Run From the King

Chapter 1

Eliza was locking up the coffee shop for the night. It was twilight in the rural town of Angle Inlet. She turned to leave and she froze. There he was. Across the street, behind the brush stood a golden lion.

Eliza held her breath.

The lion stepped towards her. Just once before he bowed his head to her. A low growl rumbled within the beasts belly. He slowly raised his snout, letting out a spectacular roar. Eliza yelped in fear. Suddenly, the lion burst into flames.

Eliza finally breathed out as the ashes danced in the breeze.

This was it.

That was the sign. She needed to get away as quickly as possible. Panicked, she rushed to her bike, dropping her phone, without hesitation, she doesn't look back. She takes what's on her and cycles 2 miles to the nearby train station. It had been 3 years since she had runaway from home.

Her best friend Tess, a witch, was able to help Eliza escape to this world. The lion was Tess' message, her warning.

Tess promised if she knew anyone was on to her trail, she'd send a message. All these memories and fears choked Eliza up but drove her legs to pedal faster and faster. She pants as she reaches closer to the train station. Impatiently, she jumps off her bicycle and crashes to the ground. She's covered in perspiration. She falls on her palms and they start to bleed slightly. She groans in pain. A young woman rushes to her aid but Eliza waves her off. Using the bike rail she helps herself up.

"Thank you, I just.." Eliza winces in pain, "..I'm fine, I just need to get inside."

She struggles making her way in and heads to the ticket clerk. She waits in line, panting still. Checking her watch. Finally, she's next.

"I need a ticket please. To the farthest place. Please."

The woman behind the glass looks her over. Concerned, she raises her brow at the young girl,

"Young lady are you alright?"

"I'm fine! Please! I need a ticket. Please."

Her voice is desperate. The clerk stands now,

"Honey, you're bleeding on my counter." She nods down at Eliza's hands on the counter. Eliza looks down and looks back up at the clerk apologetically.

"Honey, now ima ask you one more time. Are you alright?"

"No, she's not."

Eliza freezes. She's paralyzed at the sound of his voice. Her eyes widen as the clerk takes notice of the young man now standing a couple feet behind the young girl. He was tall and stood brooding over the girl. His eyes were piercing, his smile, dark.

"Do we have a problem young man?"

The clerk asks him accusingly.

"How are you darling?"

Ignoring the clerk, he focused on Eliza. His voice made her stomach feel like a pool of concrete flooding down to her toes and keeping her planted to the ground.

It had been so long.

She had not responded to the young man. Her eyes were still wide with fear and looking at the clerk.

"Young man, I'm going to have to ask you to le-"


With a flick of his hand the clerk is knocked back into the far wall and crashes against the posters and chairs causing a ruckus that brought on the attention of those around them. Suddenly, his eyes are on Eliza.


He almost spat it. He was suddenly filled with rage. He pushed his way through others to get to her and walked up behind her. He wrapped his hand around her mouth and roughly pulled her to face him. He knelt down slightly to get at eye level. Of course, others were making their way to get a hold of him and stop him from assaulting this young girl but he was too quick. With a snap of his fingers. It was as though time stopped or slowed dramatically.

Except for them two.

"I found you."

He smirked menacingly. Clenching his jaw, he wasn't satisfied enough. He felt his fingers dig into her cheeks as the rage built up inside him. She struggles to pry his hands off her and whimpered in pain at his grip. He let her go and shoved her against the near wall. He grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her. She groaned in pain as he bent her at his will. He tied her hands behind her tightly, resulting in the ropes digging into her skin.

"I don't want to go back! Stop! Klaus! Let me go!"

Eliza grunts and yells in defiance trying to fight Klaus' pulls.

"I told you I'd find you. Wherever you go Eliza. I will always find you."

As they reach the parking lot they pass by folks frozen in time and cars halfway out of their parking spots. Then, a young man walks up to them from the lot.

"Eliza? It's you. You're alive."

Adrian looks her over and his lips almost turn to a small smile but it's quickly hidden. He's suddenly feels something he didn't expect to. Every day and night he prayed for Eliza's safety. She was his best friend. His twin. But she left, without a word without a note. She abandoned him, their family and most importantly her responsibilities. He was angry. He was so angry at her. Now that he saw her in front of him, alive. The relief was washed away and anew with anger.

"Adrian? Adrian! Help me! Don't let him take me away? Please! ...Adrian!? YOU'RE MY BROTHER! HELP ME!"

"Dad's orders, 'sis.'"

His tone was was unsympathetic. He ignored her whimpers and cries. He wanted her to feel pain. She put them through hell.

"How did you find me?"

Klaus chuckled.

"A little bird named Tess."

Eliza's eyes widen.

"What did you do to her? You monster, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?"

"You'll see soon enough Princess."

"You can't take me, I won't go with you."

"You don't have a choice."


Eliza lets out a loud, defeated yell as they attempt to shove her inside a black window tinted vehicle.

"I got this, just start the car."

"Don't hit her face. My mom will want to do that herself."

Adrian looks at her, numb. He walks around the car unaffected by the cries she lets out from Klaus' aggressive treatment. When Adrian sits inside the car, Klaus turns Eliza to face him. He pushes her against the side of the car and leans into her as he grabs something from his back pocket.

"Now, we could've done this the proper way. The romantic way. Similar to the one I had planned for when you still loved me."

His voice is solemn now.

He pulls a pocketknife from his back pocket and flips it open. Eliza shakes her head, begging him to calm down.

"Please, Klaus don't."

Klaus rolls his eyes.

"Shut up. I'm not going to kill you. I spent three years trying to find you. Believe me, I'm going to make your torture last a long time. Starting with..."

He pulls something else from his back pocket. Two silver rings. He skillfully cuts the rope behind Eliza's backside holding her hands tightly together. He takes her hand quickly and forcibly brings out her ring finger. He slips one of the rings around her finger and it fits perfectly. There's a warmth and then sudden burn that lasts for less then a second around where the ring sat.

"A cursed ring."

Eliza's heart sinks. She'll never be able to take this ring off. Not unless she wanted the other person wearing the paired ring to die. That's when Klaus puts the second ring on his own finger.


"Yes, love. I told you, you wouldn't get away. I have your life in my hands."

"So do I."

Klaus leans in very close to Eliza's face.

"Yes, you do. But the difference between you and I, love, is that I have the guts to take yours.
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