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To Guide Me Back Home


Luke ran his fingers through his curls, almost at shoulder length as he studied his reflection. “You know,” he began, turning to look at Eden over his shoulder. “I think I’m overdue a haircut. What do you think, baby?”

Eden lifted her gaze to meet Luke’s, smiling as she studied him carefully. “I swear to God, if you cut your hair, I’m breaking up with you.” And the laughter that fell from Luke’s heavenly lips was enough to make Eden giggle, standing to her feet and approaching Luke from behind. “What else are you thinking about, Hemmings?”

5 Seconds of Summer were in Japan, and while Luke’s bandmates explored Tokyo, Luke and Eden had opted to stay behind in the venue, valuing their time alone above all else - Luke’s twenty second birthday party the night before had been a success, but Eden was sure the hangover that nagged at the back of her skull would take a few days to evaporate, and as gorgeous as Tokyo was, the bright lights were a little too much. They always had tomorrow. In fact, they had the rest of their lives.

Luke grinned as Eden’s arms wrapped around his middle from behind, and with happiness, Luke exhaled, watching his fiancée through the reflection in the mirror. “I’m thinking about us.”

Eden laughed, her forehead against the back of Luke’s shoulder. “Don’t think too hard, you’ll hurt yourself.”

Luke giggled, shaking his head in amusement. “Hey,” he murmured softly. “Do you remember when we were kids?”

Eden smiled with the question, pulling away from Luke. “How could I forget?” Eden’s retaliation was just as quiet as Luke’s initial question, and twisting her engagement ring around her finger, Eden’s heart swelled with the thought that was going to marry the man who mattered the most. “Remember when we almost drowned?” Eden’s eyebrows lifted with amusement.

Luke turned to face Eden, wrapping his arms around her middle, pressing a kiss to her forehead as he interlocked his fingers at the base of her spine, securing her within his embrace, leaving her no option but to remain in his arms, because whenever she was away from him, Luke’s whole existence craved hers. Having her close was the only remedy.

With Eden’s accusing question, Luke chuckled. “It was fun though, right? And you said I was your hero.” Luke grinned with triumph, resting his chin on top of Eden’s head, the smell of her perfume surrounding him in the best way. Inhaling, Luke buried his face into Eden’s dyed blonde hair, smiling as he did.

“It was fun,” Eden confirmed with a smile, her fingers preoccupying themselves with tightening around Luke’s half unbuttoned shirt, the flimsy material thin enough that she could feel his skin beneath hers. The warmth Luke provided was unlike any other, and since the night that Luke had asked Eden to be his, she’d seen him in an entirely new light. Brighter than before. “But only cause I was with you.”

Luke’s smile broadened. “I love you, gorgeous girl.”

Eden smiled, burying her face into Luke’s chest, nuzzling into him. “I love you too.” And even though her words with muffled, Eden swore that they were the most honest words to leave her lips. Eden smiled when she realised her mom was right: Luke would, and did, return to her.
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