Run From the King

Chapter 3


Night of the Engagement ceremony.
Celebrations have finally died down.

Tess sleeps soundly in her bed as she'd been exhausted from the celebrations. She slept alone in her own room in the castle. A room snug between Princess Eliza and Prince Adrian. Keeping the prince and princess safe. That was her job. Forever and always to protect the royal heirs.

A young princess slowly opens the doors to the witches bed chambers. Tip-toeing towards the witch who was sound asleep in her bed.

"Tess? Tess. Wake up."

Eliza shakes the young witch awake.

"Hmm? Mmm go away Eliza! I'm sleeping."

"Tess you need to get up now!"

Tess stirs awake hearing the tone in Eliza's voice.

"What is it? What's wrong?"

Tess sits up in her bed rubbing her eyes. She lights a candle at her bedside with a flick of her hand. The candlelight illuminated Eliza's face. Her eyes are puffy, her hair disheveled as if she'd been through hell and back.

"Eliza, what's wrong? What's happened?"

Tess quickly steps out of her bed and puts her arms around Eliza holding her out. Looking her over. She puts one palm out to Eliza's forehead.

"You're not sick, I don't understa-"

"I need to leave!"

"What? Leave? And go where?"

Tess is finally wide awake. She ties her hair back as she leads Eliza to sit on the bedside. Eliza shakes her head.


Eliza closes her eyes and pinches the bridge of her nose in attempt to keep her from completely losing it.

"I need to leave. I need to get out of here. You can't tell anyone."

Tess looks at her bewildered.

"What are you saying to me right now? Are you getting cold feet? Your weddings tomorrow. Are you insane?"

Eliza stands now, frustrated. She paces quietly as Tess looks on to her worried.

"Listen, Eliza. I know it's scary, but you're marrying your best friend. You've known Klaus your entire life. You've been in love with him since the day you met him. What's changed?"

Eliza turns to Tess one more time. She looks at her and speaks gravely to her so much that it gives Tess chills seeing her look so desperate in the dark by the flames light.

"You're supposed to protect me."

She takes a careful step towards Tess.

"You're supposed to make sure I'm safe."

"I..I know that Eliza.."

"I'm telling you right now. I am not safe. I can not tell you why, because it might harm all of us, including Adrian. Do you understand?

Tess looks at Eliza for a moment. Her eyes were wide, her demeanor, stark. Tess bites her lip, before closing her eyes briefly and opening them to the same desperate girl in front of her.

"If I help you escape. Will I ever see you again?"

Eliza stays silent as tears well in her eyes.

"I don't know Tess.. I can't come back here and I don't have much time."

"Promise me that you leaving is the only way to keep you and Adrian safe."

"I promise Tess."

Tess sighs before walking to her bedside table. She hold her hand over the handle to pull the drawer but stops to turn to Eliza.

"Be honest with me, does this have anything to do with your marriage to Klaus?"


"You can stay quiet all you want Eliza, but your eyes tell me your secrets."

Eliza ignores Tess' comments and nods to her closed fist.

"What did you grab?"

Tess raises her fist and reveals a beautiful gemstone. Or at may have been. The perfectly ovular stone had no color but reflected the beholder much like a mirror. There was no indication of anything behind this mirror-like shell. It fascinated Eliza, a young princess, unfamiliar with the tools of witchcraft.

"This is what you need."

Tess walks to her mirror at her vanity and carves almost a perfect circle. Dust falls from the trail off the gemstone. When she completes the circle, a dark black hold forms in the carving. Tess looks back nervously at Eliza. Eliza's eyes are wide and wild. She steps towards the mirror but Tess stops her.

"Wait! You need this."

Tess goes to her drawer and grabs a brown rusty key. She walks over to Eliza and drops it in her hand as well as the gemstone.

"The key is a Tolkin. It will take you to my mother's safe house. A friend of my mother's gave it to me a long time ago."

Tess looks over the key and her voice is slightly distant now.

"In case I ever needed to escape.."

Eliza looks over the stone and the key in her hands. Appreciating the sacrifice her best friend was giving up for her safety.

She embraces Tess one last tine. They hold each other tight before letting go. Tess raises her hands to Eliza's shoulders.

"If anything is to happen. If danger is to come your way I will send you Silas as a warning."


Eliza was confused. Silas was the stuffed lion that club to Eliza's hand as a child. The little lion was her protector and she remembered how safe she'd feel with him in her small hands. Oh, how she wished for that safe comfort once more.

"Yes, I will send him if danger comes your way. When you need to come back..if you need to.. Make the circle with the stone in the mirror, and make sure you have something with you from here to use as a Tolkin to get back."

"Like what?"

Tess looks around frantically as she sees the sun begin to prick through the curtains. She notices a glimmer in Eliza's hair.

"Are you wearing your mothers pin?"

Eliza feels at her head and feels the diamond encrusted golden daisy holding her long brown hair aside.


"Perfect. It's a family heirloom. Keep it with you, it will be the only way you can get back."

"Okay. So Tolkin, stone, circle. Got it."


"We don't have much time!"

"You need to break the mirror. When you get to the other side, you need to break the mirror with that stone."

She points to the gemstone in Eliza's fist.


Eliza nods as she turns to step on the chair in front of the vanity mirror.

"Throw the key in first."

Eliza tosses the key into the black abyss. Soon, the black hole shows an entirely new vision. It's a quaint cabin living room.

"I love you Eliza. Please, be safe."

Tess stifles back tears as Eliza steps up to the vanity counter and looks back at her.

"I will see you again Tess. One day. I love you. Please don't tell a soul. For all of our sake."

Eliza slowly climbs through the mirror in Tess' room and crawls through the mirror in the living room of a cabin in the woods. When she's completely in the cabin, she picks up the key and the rock. She waves one last time to Tess before hurling he stone at the mirror, shattering it to hundreds of pieces.

Tess closes her eyes as her own mirror smashes and breaks into pieces. Guardsman on duty immediately run into the bedroom and find Tess wiping away tears looking over at a broken mirror.

"Everything alright Tessy?" Asked one of the guardsman.

"I'm fine, I just. Uhm. I just need some privacy please."

The guardsman immediately remove themselves from the bedroom and Tess rubs her temples as she sits at the end of her bed. Still digesting what had happened and what she had learned. Which wasn't much.

Eliza dusts herself off. She's still in her night gown. She looks around the humble cabin and is overwhelmingly overcome with a flood of emotions as she realizes she said goodbye to everything she knew and loved.

She laid on the hard wood floor for what felt like hours. She cried until she had not one drop left of tears. So much had happened so quickly. She didn't know she was going to get through this. She never had to do anything for herself before. She was a princess after all.