of the suit and the soreness in her arms.

"Sorry about that." Came Tony's voice but it sounded far away, as he held her with one hand under her legs and the other arm around her waist, carrying her bridal style. “Catmint?” Tony started after not hearing anything from the woman. “Uh, Jarvis?”

Scanning her vitals, sir.” The AI responded, the display inside of Iron Man’s helmet showing all of the woman’s vitals.

“So, she’s okay?” Tony asked impatiently as he started flying again (although a bit slower this time), while taking note of the suit’s power levels.

All scans show she’s just exhausted, she’s still alive, Mr. Stark.

“Good then, I’m bringing this stray cat home.” As Tony said this, Catmint closed her eyes and for the first time that night, she allowed herself to relax completely, falling into a welcoming sleep.
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It took me a few days to finish writing this but it took me a little over a week to get around to starting this chapter so yay for procrastination. LOL. I do apologize for the whole gunman scene dragging on for a few chapters. That's the only annoyance I have with this story but I do promise that things won't drag on and on like that scene did. I should have the next chapter started in a few days and posted sometime next week. If not, then feel free to give me a kick in the booty. Thanks for reading this, guys, and for all of your support. It means a lot.