Second to None

(this summary page is a work in progress)
Megatron has finally had it with Starscream, enough is enough. One day, he brought the Seeker to a remote location under the guise of a scouting mission, with the company of a few other Eradicons. Rather than investigating an energon pulse that didn't even exist, the group did as they intended to, teaming up on the Seeker and beating him senseless. They took off afterward, leaving him to bleed out and expire alone in the remote location.

However, Team Prime at Autobot Outpost Omega One picked up on an unexpected, flickering Decepticon signal and went to investigate. Despite the others suggesting against it, Optimus Prime insisted they bring the dying Seeker back to base, as it is unethical to take advantage of an enemy like that.

Based on an RP with AsteroidMiyoko on Discord (and I mean that in a very literal sense, this is our RP copy-pasted) comes a slow, soft redemption arc for a former Decepticon lieutenant from an Autobot with a kind spark.
  1. Vigilantia Convaluisset
    Translation: Waking in Recovery