Status: In my book it's pretty relatable.


Meet Jenn

Oh yah, me, Jenn. skinny curvy, 6,6 ft, short dirty blonde hair, amber eyes, freckles, friggin tanny, and I AM BROKE/POOR AF!
There, woke up, did ma makeup, and now......sigh* breakfast. Opened the fridge. Leftover veggie casserole, carrots, cheese, pickles, cashew butter, moldy strawberries, and some other shit. Slammed the fridge door, turned around and opened the cabinet. Sugar, spices, noodles, sauce, more noodles, a few potatoes, and a bag of cranberries. Grabbed the bag of cranberries, and let the little fruits roll down my throat. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum.(; Picked up my backpack, and fiddled with my broken doorknob. Opening the door.......ahhhhhhhhhh..........the cold breeze, and the smell of fresh grass embraced me. I looked around at all the other houses on my street. I lifted my foot and walked to school. Arriving at school, I noticed something fishy about all the people. They were looking at me, and they started laughing. I started blushing. I started running.
"Ay J! Looks like ur gonna be having two periods at once!"
Everyone started laughing. I turned my head around and looked down.
I started running, then sprinting. Running into the stall, I pulled out my purse. Looking through it. Shit! I was out of pads.
"Aha!" I said pulling out a tampon.
I ripped it out of the package and-FUCK!
I dropped it int the toilet. I started crying. I pulled out my phone and I called my mom.
"Yes honey?"
"Can you come bring me a pad?"
"No, sorry honey, your father already took the car to work. Sorryy!"
"Okay, fine, bye"
I hung up the phone and continued crying.