Run From the King

Chapter 10


Klaus left Eliza and Tess in the cells and walked back up the steps to the castle grounds. When he arrived near the door he spotted two guards walking down the corridor.

"Oy! You there!"

He called out to them. The two guards turned to face the prince, their backs straight, chests pushed out.

"Your Majesty."

They address the Prince and place their hand to their heart as the bow their heads in respect.

"I need you lot to do a very important job."

"Of course, your Majesty."

Nods the chubby short one.

"What are your names?"

"I am Leo Kostov your highness."

The young dark skinned man nods, respectfully.

His light brown eyes looked familiar.

"Kostov? As in, General Luke Kostov?"

The guard nods.

"My father."

"Your father was ruthless during the witch hunts. My father still tells stories of his interrogation tactics. They're legend."

"Thank you very much your highness, I feel he will be most pleased to hear that."

The guards voice is low. He didn't like the attention his last name brought him. He sure didn't like being associated with his father, the 'infamous witch hunter.'

Klaus nods and turns to the other guard, who had been much shorter and much rounder.

"Montague Morel, your Majesty. But, I go by Monty."

The guard speaks proudly.

"Right. Well, you could use to lose a little weight round the middle, Monty. You're to stay outside the cell doors and wait for the two prisoners to escape their cell.


Monty was confused.

"Right. Escape. You're to walk them back up here, and when you do,-"

The Prince turns to Leo.

"You're to take the witch, Tess, back to the Gilbert castle immediately. Alright? She'll be weak so she won't be able to harm you. But be cautious."

Leo nods at Klaus and leaves to pull up a car. Klaus turns to Monty.

"You're to wait in the mail hall. I have things I need to take care of. Do not let Eliza out of your site. When I get back, we'll feast. She should be out around 8, knowing her. She can't hold out for anything too long."

He says the last bit bitterly.

"Yes, you're majesty."

The chubby guard opens the door to the stairway and Klaus locks the door behind him as Monty makes his way down to the cell door.

Klaus then makes his way up to the study. The study had an entire wall that was glass and overlooked many lands in their kingdom below. The opposing wall had portraits of past kings of the kingdom. Going back to Klaus' oldest ancestors. Klaus watched as a storm formed hundreds of miles away and was slowly making its way north, in the direction of the castle. It would storm tonight, that was for sure.

He walked over to the desk and pulled a piece of paper out. He wrote in black ink:

"I've retrieved her. The Gilbert's have sentenced her. She is in our dungeons with the witch. I remind you both, not to interfere with my treatment of her. I will be the sole one to determine if she's forgiven. When the time comes.

Your son,

Prince Klaus Ramus Baroff

Klaus then crumpled the letter in his hands and when he opens his palms the letter is incinerated in flames erupting from his hands.

His way of sending messages to his parents when traveling outside the kingdom. 'The should be back within the week.' He remembered.

He walks over to the window then and watches the storm form for awhile. His stomach was still a muck. He never felt such a way, so much hate and anger yet, so much weight in his heart. Whenever he looked in her eyes, he couldn't help the rush in his blood. The magnetic pull she seemed to have on him, physically and mentally.

Oh what was in that mind of hers..

He wondered for a long time, his thoughts returning to Eliza's eyes.. her lips.. the way her breath hitched when he shoved her against the wall in the bathroom at the cabin...suddenly, the thunder rumbling shook him back to reality..and to another thought. The man she couldn't name, that she claimed to have been with. A man that wasn't Klaus. Touching her. Klaus' face spoils as he turns to walk back to the desk, slamming his fist against the wood top.

"How could she be so reckless?"

He feels a power so great inside him then. Jealousy, riling up from his belly. His thoughts, fueling the fire within him. He becomes so furious. He just wants to...stop her. Make her stop. He drops to his knees and with both hands, grab the sides of his head.


He spits as he yells in pain. He fought the urge as it battled within him. It had been so painful. For years, to hold back this fury. This monster that had been unleashed when she had left. The monster within him that Eliza never met. The monster created in the darkness Klaus had been left in.


Klaus groans in pain as he imagines Eliza with another man. His head on fire, his chest pumping and rushed with adrenaline. He tried so hard not to lose it. He was battling the demons he had been cursed with. The same curse that his people had seen as a gift.. a sign.. a miracle child. A royal Prince, born with powers. How had such a being been created?

Klaus soon crumpled to his knees as he yelled out in pain. His eyes began to roll back in his head before he fell over to his side, blacking out.

Hours had passed before he finally awoke. It was dark out now. Nearly 9 p.m.


Klaus groaned as he pushed himself up off the ground and stretched out his back.

He remembered what had happened earlier and brushed off the memory, avoiding getting stuck in it again. He made his way over to the main hall and doesn't find the chubby guard or Eliza.. he hears a commotion down the hall though..

"What's going on?"

Klaus mutters to himself as he makes his way to the kitchens.

He opens the door to find Eliza and the guard as well as the cooking staff, laughing, enjoying a grand time, eating cake even!

The guard stands to his feet, cake falling from his mouth. The cooking staff bowed and placed their plates down, keeping their heads down. Eliza stood, not bowing and watched Klaus as he made his way over to her slowly.

When he stood before her he looked down at her. He noticed she took bites out of the cake he requested they make her for the dinner they were meant to have together. Irritated he grabbed the collar of her shirt.

He pulled her down to bow to him.

"When I enter a room, you will respect me. Especially in my own castle."

Eliza pulls at his hands for a moment before giving up. She huffs before keeping silent. SHe's bent low on the ground before Klaus grabs her by the neck and pulls her under his arm. He shoved two fingers down her throat, making her cough profusely. Klaus' face is unchanging as he keeps his grip on her mouth and locked under his arm. Eliza chokes and cries out, none of the staff reacting to help.

"Stop! St...p!"

She coughs as she gags. Soon, Klaus removes his hand when her stomach retracts strongly enough. She throws up on the kitchen floor. All the chicken, vegetables, the cake...everywhere. Seeing it makes the staff gasp and many of the girls turn away. The men, looking only at the ground, avoiding looking cowardly to the ruthless royal.

Klaus grabs Eliza by the back of her hair and pulls her up after she's emptied all the contents of food and drink inside of her. He pulls her ear close to his face and says in a menacing tone,

"You don't eat, unless I say you can eat."

"You all hear that?!"

Klaus looks to the staff and they nod immediately, obliging to his threatening demands.

Klaus looks towards Monty who was visibly holding his breath.

"You'll clean this up. And next time, don't stray from my instruction."

Monty nods obediently. Closing his eyes, regretful for upsetting the Prince.

Eliza twists in pain as he keeps his grip on her hair.. She closes her eyes and bites her lip, holding in her screams.

Klaus lets go of her then, pushing her away. Lightning strikes nearby and thunder crashes over them. A flash of light hits the window and shows Klaus' face as stark..and terrifying.


Suddenly, a maid scuttles in the doors.

Klaus nods at Eliza.

"Get her cleaned. I want her in bed within the hour."

Ruby nods and holds out for Eliza's arm before grasping it and pulling her away.


Eliza's pulled away before she can react. Klaus watches as she leaves and glances back at the vomit on the ground.

He grimaced before walking out, leaving the mess for Monty to clean and ultimately, the cooking staff.