When We Were

She was the sister of a friend of his.

When Lionel had known Emilia, he’d only known her as the little sister of a friend he’d had before he’d left for Barcelona. They’d been friendly in passing, but never anything more. When he’d left, he couldn’t even remember them saying goodbye to one another.

Move forwards a few years, and with Lionel back in his hometown for his friend’s wedding, he finds himself sharing a table with the groom’s sister, a woman whose vague memory flits around in his head.

Almost strangers, they hit things off, but with his departure back to Barcelona hanging over the two of them, as well as her six year old son’s father still hanging around in the picture, is there more of a chance for them to leaving a lasting impression on one another or will he have the chance to forget her all over again?

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Lionel Messi or anything or anyone else you may recognise, but the plots and OCs are mine.