When We Were

She was the sister of a friend of his.

When Lionel had known Emilia, he’d only known her as the little sister of a friend he’d had before he’d left for Barcelona. They’d been friendly in passing, but never anything more. When he’d left, he couldn’t even remember them saying goodbye to one another.

Move forwards a few years, and with Lionel back in his hometown for his friend’s wedding, he finds himself sharing a table with the groom’s sister, a woman whose vague memory flits around in his head.

Almost strangers, they hit things off, but with his departure back to Barcelona hanging over the two of them, as well as her six year old son’s father still hanging around in the picture, is there more of a chance for them to leaving a lasting impression on one another or will he have the chance to forget her all over again?

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Lionel Messi or anything or anyone else you may recognise, but the plots and OCs are mine.
  1. One: I Get The Feeling I Ought To
  2. Two: I Thought You’d Never Ask
  3. Three: I Bet There Is
  4. Four: I Mean You
  5. Five: That Sounds Like Him
  6. Six: That’s Not It
  7. Seven: Whatever You Want To Call It
  8. Eight: It’s Better Than Nothing
  9. Nine: What’s That Got To Do With You?
  10. Ten: You’ll Remember Me This Time
  11. Eleven: I Think We’re Worth Trying
  12. Twelve: He Loves Easily
  13. Thirteen: We’ve Not Got All Night
  14. Fourteen: The More Time I Spend With Him
  15. Fifteen: I Don’t Think I Would Have Been That Optimistic
  16. Sixteen: We’re Trying Our Best
  17. Seventeen: I Don’t Think He’s Exaggerating
  18. Eighteen: How’s That Going?
  19. Nineteen: Time
  20. Twenty: You’re Here Now
  21. Twenty One: Are You A Quitter?
  22. Twenty Two: With You Around
  23. Twenty Three: I Wanted To Make Sure You Knew
  24. Twenty Four: If I Could
  25. Twenty Five: Leave It Alone
  26. Twenty Six: I Wasn’t Expecting You
  27. Twenty Seven: You Make It Sound Like A Big Deal
  28. Twenty Eight: I Don’t Know If She’d Say That
  29. Twenty Nine: You Think?
  30. Thirty: You’re Not The First, You Won’t Be The Last
  31. Thirty One: Yes? No? I Don’t Know
  32. Thirty Two: I’ll Just Be Glad To Have You Here
  33. Thirty Three: Can You Do That For Me?
  34. Thirty Four: I Wouldn’t Want You To
  35. Thirty Five: Is That Supposed To Be Reassuring?
  36. Thirty Six: Who Knows How Things Will Be?
  37. Thirty Seven: It’s Something I Have To Think About
  38. Thirty Eight: Us
  39. Thirty Nine: Eventually
  40. Forty: I Don’t Know If I Can Change Her Mind
  41. Forty One: But I’d Still Do It All
  42. Forty Two: Make It Four
  43. Forty Three: He Didn’t Know That?
  44. Forty Four: I’ll Tell You Whatever You Want To Know
  45. Forty Five: It Doesn’t Have To Be
  46. Forty Six: Everything Is Fine
  47. Forty Seven: Who Else Is Going To?
  48. Forty Eight: Can We Take A Minute?
  49. Forty Nine: As Long As You Can’t Have Him
  50. Fifty: I Wish I Knew What To Do For The Best
  51. Fifty One: Why Don’t You Come And Sit Down?
  52. Fifty Two: You Tell Them That Things Are Different
  53. Fifty Three: That’s My Offer
  54. Fifty Four: I’ve Got To Get My Shots In When I Can
  55. Fifty Five: Whatever You Need To Do
  56. Fifty Six: He’s Going To Be So Annoyed
  57. Fifty Seven: All Of It
  58. Fifty Eight: I Know What I Did
  59. Fifty Nine: He’s Got The Girl
  60. Sixty: I’d Be Lying If I Said No
  61. Sixty One: It’s Probably Going To Be A While
  62. Sixty Two: Together
  63. Sixty Three: That’s A Later Problem
  64. Sixty Four: You Have To Know How Happy I Was To Be Here
  65. Sixty Five: We Need To Sing Her Name
  66. Sixty Six: He Really Does
  67. Sixty Seven: I Might Know What You Mean
  68. Sixty Eight: You Worry?
  69. Sixty Nine: This Place Has Grown On Me
  70. Seventy: You Know That I Know, Right?
  71. Seventy One: You Said You Had High Hopes