Run From the King

Chapter 2

Klaus pulls away from her and opens the back car door. He shoves Eliza in, and follows behind her, never letting go of her wrist.

"Just kill me."

Eliza requests in the car as she nods at Klaus' ring.

"What did she just say?"

Adrian questions from the front.

"Nothing, she's gone mad. Faster we get home the better."


Eliza suddenly lunges at Klaus' ring and he's shocked.

"What are you doing? Are you insane?"

"What's happening? What's she doing?

"She's trying to kill herself."

Klaus struggles to keep his hand away from Eliza as she tries to grasp at his ring. Adrian hits the breaks before leaving the lot and turns to the two of them. Eliza lunges again at Klaus,0---9 her back to Adrian. Adrian grabs the back of Eliza's shirt and pulls her off. Klaus takes the opportunity to grab at her arms and tie them again with the rope.

"Stop! No! Just let me die, don't take me back."

Confused, Adrian and Klaus share a quick look before turning back to the defeated girl.

"You'd rather die than come home?"

Adrian snarls. He's growing more angry at her fit. Klaus still looks at her questioningly.

Eliza shakes her head.

"I can't go back. Please, I can't go back Aide."

She pleads, using her nickname for him. Adrian's face softens. He hadn't heard her call him that since they were 16. They were 19 now. So much time had passed, she grew so much. He shook it off as Klaus interjected.

"Why? Why would you rather die than come back home?"

Eliza stays silent. She doesn't answer Klaus. She keeps her focus on her brother, hoping he'd have mercy. Klaus grows impatient.

"I asked you a question. Answer me."

His voice is grim. But she does not answer him.

"You'd rather die than marry me? S'that it?"

His face turns to a cocky grin. He grabs the back of her hair and pulls her back to her seat and sits her next to him.

"Remember when we use to fantasize about our honeymoon together? When we'd get married one day. Remember that?"

Eliza looks away, tears welling in her eyes as his fingers pull at her hair strands. She refuses to let out a sound. Adrian stays quiet. He understands Klaus' frustration. She humiliated him in front of all the kingdoms from which they ruled. The world Eliza left behind. The world impending on her marriage to Klaus. To join two kingdoms and form one, ending years of wars. Becoming King & Queen. She had a responsibility to their family, to their people.
But she ran away.


Eliza bites her lip and looks out the window as her tears fall. Klaus watches her turn away from him but he lets her. His voice lowers.

"So much has changed in 3 years. But not my love for you. You'll come back to me one day, fight me all you want now Eliza, that's fine. You've hurt me, all of us more than you know. You're coming back home. We're getting married and you will be my Queen. Mark my words."

The tears roll down as Eliza continues facing the window. She shuts her eyelids tights as the weight of his words hang heavy in her heart.

"If you take me home I'll die."

She directs her words at Adrian who ignores her and continues rolling down the street.

"Bring back the time, I hate swerving every second."

Klaus snaps his fingers bringing back the commotion around them. Cars begin to move, branches sway again in the fall breeze.

"Did you hear me? I said they're going to kill me if you take me back there."

"Well, you could stay here. But, of course, that would mean Tess would die."

Klaus was matter-of fact when he spoke. He pulled out his pocket knife as he spoke, and grazed the blade with his pointer finger and thumb.

"What? Why would Tess be killed? She's done nothing wrong."

Eliza easily gets defensive about her best friend. She stiffens up and faces Klaus.

"She's been accused of high treason. For all your mother and father know, she's just a witch. She probably got rid of you out of jealousy. The evil witch, they say. They jeer and shout 'evil witch,' 'burn the witch,' in town when she's out for display as a traitor."

Klaus chuckles to himself.

"It's brilliant."

"Out for display?"

Eliza's eyes water even more. She turns to Adrian.

"She was our friend! How could you let them do this to her? How?"

"We didn't know what happened to you. She's 3 days from her death sentence. She told us what you asked of her, how she helped you escape. We were sent to find you. If we could, she would be forgiven. If we don't return in 3 days time to our world, she will be executed."

"How will we get back?"

Eliza sniffles slightly as she leans back into her seat, hopeful she has enough time to save Tess.

"She said you'd be the only one able to get us back. You have something she gave you."

He twirled his knife between his knuckles before grazing it against her knee and up her thigh. He teased the end of her shirt, letting the point prick at her skin. She flinched but her eyes pointed straight ahead.

"Tell me you don't know what I'm talking about, I Dare You."

Eliza swallowed hard before answering Klaus.

"Is that where we're going? My home?"

Adrian slams the wheel of the car with his fists once, suddenly furious.


Eliza stays quiet.

"Don't call it that again. It's not your home."

He says the last bit more to himself than for the others to hear.

Klaus nudges Eliza.

"Go on, tell him how to get there."

Eliza recoils from his touch and gives Adrian directions to her small cottage in the woods. It's about 15-20 minutes in the forest until they see her little home.

Eliza sits quietly unless she has to direct Adrian. Still in shock from seeing both Adrian and Klaus. She hadn't seen them since the engagement celebrations to Klaus. The kingdoms had never seen a more beautiful show in the sky. The day and night was filled with laughter and music. Everything seemed perfect until the next morning. When Princess Elizabeth Guinere Capell vanished.

Soon they pulled up to the small cabin.