Alpha Bieber

"I can't be your mate." That's all he said, nothing more, nothing less. My eyes caught his. Emotionless. He's rejecting me,and I'm already falling hard for him. I snapped.

"Why can't I be your mate? Because you're Alpha Bieber? Because you're so fucking full of your self? Because you're Mr heartless?" I yelled and watched his facial expression quickly turn sour. His eyes where disturbingly calm tho. Calm Rage.

"Don't be a bitch. Even if I'm your mate, you're not mine. It will always be a one sided case." His jaw locked as he stared intently at me. I saw it in his now hazel eyes with black rims, he didn't feel anything. He wasn't my mate. The moon goddess had a hand in this.

"So what are we gonna do?" I said quietly not having the strength to yell.
"Nothing, I get in sign the papers, we both leave and act like this..." He twirled his hand in the space between us. "... neither existed nor happened. Then I go to my Pack doing what I'm meant to do and you..." He trailed off.