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Fifty Nine: He’s Got The Girl

Making sure that she had a hold of Luca’s hand, Emilia frowned down at the ticket in her other hand, her eyes only looking up to survey the seats numbers that they were walking by. Originally, she hadn’t intended to go. With Lionel’s match being on a Saturday and Luca being with Isaac, she had planned on spending the evening sat on the couch, eating the treat that she had bought especially for herself without Luca and Lionel around, but a phone call from Isaac and a conversation with Lionel had led to a change of plans. They both wanted Luca to go to the match, they were both sure that the little boy would have a wonderful time, but both Lionel and Isaac had asked Emilia come, wanting someone around to diffuse the tension between the two of them when they met up after the match.

“You don’t have to look so miserable, Em”

Emilia, who’d been scanning seat numbers, rolled her eyes at Isaac’s comment, glaring up at him slightly.

Isaac smiled back at her, bumping his glasses up his nose sheepishly. “I’m sorry for making you cancel your plans” he noted “Really” he added, not missing the slightly dubious look which had passed over her features.

Emilia stared at him for a second before she shook her head, diverting her stare down towards Luca who followed along behind her, his eyes wide with awe. Quirking a small smile, she watched as his face lit up before she turned back towards Isaac, offering him a little shrug. “I’m glad that you agreed to bring him” she mused “I mean, I know how you feel about Leo and I thought...I thought you’d be a little...very...reluctant to come” she added, folding down Luca’s seat so that he could climb into it.

Luca flashed her a wide grin before he turned his attention back out towards the pitch, watching it with anticipation clear on his face.

Isaac, like Emilia, marveled at how excited the little boy was before he shook his head, letting out a soft sigh. “I knew he’d love this” he murmured “I mean, I don’t know if it is Leo or not, but he’s really gotten into his football recently and I knew he’d have a good time. Leo was nice to do this for him” he added, his voice growing slightly tense.

Emilia noticed the tension in his voice, but didn’t comment on it, instead offering him a little smile and a nod before she turned to Luca, talking to him quietly and excitedly. Isaac sat and watched them for a couple of minutes, marveling at the smiles that lit up their faces, before he sighed to himself, acknowledging something that he had spent what felt like forever trying to ignore. They were happy, Emilia and Luca. They were happy in Barcelona, happy with Lionel, and no amount of wishing was going to change it.

Gently reaching for side of his glasses, he tugged them off of his face before he rubbed a hand over it, something which caught Emilia’s attention as she turned in her seat. Tilting her head slightly, she frowned, causing a little crease to appear between her eyebrows. “You OK?” she asked.

Isaac smiled, but his nod was tight and sharp. “Yeah” he noted.

“You sure?” Emilia prodded.

Isaac nodded. “I’m sure” he replied “But before I take the little one back to my place, can we talk?” he asked.

Emilia blinked a couple of times before she nodded. “Sure” she mused, offering him a small smile.

Isaac returned the smile tightly before he turned to look at the pitch, not quite able to ignore the drop in his stomach when Luca sprung out of his seat, cheering excitedly at the sight of Lionel.


Isaac, who’d been watching Luca as he talked excitedly with Lionel and a few of his teammates, jumped a little at the sound of Emilia’s voice before he turned, looking down at her. Hesitating for a second, he took in a breath before he gently took a hold of her arm, guiding her to a spot which was a little away from everyone else in the room. Quickly letting his hand drop away from her, he took another deep breath before let it out slowly, shaking his head. “You’re happy here” he murmured.

Emilia’s forehead creased.

“I know that that’s not news” Isaac continued, his eyes fixed firmly on his feet “I mean, the whole reason you came over here is because...because he makes you happy and I know that that isn’t a revelation either, but it’s...I don’t know, I guess the penny finally dropped for me” he babbled out, tripping over his words awkwardly.

Emilia let out a sigh. “Isaac...”

“I know, OK?” Isaac interrupted, looking up at her “I know you’ve never been anything other than clear about everything. You told me about him from the start, and you’ve made it clear time and time again that there’s no chance for us, but it didn’t stop me from hoping that there was, but the more I see of the two of you, the more I see of the three of you, the more it started to sink in that I am just...I am just a fourth wheel. I’ve never seen Luca as happy as he is here, or you, and that’s probably got a lot to do with Lionel, no?” he asked.

Emilia tucked her hair off of her face, shifting her feet awkwardly. “He’s not trying to push you out” she noted “You being around for Luca, it matters to him. He’d never...”

“I know” Isaac noted “And he’s never done anything to make me think otherwise. He’s always putting you two first” he added.

“He’s a good guy, Isaac” Emilia replied softly “If not for the situation, I think you’d really like him” she added.

Isaac’s lips kicked up slightly into a half-smile. “He’s got the girl I want” he noted “And you...you’re so in love with him. I never saw you look at me the way you look at him, Em” he added.

Emilia’s cheeks flushed. “Isaac...”

“Don’t take this the wrong way” Isaac cut in “You know that I love Luca, but sometimes...sometimes I wish we hadn’t just fallen into bed together. Luca’s the best thing in my life, but I wish he’d been the product of something...something more than what we were. I know I’ve made so many mistake when it comes to you, Emmy, and I know that I can’t ever say sorry enough for...for just being the most colossal ass, but I can do something for you now. I want to go back home” he announced.

Emilia’s eyes widened. “What?” she breathed.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a few days” Isaac admitted “Since your boyfriend gave me a proper talking to and I think it’s the right thing. I’ll go back to Argentina, and we’ll figure out a custody schedule. I can fly out a few times a year, you can come back home...we’ll figure something out” he insisted.

Emilia just stared up at him, her eyes wide and blinking in surprise.

Isaac quirked another half-smile before he stepped towards her, wrapping her in a tight hug which, after a few more shocked seconds, she moved to return. Feeling his smile widen a fraction, he inhaled the familiar scent of her perfume before he dipped down, kissing the top of her head gently before he lifted his head again, catching sight of Lionel who watched them with a frown. Taking a breath, he allowed a genuine smile to light his face before he offered the other man a nod, something Lionel returned before he turned back to Luca, allowing Isaac to let out another sigh.
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