Run From the King

Chapter 13

Eliza shivered in her sleep even with the covers tucked around her. Klaus stood and walked over to his side and got into the bed. He looks up at the stars.

With a wave of his hand, not moving from the bed, the glass doors that allowed for the breeze of the sea to billow in the room were shut gently so as not to disturb her.

Klaus lays beside her without making a sound. He keeps his distance. When he shuts his eyes he unconsciously begins to monitor her breaths. She was still cold judging by her consistent shivering..and her stomach began to growl. Klaus raised himself up and hunched over rubbing his eyes.

He wanted her to suffer. He told himself he would make her suffer. But now her pains were keeping him awake.

He sighed. He knew what he had to do.


Eliza stirs in her sleep. Reaching for her stomach as it growled loudly.

Klaus lets out a breath as he falls down to his back. He closes his eyes, frustrated with himself for what he was about to do.

He turned to his side and reaching under the covers, his fingers find the curve in her hips. His fingers follow the soft pale blue fabric mid way down her thigh where it stopped. He carefully lifts her dress enough to reach under with his hands.

Her skin was so cold.. her body stiffened immediately at his touch but soon relaxed from his warmth.

He moved his hands up her legs, past her hip, and over her stomach. He rested his palm right over her tummy and pulled her into him. Her backside against him as he breathed in her hair. She didn't fight him, she couldn't even if she had the strength to try.

Eliza was in and out of sleep. Klaus' arm rested over Eliza's waist as her body molded into his. Her body reacted to Klaus' before her mind could have a second thought.

He puts pressure against her tummy as a glow begins to form around his hands. It only takes a few seconds for him to take away her pains-at least until morning.


Eliza begins to fidget, finally having he strength to move again but Klaus holds her in place. The sounds coming out of her..

Klaus closes his eyes listening to her groan. She was too much for him. He felt his blood rush, excitedly.


She mumbled his name in her slumber and he can't take it.

The things he wanted to do to her..hearing her say his name like that..


She opens her eyes to the sound of her name. She soon realizes who's holding her in place and who's voice that was in her ear.

She stays quiet, hoping he won't know she's awake.

"Why did you leave?"

Eliza stays silent, unsure if Klaus knew if she was awake or not. Klaus continued,

"I didn't believe them when they told me you were gone. I couldn't believe my bride, my best friend..would leave me. I would have given my life for you. Not to say I hadn't tried. I would have given you the world, Eliza."

Eliza bites her lips as she listens, she keeps her focus on the bathroom door as he speaks. His grip on her stomach tightens. She was so small in his arms. Eliza notices she's in a dress and his hands were under but she doesn't move them away.

"I'll never let you leave again."

Tears stream down Eliza's face now but she say's nothing. Why was he doing this? His family had plotted to kill hers. But his words gave her doubt. Maybe he did love her. Or maybe he was just getting in her head..


She wouldn't let him get in her head. The Prince was dangerous, but Eliza understood now how far he would go.

He didn't love her.

He didn't love anyone.

Klaus leaned close and kissed her shoulder.

Despite how Eliza felt and what she told herself, her body still kept close to Klaus'.

They lay in silence. Klaus removes his hand from her stomach when he's done healing her and lets her go. Laying on his back. He felt so many things but her presence still had a calming effect on him. As long as she was there.. he thought.

"I know you're awake, Eliza."

Eliza's eyes widen. She wonders for a moment how he knew, but of course he knew. He always knew.

She turns around to him. He doesn't speak. They both faced each other now as the moonlight lay a sensual glow on them.

Klaus' lips turn to a small smile.

Her cheeks were rosy again, her blue eyes twinkling in the moonlight. Her hair framed her face so beautifully.

'There she is'..he thought.

'There's my Queen.'

It was as if he'd forgotten all he had been through looking into those eyes. Like they'd gone back in time and none of it ever happened.


Eliza finally wonders aloud.

"Why are you smiling at me like that?"

Klaus smiles dreamily listening to her voice. Healing her wore him out some as his eyelids began to feel heavy.

"When I wake up, I will see your eyes looking back at mine."

Eliza keeps her eyes on his, listening to every word.

"If you can't promise me this, don't let me wake from that dream of mine."

His voice gets weaker, breathier.. Eliza knew he'd gotten worn out from helping her. Her stomach went tight as his words.

He was asking her to kill him. To murder him in his sleep if she chose to slip out during the night.

He drifted off to sleep with a slight curve up the side of his lips. A hint of a smile.

Eliza bites her cheek. Why had his words always impacted her so?

Eliza watched him for awhile as he slept. He was so vulnerable now.. she could do anything.

..So why was she reaching out to his cheek?..

As she did she caught a glimpse of her ring. She caught her breath.


Her eyes sparkled as it dazzled before her.

It was so beautiful. So elegant.. she smiled warmly at the ring before looking back at Klaus. He was sound asleep. Maybe just tonight. Maybe just tonight, since he helped her..she'd count her blessings and avoid any rash decisions and sleep.

She lays back down and folds her hand under her chin as she pulls the blanket over her shoulder with the other. She watched his slow breaths.. her eyes drifted off some minutes later as she slept soundly next to Klaus. Sometime in the night..his hand found hers as he held on till morning.

He was going to wake up to her in the morning and wasn't taking any chances.

Eliza avoided struggling, letting her hand rest in his.