The Great American Desert.

end notes.

_______ admittedly, this isn't really southern gothic. it's more of a mid-western gothic. still, there were a few themes i wanted to touch on with this; to name a few, the lasting effects and re-absorption of family trauma; a connection to history fostering a connection to the self; isolation, and thanatophilia (the root word thanat meaning, in regards to death, the lengthening or extension of the soul, so, familial necrophilia being a means of cross-generational survival); the idea of the ego meeting the shadowed self; what happens when one's understanding of the self expands so far that the conscious self is enlightened; enlightenment, sight, and blindness. always a slut for the oedipus at colonus thing. always a fool for the ones we love.

you're no bold villain
you're bought and sold
to have a soul mate
you need a soul
not born of man
but some bog mother moon
one of us is not known

and it might not be you.